Bitcoin Briefly Hits Over $24,000 CAD$ a Piece... Is This Real Life?

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

Bitcoin Hit a New All Time High This Morning!

Seems Bitcoin has attracted some whale types and shot up well beyond what the projected prices were set at for the end of NEXT year. Congrats to anyone holding some Bitcoin.. Would be a decent time to sell perhaps if you're looking for extra christmas/lambo money! I speculate it could go even higher as more and more people realize the value of the fundamentals behind BTC and other Crypto. What a time to be alive!

The Future of Crypto

Looks pretty damn good! More and more consumers are catching on and seeing that alternative means beyond their government issued fiat exist to store and exchange wealth. My speculation is that we're only just seeing the start of a mass-adoption scenario.. Which is incredibly exciting to anyone who has been into this technology for a while.

BTC could go to $1,000,000 or $0 ... I don't know the future, but something tells me this is just the tip of the iceberg! Never invest more than you can afford to lose and always do research. <3


for Witness!

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You are right , btc to the moon ;)

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What exactly is Steemit Bank?

Actually bitcoin gained almost $5000 USD in 2 days! This is unnatural growth. Or may be i am too naive! But you are right @klye, make the hay when the sun shines!

The fall will be painful.

Any research cannot predict about it, it has surpassed every boundary.

Never invest more than you can afford to lose and always do research.

This line is actually become the 1st fundamentals of investment. No about cryptocurrency, not one can precisely predict it, I can go both way but it's true that everyone desperately want some alternative for Fiat currency maybe that's what even after so many flaws in bitcoin such as high transaction fee, it is gaining so much popularity over time and dismissing even the most technical analysis that goes against it.


Bitcoin is in no way an alternative for fiat currency. The fees are too high. The thought behind bitcoin was to cut out the banks and middlemen between you and what you are paying for, which would get rid of the fees. But this has essentially turned bitcoin miners into bankers who charge fees. Micro payments are imposssible with these fees. I don’t believe Bitcoin is a currency anymore. I believe it is being used as a stock.

Up is good.

I saw on Coinbase earlier $18,464.00 USD... but dropped to $15,400.00 now at $16,900.00. What will be funny is the CME come on line and just as fast as that $3,000.00 swing, be out of business.

So let the show begin!

wow amazing information...thanks for of luck..

I just watch it break records now and then and i just remian in awe!
Indeed what a time to be alive,i will live to tell my grand kids hahaha.

Bitcoin has had some phenomenal growth this year. In Kenya it is at 1.6 million shillings.On it is over 2 million shillings :)

wow amazing information...thanks for of luck..


hope people are wise, there is not an advertised set outcome like everything else...

No matter what will happen but Cryptocoins will definitely rule and make it every transaction digital

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What a great era to be alive and enjoy cryptocurrencies like steem and SBD which gives the people some empowerment and not rely on centralized system that is hard to stay afloat to.
I hope to see BTC go up to 1000000 or more and wow what a good year it will be.

kyle you rule! thanks man! im reading the complete guide to becoming a steem witness. hopefully i can figure it out.