Using BitMEX? Trade Only Big Numbers or go for Competitors

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

As i have said many exchanges closed doors for now so its worth making accounts ASAP -

Currently most known leverage exchange is BitMEX, its awesome and works good but.. its usning BTC only and their withdrawal minimumn is crazy.

This means if you trade there, keep trading but dont witdrawal if you dont - dont use them for now!

I suggest similar site with also x100 leverages but also loads of Forex pairs - SimpleFX.

They allow fully anonymous forex with withdrawals to LTC, BCH, DASH and waaaay more.

No need to pay crazy fees for withdrawals.

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SimpleFX has much more hidden fees.

I prefer a DEXes, like a BitShare DEX.
No KYC, no scam, no shit.


Go check my last post if you think there is no scam on Bitshares.


I meant no centralised exchange authority scam. Not any scam at all.
My bad

Most of them are frustrating. Hopefully ethos or some other cryptos gets successful in making a universal wallet along with an exchange to transact.


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@jerseynash You ever check out Exodus Wallet?

Great information for crypto traders..... I find this one very useful.

this is really nice to see this . bitmax is actually usinfg for what brother

one should play safe at this stage

Thanks for this update. Very nice post , beautifully presented and explained. detail oriented with nice pics. thank you for sharing this with us, Upvoted

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Hey mr. @kingscrown,you have many "crypto followers",so
check my post about scam going on on Bitshares market,and if you think im right resteem it for more people to be warned when trading there.
It could save money for someone.

They need to do something about the fee situation concerning Bitcoin. We're fortunate STEEM doesn't have that problem.

@kingscrown Have you taken a look at Steemit ? WoW. Best wishes.

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Thanks! I was literally looking into these yesterday! So funny.

thanks for the post. So this is the only known site, that I will be able to make transactions? I am new and frustrated, that the most important thing, whether to buy Steem as it is going up, or w/d down the road, is an issue. We can blog for fun, but we also want to make sure there is a purpose at the end of the tunnel. For the good is important, but for the company to go to the next level, it has to be legit. keep in touch and thank you #kingscrown


You can cash out by trading
Check out my first cash out link, it will tell you more:


I read your post. Can you withdraw your ethereum for cash or do you plan to keep your ethereum? Thanks

owenderfull post thanks for you sharing the post

You SHOULD try Binance! Best exchange so far with 0.05% fee for trading CRAZY!!


Agreed, binance is one of the best exchanges.

Wow its great post. Well explained. Easy to understand and well elaborated. Thank for updates.

Really useful info. Will try and register here. Thanks.

Very useful for crypto traders . Thanks for the info.

I need a lot of money. Please give me 1 dollar if I could. I would have benefited greatly. If you send me 1 dollar from there, you will not have any problem, rather I will be benefited a lot.

Resteemed and upvoted ;]

@kingscrown Thank you for the info :) Wishing you all the best.

I'm mining with:
-Hashflare (cloud mining bitcoin) (i prefer it )
-Genesis Mining (3% promo with this link)
and trading on Binance for altcoin ! :p
made a lot this year :33

This is terrific excellent! This new facts makes the brand new yr extra sweet :d
Looks as if you're doing exquisite too! Excellent needs to you always.

I belive there are others options talking of brokers, bitso is the best for me

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Binance is my favorite exchange been using it about a couple months now and no issues. They add new coins and not the garbage coins. I feel like almost all the coins listed on Binance are going up. There was about 5 alt coins at or under a penny and right now the cheapest coin is Tron TRX at .08 US cents which just doubled in the past couple days. The Binance coin itself was under a $1 and now is over $8.50 in just under 2 months.
Highly recommend checking out Binance you get discounts on trades if you use the Binance coin to trade with instead of bitcoin.

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I was trying to find out the trading fees before registering, but could not find anything on their website. So i googled and found a reddit post which is 1 year old.
If someone knows if the fees are better today, please let me know.

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Nice post @kingscrown. Thank you for share @kingscrown
I upvoted your content

Bitcoin graph is still in unconfirmed stage

Good info bro @kingscrown. Thanks for sharing it, wish you a great year ahead! Upvote for you. Your friend and follower @danish.siddiqui

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Withdrawal issues everywhere. When it will be solved with lower fees and lower amount for drawing

Thanks, this was one of the issues i recently faced and was curious about... you really narrowed it down .. thanks again :)

Can the increase in users in the exchanges be attributed to the increase in fees? More users = More transactions = More Fees
My view is that as we move from PoW concensus systems to PoS, PoET, PoA consensus the fees will reduce significantly as of now we can only hope for things to get better.

@kingscrown i was wondering if am i doing right thing ! What i do is i do trades in btc then convert them to LTC and then transfer them to USD exchnages to cashout . Is this a correct way to lower the fees ?

BTC is crazy,
but that's good

great and useful information. Will try and sign-up here

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Simply an Amazing blog writen .. Thank you so much for this informative blog ..Looking for more from you

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kucoin exchange looks good, they give you shares on transaction fees and the exchange is good if you have lots of NEO as they give GAS daily too.