EthBattle: Ethereum crypto strategy with dice. Part 1

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EthBattle is a web-based crypto game where humans play against CPU and get rewarded in ETH if they win.Being essentially a hexagon-based strategy, EthBattle has a gambling element in it.The victory reward is calculated in the dedicated smart contract which takes the total prize pot and pays its parts to the winners.


Before starting a game, each player must set a bet in ETH with a minimum of 0.05 ETH, which gets added to the common prize pot.

In addition, there is a game token called 'Golden Thaler' (GTA :) that can be added to the bet, increasing the (potential) payback in case of the win.The players in the game have access to 'AmmuNation Store' where GTA can be exchanged in return for ETH.


The player fights against 1-7 CPU opponents on the hexagon-based map. The objective is to eliminate all the other players occupying all their hexagons one by one.


On each turn, the player attacks an opponent's territory from one of the adjacent territories as long as the attacking territory has 2 or more dices on it. The rules of combat between two adjacent territories are the following: both parties throw dices, and the one with the higher pips wins.
If the attacker wins - all his dices but one are capturing the loser's territory. If the defender wins - the attacker loses all but one of his dices.
The button 'End turn' ends the player's turn and the next player continues the game.
At the end of each turn, the player is given a number of dices equal to the greatest amount of adjoining territories that player owns. These dices are randomly placed throughout all of the player's territories, up to a maximum of 8 dices on a single territory.


If the player wins he/she must claim the win in the smart contract by pushing the button 'Claim prize' 

Rewards payment

After a certain number of wins is reached, the ongoing round finishes and a new one begins.Each winner will automatically receive his/her portion of the ETH prize pot on their address.

Important: if there are winners who had used the referral links, 1% of their ETH prize will be automatically transferred to the referee's address.

Personal tips I have so far:

  • It’s beneficial to add the GTA token to the bet. When counting the winner's prize, the effect of GTA bet is increased by 15%, meaning whatever the 'price' of GTA is, it’s worth using it.
  • When attacking the enemy territory, don't attack the area with dices equal to your amount.In case of equal pips, the attacker loses.
  • When choosing which direction to attack - target the edges. It’s typically a safer land.
  • Always prioritize attacking the winner. You might let a strong opponent grow way too big.


What I like in particular about the EthBattle is that it's more fun than just a standard Ethereum dice or gambling, where you always lose in the long run. It's also a quick one and rarely takes me longer than 15 mins to win. Or even faster to lose ;)

It has a pretty user interface, comparing to the most of the other crypto games out there.Moreover, it has a gambling component which makes it fun. 

PS. Please upvote and play with my referral link if you haven't played yet.

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Max winning votes will be given to the ones who wins the game (not a demo!) providing the Ethereum transaction id!


One of the funniest cryptocurrency games I played.

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The amount of risk of the game makes the game even more fun

Thanks for the heads up!

Pretty nice for a decentralised, transparent dapp. Btw, wouldn’t this game be pretty gas consuming? If not, I would reallyt want to play this game.

The gas is used only on initial ‘bet’ transaction, and (in case of) win.

Looks like a good game. Will check out.

look interesting, it is under my budget lol

Wow! really Interesting. Being a game addict, I fancy trying this out!

I wish we could have such a game on the Steem blockchain.

Anyways, I have to buy some Eth and experiment Ethbattle.

Thanks for sharing, I will get back to you in case I need help or further clarifications.

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This type of game brings me really good memories from my childhood, I´ve spent so many hours/days playing dice games (board games) that every once in awhile I have to play those exact some games, online.

EthBattle reminds me a little bit of monopoly mixed with another game that I´ve played (I don´t remind the name right now).

risk i think?

I seem to have a blur in my mind, but I've definitely played risk too... so it might actually be it!

Interesting ... I like gambling and I have played similar games in the past on my laptop and X-Box. Clever Idea bringing crypto gambling into the equation.

Sounsd interesting Ill give it a shot a bit later

Good idea, good strategy. Thanks for this article.

Nice post man.
I am just hearing about this platform will check it out.

Kinda sorta like risk

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Good play game~~

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This game looks brilliant a little bit like the game risk but you bet instead 😊

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This game looks brilliant a little bit like the game risk but you bet instead 😊

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It seems a good game, I already voted and spread it

Glad to see some skill based aspect getting involved. Just pure betting is not a good thing to get involved in. is a great game that share many similarities. The game seemed simple enoguh that somebody could make a similar product on STEEM. I'd really love to see that with 3 second free transactors among 60K active users.

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I knew CryptoKitties wouldn't be the last big game for Ethereum. I'm going to play this lol

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Wow I like betting games a lot. But I don't have Eth what to do?

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This game looks brilliant a little bit like the game risk but you bet instead 😊

This game looks brilliant a little bit like the game risk but you bet instead 😊

This game looks brilliant a little bit like the game risk but you bet instead 😊

This game looks brilliant a little bit like the game risk but you bet instead 😊

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