Bitcoin Hits +$7000 CAD a Piece... Holy F*ckin' Sh!t!

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

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Never thought I'd see the day... But the gold standard of Crypto just hit $7000 Canadian dollars a pop overnight... I've no proper words to express how I feel at this moment towards this!

Can remember the first time I bought BTC and it was roughly ~$120 CAD a coin... Seeing the market today kind of kicking myself in the nuts for not buying more at the cheap prices I remember! Oh well, can't play "what ifs" in crypto.. Would simply drive you mad..!

Glad to see that crypto-currency is finally getting some attention! Rarely a day goes by at this point where some hopeful isn't contacting me to learn more about this incredible means of escaping the central bank. Hoping that this trend continues and STEEM follows suit, after all the technology we sit on with our network is space age compared to the archaic proof of concept that BTC is. May your future be lucrative and fulfilling!


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Wait. People measure things against the Canadian dollar now? :D
jk. Seriously, though. The price is nuts.

@tipy vote

Lets shoot for the $10000 mark now!

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Where to go
To any price
Will it be corrected or will continue beyond 6000

@klye I can feel the frequency of your excited state
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Good day @klye I appreciate all the info and hard work thank you :) Followed

I think it's ridiculous at this point.

I mean, on one hand I'm happy. All the holders are having massive profits, and some will definitely sell even in this period of rising - or at least, some days or weeks later.

And boy they'll have massive profits! Whatever small their impact will be o global economy, I'm happy it's happening because it means people's lives are getting better by cryptos.

And their success is my success, too.

On the other hand, there's no way it keeps that high for sustained time periods. Sooner or later, it'll fall, causing a bubble effect.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not shaming BTC or anything, but you should understand that I'm skeptical about insane and expontential growths.

Especially on a market that is so extremely volatile.


Bitcoin at 1% adoption, or thereabouts?

I'm not saying it will keep going up,because I certainly don't know, but it definitely has the room to go up a ton more.

The market cap is peanuts, right now.
As more people learn about bitcoin, it will go up more.
Supply and demand.
Supply is only increasing so fast, and the demand could go through the roof.


Then again, I'm not saying it won't get higher. What is say is that it takes more than a single trend of increase.

Even if supply is limited, the current prices are mere speculations, and I consider it risky.

But I'm not an expert.


Makes sense, and I guess I missed your point originally, a bit. (Sorry, btw.)
I would agree that it is going up too much, too fast, and that this crazy little spike probably won't last.

I've been reminiscing about the ole days by getting my old ass asics around and ready for sale. I started buying Antminers when the big drop to $200 USD happened back a few years ago. Who'd a thunk it ,,, BTC would be at $5k USD,

was already celebrating until i saw its canadian dollar, but it has had a good run the last 2 days and its still going strong

Yours as well kyle. I dont kick myself because im just excited to be an early adopter and cant wait to see bitcoin and steemit at there true potential.

@klye It is Very Exciting and I know that it is still way Early for so many Cryptos and where they will go over the next couple of years.................

Thank you for share is bitcoin article.
Bitcoin is last year. every

bitcoin is playing its real game now.. its proving its RANK now