Watch Out - Sales on Coss Exchange Not working!

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COSS is a cool exchange due to one reason - if you buy their tokens you get shares of all trades made on the platform.

Problem is since today users are reporting that Buy or Sell buttons dont work and i can confirm it. I have just tried to sell KIN and it wont go.

So ive checked if withdrawals work - went fine.


My suggestion for now - register (to have account) but dont try to sell anything. We will wait for update.
Since i did some research ti seems the bug is there since 6 hours at least.

Like Fee Sharing Idea ?

So if you buy COSS tokens you get fee shares and believe me there is loads. Good news is that you can buy COSS also on HitBTC. But another exchange that works flawlessly does it too! KuCoin - Get there NOW!, and then buy KCS and you will get % of fees of everything. So far i got this way some cool coins.

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@kingscrown: Thanks for the info. A quick question though. Does the fee sharing require staking? I mean do you have stake your coins to earn the fee share?

Curious to know if fee sharing is staking-based or all token holders share in the fee irrespective of whether they stake or they don't.

You just keep your coins on the exchange to earn the fees.
If you hold off the exchange they provide instructions on the Dashboard so you still earn fees.

Thanks @g-dubs. You mean holding off the exchange also earns you fee-share? That's awesome :D

Yea you just need it connected correctly. I haven't tried it so I just leave my coins on the exchange.

Looks like ALL of the South Koreans are selling out of their crypto this morning!

To be honest I haven't used Coss much except for buying Coss... and then I sold some on the pump and can't withdrawal my ETH lol.
I've actually been using EtherDelta a lot more and using it to sell my DENT and KIN... it's slow... but it works. I gotta say I'm warming up to EtherDelta.
Need to check out IDEX on Aurora next... @kingscrown you on IDEX yet?

Now a days every exchange suck due to alots new members registration...

u r always welcome

True. Alot of exchangers have stopped accepting new user registrations.. the system is overwhelmed by the influx of new investors who wants to get into the system.. i say it's about time to have a decentralized exchanger..

every exchange going to update his system that's way new Member registration is closed

regulation is taking its toll as well.

you got to suck it up bro, without all this new members buying to hike the altcoins prices , we wont benefit from trading

I'm somewhat new to all of the different exchanges, and I'm wondering if this (Coss) is a good place for me, being a beginner. And maybe some tips on how to be savvy on buying and selling.

Buy and HODL

I have had a load of problems with the COSS exchange. I have a couple thousand COSS staked on their exchange and I am getting my payments but I have not been able to trade at all.

On a second note, I strongly recommend KuCoin. I have been using their exchange for 6-7 weeks with no problems. I hold KCS on the exchange and have been receiving payouts. This exchange also offers a lot of new and upcoming tech coins.

Please use this affiliate link to sign up.

The Last Sage


thank you for good the information anout crypto

Yeah, all the exchanges have a long way to go for even just OK customer service. The exchanges themselves can create a bubble burst from people leaving because of lost earnings. Dealing with bugs and glitches plus imperfect verification systems, then having to wait weeks just for a response is a huge deterrent. I am very cautious because of this. Do you believe the current market lows can somewhat be attributed to the backlogs on many of the exchanges?

thanks for "headup" but it works ok :)

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In fact, Bitcoin is an awesome coin thank you to share it among us

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My suggestion for now - register (to have account) but dont try to sell anything. We will wait for update.

Please do get us informed as soon as there's an update, you have really saved some dudes head. Thanks for sharing @kingscrown

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Thanks for the important info. Will follow up. Almost unbelievable how quickly things move and materalize and fall apart lol. Hard to keep up! I need all the help I can get :) Did a resteem 2!

Thanks for the info @kingscrown

Excellent post friend

Thanks for the info. Still hold some coss. Some upward last few days. Now downward a little bit. Looking to rebound back..

Cool .. i upvoted you can you vote me . Check out post

I am not getting it

This is a real bad time for your website to be down. Not cool!

Eth will take on,on BtC in few months.

Alot of exchangers have stopped accepting new user registrations.. the system is overwhelmed by the influx of new investors who wants to get into the system.. i say it's about time to have a decentralized exchanger..

Perfectly got it friend..
Thank you so much for letting me know.

Never hear of this exchange. Why not use a bigger one?

havent been using this, but thanks for the heads up

Every exchange now suck, I have some EOS stucked in that exchange, can't cancel order, can't sell nothing, exchanges are turning into banks these days, someone cannot have control of their money, we just sit and watchout for the next step.

Your information is always right & important, Thanks to share this post.

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all these exchanges are ready to do their best to overcome the current top exchanges .nice work man

This acknowledgement creates great awareness to the heterogeneous audience. Thanks for bringing this at the right time. I believe things will work well soon on the coss exchange because digital currencies is somehow this days.

Such a timely update for those investors! Great info and wise investor!

6 hours well they should hopefully get it fixed soon @kingscrown

Need to fix it as soon as possible

I think your Post is for a big group of people very helpful!
Thx for making this Website for us!
Upvote when your in my opinion @alokkamboj

Upvoted! Thank you for the head's up @kingscrown!

Gracias por esta gran advertencia amigo! saludos y mucho exito en su blog:')

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