Bitcoin Holds Steady Over $10000 CAD a Coin..! (Wow!)

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Years ago I remember telling people about a somewhat possibly disruptive digital asset known Bitcoin, and that in a few years it could very well be worth thousands or tens of thousands a piece. Most thought I was a raving lunatic (which I am) but lo and behold my faith and somewhat under-educated prognosis of the future situation of the Bitcoin price has come to reality. It's weird to think that a few years back I was more than eager to spend 0.04 BTC for a pizza meal of kings.. Which looking back on it was WILDLY costly..

Oh well, can't play "what ifs" in crypto!

( A recent screencap of the BTC/CAD prices - stolen from google )

The Future of Bitcoin & Other Great Digital Assets

While Bitcoin was the first of it's kind and a wonderful proof of concept to say the least the truth of the matter is far more advanced crypto-currency now exists.. Take STEEM for instance! We're at a very interesting point in the progression of decentralized digital assets with the average consumer now starting to sniff around or attempt to understand the concept. Even my damn near 70 year old grandmother actually asked me about "this Bitcoin thing" which allowed me to explain to her the concept and later in the conversation what STEEM was about.. It's almost as if a shift of consciousness is happening before us.

The exciting and terrifying part about all of this is with this explosive growth there is always the chance of an equally destructive deflation of markets. The "big dogs" have put some of their weight into the pool and that's why you see the rise is what I reckon. Only takes a few true whales to step out the pool to see an exponential fall of price.

Can't say for certain the what the future of Bitcoin or any crypto-currency holds.. But if it continues as it has in the past I'm certain we'll all be driving around flying Lamborghini in the near future. Or of course anyone all in on crypto like myself could be living in cardboard.

Safe Havens & Stickin' it to "the Man"

The cryto-currency assets are a GREAT tax haven, way to exchange wealth and way to hide wealth from governments or deranged ex-wives. My hope is that the government tax farmers realize they are up against a beast that cannot be stopped and don't try to regulate the shit out of all of it. Personally I found a way to not have to play into the central bankers bullshit game, crypto is certainly a way to get against that sect of tax/debt farming pricks.

Take err easy and keep your stick swinging till next time!


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Thank You @klye this post once again reinforced why I hate Govt. and Central Banking. I may have already lived most of my life but what ever years I have left are going to be far more interesting because of the Freedom that Crypto's give anyone who wants to get involved.


Share the disdain for the "ruling" class of tax farming pricks waging unjust wars, creating scarcity and ultimately running us like cattle. Fuck them and their self proclaimed kingship. Government is another word for "gang" in my opinion.

You never know.. We're coming up to trans-humanism.. Living another 10 years may give you the ability to greatly extend your life..!

I too like to believe that one day steem will be as much as worth as a bitcoin... But I don't know when that's going to happen. But it doesn't matter. I'm here for the community :)


We'd likely have to somehow put a cap on STEEM for the potential price to hit that high... OOOOORRR the $ ends up worth less than fairy farts.


One of my friends invested 3500$ on bitcoin more than 2 years ago and now he has a staggering amount of 1372.something bitcoins. I nearly fainted :D When I asked about it, he said that he did bitcoin trading and mining from online sites. We both were pretty poor a few years ago but now he's in the sky and I'm still crawling on the ground. Never anticipated such a thing would happen. Well... bad luck! Now I think the same thing is going to happen with NITRO currency. Checkout brother. I'm not going to miss this chance right now... I'm going to take a loan from the same friend and invest this in NOX so that I could too ride this crypto rollercoaster.

I wish I listened to myself lol


Can't play what ifs!

I bought 50 way back, sold at 200 😰.
I just hope the guy that told me it was a waste of money remembers it when he sees the BTC price 🤣


Damn Vander! Don't beat yourself up!

As said above. You can't play "what ifs" in this game. We're still just at the start of the global acceptance phase!

These are exciting times for us early adopters. I still feel like this is just the beginning maybe 5-10% of the possibility of what crypto can become.

Also, kyle im doing a huge interview series with the top witnesses, I've contacted many of them on, but wasnt able to figure out your ID. Would you be interested in taking part? my ID is jasonpshyk. would love to interview a fellow Canuck


Yeah, I've been in crypto over half a decade now I reckon and wow... Just to see it go like this.

SURE! I'm not in the top 20 currently but if you'd interview me I'd gladly entertain that! Come check out my nearly abandoned room!

That's, really nice. I have heard from some folks that they keep BTC in USDT that doest looses value ?
Can you put some light on this ?



Personally I've very little experience with using USDT or any other similar asset. If I have a few BTC and think it's going to crash I generally sell on and then buy back to get more BTC.

SOrry to not be of more assistance!


Thanks for quick response bro.


All good sir. Have a good day.

Welcome back online, everyone says it will cross 10k USD, is it not just because of crazy demand ?


Thanks man! I have no idea exactly why the BTC is rising as such.. But I like it in a way. :)

Money people also not believing in the crypto currencies still. Many people missed this opportunity if the heard about crypto about 2 or 3 years ago. But still nothing lost come the right way.


Still plenty of room left for growth and adoption!

Bitcoin is doing really well. By this time next year it might be double at $20,000 :)

Same here! Pretty much all in and I've been talking about it since 2012 and possibly 2011 cause that's when I first learn about it.