Tried KuCoin? It Has Some Cool Advantages!

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

Binance is the top exchange [if you are not there.. JUST REGISTER NOW!] now but KuCoin is very similar with looks, GUI and trading experience.

They just made a new video and will start promoting the platform.

DENT Trading Promotion 10,000,000 DENT As Rewards

They are now giving away prices to the top 10 traders and another 300 random traders! Anyone can win no matter how much you trade they claim. So just get some and maybe you will be lucky ;)

USDT Trading Pairs Promotion


They are running a new promotion to celebrate all the new USDT market they have opened this week with 20 BTC+ 200,000 USD in rewards.


This exchange is very NEO oriented and adds tokens of it before Binance. Trading experience is pretty much the same and also needs no ID to signup.

Like Binance and KuCoin ?

Then there is 3rd exchange in the trio.. BiBox. Looks almost 100% same as Ku but has other coins. I do not know if these 3 are connected or just copy the looks but coins on each differs a little and speed of adding is different too.

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Binance is best exchange by far. Kucoin attract people with KCS and promotions but usability is not same like Binance...


I agree too that volumes (liquidity) are extremely important when it comes to trading.
But what I like in KuCoin that they list many new potentially good projects almost on a daily basis. Also not to forget daily dividends, if you own substantial amount of KuCoin shares, this would give a nice additional coins into the wallet every day, and the chances that few of 300 coins listed on exchange prices will go to the moon: are high.
So not only active trading there, but also getting something every day, really counts in the longer run.


I don't like Kucoin because they will reduce dividends to 15% when volume grows. Very dirty move...


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Can U.S. citizens use Kucoin?


I've used Binance for a few months now and am very happy with the platform and overall experience. Kucoin I haven't done any trading on but do have an account and have been browsing the platform. i think both Binance and Kucoin both have huge potential for growth. I would recommend Binance or Kucoin to any crypto enthusiast. For anybody interested, if you hold kucoin shares(kcs) on the kucoin platform,(you must hold a minimum of 6 kcs) you are paid daily divedends (based on the amount of kcs you hold) from the transaction fees on the platform. The returns may not be massive now but as the platform grows and traffic increases the returns can be massive in the very near future. This approach is a great way to generate coins without having to mine, to create a passive income which in turn you could re-invest into other cryptos. This is my first post on the steem platform and am very happy to be a part of it.

Kucoin was a strong competitor to Biannce until Binance left everyone in the dust

nice post

I have been thinking about kucoin. Do they allow us traders? How high are the withdrawal fees?

nice article, ill chceck alternatives to binance tho. thank you

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Has a funny name, but seems to be a pretty serious platform

I need a binance trade you help me?

I like your stuff kingscrown
I just made a detailed post on Kucoin shares dividends payments

Hello I'm analyzing the whale bitcoin wallet.
Please read my post and I want to communicate with you.

Always KUCOIN doing best performe than BINANCE

I like Kucoin, i've been using it for a couple of months now. I like what they are doing with KCS, it's similar to earning GAS. It would be great if the add an turn dust to KCS feature, similar to what Binance has. Turn dust to BNB.

Already registered on binance,But never on kucoin.
I think I should give it a try.


The user experience is not as good on Kucoin but there are some coins on Kucoin that are not available on Binance, so creating a Kucoin account would be helpful if you are interested in trading some smaller coins.

These two platforms correctly kucoin; binance of the best platforms
Of the volume of trading and the wonderful opportunities for good currencies embraced by them, as well as there are prizes and incentives ...

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I nearly have an account on every exchange website. I think I have more than 40 accounts.

I deposited all of them and tried their system etc. Finally, I found Binance easy to trade.

However, I really like KuCoin. They follow Binance and I think this is a good way. KuCoin always make promotion to attract users. In near future, they will do more. Also their coin (like bnb) is a must coin. You should buy and keep them for future.

It will be good for me to have 0 trading fee time-to-time :) As I trade too much.

KuCoin can not save charts and it doesn't support tradingview it's poor than binance

The more platforms to chose, the better!
But which one is better to trade tokens (ETC XRP, PKT)?

It is also a staking coin right?


Dividends sharing coin.
Criteria: need to hold at least 6 coins (minimum) and dividends will be given in other coins, on a daily basis.
For example there was traded 100k of Ethereum on Day X, then 20% of that would go to dividends: 20 000 eth. And this 20k would be distributed among all the KuCoin shares holders.