The Story about the BearWhale

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

This will be new for people who were not here back in the days and also can be fun even for those that were.

Long long ago there was a Bitcoin whale.


He had a lot of BTC he was buying stuff with them, selling, trading, giving away to people.
The times were great for the Whale, he was rocking it.

But there came a day when he decided to buy Lambo and stopped believing in Bitcoin. It was in 2014 after we went from 1000 to 300USD.
He wanted to sell 30 000 BTC right away, get out and forget about this tomfoolery.

He went into Bitstamp and put all the 30 000 BTC at single sell order at 300 USD. Thats how the BearWhale was born.
All markets started following the trend of this huge wall, soon Bitcoin was stuck at 300 price mark for a long time.


The knights and guilds were fighting and finally at October 6 they made it. They killed the BearWhale.

ShapeShift bought artwork for this event which you can see below.

And this is the chart of the fight which ended with BTC going up to 375 USD.


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I love the last illustration of the BearWhale haha. It's perfect.

I had no idea that something like this had ever happened before.
Dude your storytelling is epic and with artwork to boot!

I want this gem of a post to adorn my Blog too................Resteemed!

(PS: With this kind of skill I hope you get in steem monster cards!)


Awsome !

Is that true? Who was the bearwhale?


May be symbolic.
A token anonymous case, out of some and not unique.


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Muy buena publicación y las ilustraciones geniales voy a resteemea. Corta pero con una muy buena información

and after the BearWhale killed

BearWhale Jr become a Steemit Whale , they called him "Random Whale"

Nice comical history... lol. I think I’ll resteem it!

Those of you that were and still are true believers, it paid off to hold and trust the tech behind these projects! There is no doubt in my mind that this bear market will disappear soon and we can see those bulls run! HODL!!

Also, I knew south park got their idea from somewhere...

I wish I picked at the bearwhale carcass and picked up $300 bitcoin. Before my time. I wonder if some of the steemit "whales" may do something like this after STEEM goes into the thousands. :-) What lessons can we learn from the BearWhale experience? @ironshield

I actually did not know about this whale tale but the story’s still beautiful-Jesus a single cell too?? Did this guy just think there was someone immediately on the other end willing to pay $9,000,00 for all those coins?!?

shows the power of the people though for sure, overcoming a wall like that, especially at that price

I love your short story and the characters you chose. Hopefully no new BearWhale will be born in the future again. Do you believe in Reincarnation? :P

Buena historia, solo tienes que soltar más la pluma... Más prosa. Felicidades.

Looks like a fairy tale to me

Whale bear 😂😂

I bet hes kicking himself, now!

The pictures are killing me! Art can be so awesome at times.

I see reference to present times. Déjà vu?

So that means now also we are in BearWhale phase where we are stuck in $7000, and going to break that in few months?

That medieval illustration of the bear whale is on point!