Idiots on TV: Warren Buffet vs Bitcoin and why he is wrong!

in #bitcoin3 years ago (edited)

Watch this video and learn how Buffet is wrong about bitcoin. We review his statement on CNBC where he calls Bitcoin a mirage that is nothing more than a money order or a check.

You will learn what I think is correct and wrong about what he is saying.

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Here is the YouTube version:

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Lots of people give way too many credit to Buffet. they don't even realize that Buffet became a billionaire very late into his life. Compound returns and luck helped him a lot and let's not forget that he is also onto the crony side of things too. We are talking about a man who didn't invest in tech industry because he didn't understand it (fair reason) and then went onto invest in Apple after most of its gains and market expansion was nearing an end.

At least the scammer Jordan Belfort had better understanding that Buffet. Belfort made his comments being ignorant of pretty much anything except Bitcoin and he is wrong as much as he is right.

Bitcoin is a relic that belong in a museum. There is no real governance. here is the latest mess: But great projects on the other hand can grow massively.

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in the background he is hauling a lot of BTC in private while he castigates it publicly.. what a shame.

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Yes... You are actually correct... They all want to buy it cheaper.. Including buffet. He ain't ignorant of anything.. At least his financial advisor must have told him that the world is changing . They are raising fear in the crypto space just to intimidate people to sell of their crypto. ..they later they buy it at a very cheaper price. This is a very strong market manipulation!

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I´m sure he already realised the value of BTC at this moment, a lot happened in the last years (since this interview).

Basically he was just like the entire world starting to read and research about BTC. One thing that I don't understand on his speech right now is the fact that he does not believe in a technology future (which is unavoidable). He keeps defending his "old" way of investing, but considering the exponential growth of technology, being able to adapt to new markets is key to success.