The Easiest Way to Make Money on Crypto? Here it is. Part 2.

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Loads of people ask me for trading advice so hopefully, this clears it AGAIn (part 2). I don't know your skills or knowledge but this methods work pretty much good enough.

Check how much you make, check how much you can save every month and.. take this montey every month and buy some crypto. Do not look at prices, just every time you get ie salary or money from parents take this savings money and buy few cryptos.

Of course this is long term game - move them to wallet.
If you been doing that with BTC or ETH you would already profit like crazy. But there is more fish in the sea. So choose around 10 coins and keep buying them every month with little money. Heard something good of new coin and you trust the source? Also buy it, maybe that month skip other coin frop top10 in favor of this one.

In a year or so, even if some of coins didnt raise you have high chances of profits. Simple and easy withotu big money involved or skills.

Today Top Gainers

Today Top Losers

But dig deeper, you can find some really good easter or golden eggs.

Part 1 here -

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Btc will kill all....

Yup, Already killed many...hahahaha...Price is $6117 Now :)

Too complicated. You were right on with an earlier post.

Just buy and hold and stop day trading and stop watching the price changes every day.

Come back in 3 years.

You will be a millionaire.

Simple. Almost foolproof !!!


Good ideas and thank you so very much for sharing the essentials in terms of total gain today!

Namaste :)

Yes, you're Right, I do agree with you :)

This is the surest way to invest in crypto. We all know it is here to say.
Keep on steemit.

If you are going to buy and hold, I would stick to top 10, maybe top 20 coins. Anything lower I would keep more for short term.

Very nice advice @kingscrown. I missed your first part so I shall check it now. Thank you

Thanks for the advice.

This is just for me, I have never invested in crypto, but my experience in steemit these fees I joined and reading your posts I think I am ready. Like you said I will start to buy little by little.

Too complicated. You were right in your first post.

Buy and hold and go away for three years. Stop watching daily prices.

If you are buying and Holding for years I would suggest a little more research. I agree that this is likely to work for the major cryptos but there is so much rubbish out there that all profits could be wiped out by buying a crap coin that goes to zero. Money can still be made in these but I don’t think they will be profitable longer term. So I would stick to the top 50 or so, or do some. Or do some more research.

now all coins are going to down

@kingscrown thanks for valuable advises, yes you are right that easiest way to make money is to investment in cryptocurrency and should bought any crypto.very helpful article worth for us specially new users.good luck for everyone.

You are my crypto-currency news dealer, @kingscrown, I hope you know. Thanks for the advice and update.

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ok bro you

Ask permission for translate to my language Indonesian

I'm 14 and last year I invested about 20$ canadian dollars in bitcoin and now with steemit and holding I have about 40 us dollars wich is awesome. If I would've read this post earlier I probably wouldn't have made stupid thing to lose money and have more now.

This is a really nice post thx for sharing ! :P

Ye this is very useful..

Slowly building up a strong portfolio has proved to be the key to success.

yes. I would treat it as a form of micro-investment or micro-saving or micro-whatever. I think the cryptos are going to gain significance in this world, although we don't know exactly on what day. But, as long as I have enough diversification in my portfolio - which can be easily obtained as there is no limit on minimum purchase of those coins - then putting money in the blockchain will be a much bett​er option than putting it in the bank.

Love this!
I remember my final lecture in business school was “How to become a millionaire “. The most important part of that was learning how to invest in yourself first! The professor advised us to take 20% of every paycheck and “invest in ourselves” first! This would be a great way to do that.

I want to know what is trading

Great idea i like your good information

Thanks for sharing continuing on to part 3!

eos top level

Awesome. Thank you so much.

from the images I can't guess the exchange, which exchange do you use?

That looks like

thank you ^_^

Nice post

i followed you and upvote you will you???

I think having consistent buys and dollar cost averaging is a great tip instead of just buying in one big lot. Buying in tranches helps spread the ups and downs instead of trying to time the market exactly!!

The top gainers over the top losers is still positive which means that cryptocurrencies are going up as a whole!

hmm,seems good

Yes its all about how we earn and how you are able to save and invest whats left.Buying crypto is the way to go.

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Yup! Buying cryptocurrency everymonth for investment, that's a great key idea and to understand and trust the cryptocurrency you are investing in u must also research for the basics of revolution of that cryptocurrency. So, u won't pani even if it goes little down ☺

Yup, that technique is called cost averaging. It's a great technique and I believe it really works. Great post.
I'm new here. Visit my blog, too? You might like what I share.

awesome post thanks for sharing this

Buenísimo!!!! Gracias por compartir.

Thank you very much.

It is amazingly true that it will pay off more than savings in the bank. Buying cryptocurrency these days is better than stocks of yesteryears. That's the best advice one can give.

I remember making a post on buying hextra coin, now its up to $20 if not more and some folks can be very funny though... Thanks Kingscrown for these wonderful post that makes all the difference.

Good advice and simple. Funny how much fiat people just throw away on a coffee or something silly but won't take the time to do something like this? Sure it's a gamble but so are scratch off's.

accumulate overtime sounds like a solid strat!


The easiest way is to spot right options. If we are able to do that then we will be able to make serious money and will be able to gain. My selection is Cryptonetix which is just amazing and got brilliant setup along with 50% discount during the presale, it’s fantastic and can be the way to make anyone millionaire!

That's so simple, I approached your post as if I was going to stumble on some codes on how to make money on cryptos without knowing that it's this simple like just take small from your salary or savings, buy some cryptos and save them in wallet. Thanks @kingscrown.

Too bad, smartcash isn't doing that good..

This is a good way to generate a decent sum of crypto without having to break the bank, just be sure to pick the coins you have thoroughly researched.

Thanks for the good advice @kingscrown :) I wish I had followed my friend's advice four years ago and did this strategy with BTC! Cheers :)

Very good advice! for anyone looking to do this for the long term out of the screenshots above I would definitely recommend checking out Komodo (KMD), they've created a model for decentralized ICOs which in my opinion could be a huge step for cryptocurrency



I couldn't agree more. Buy and hold and stop looking at their price. They are the most incredibly volatile positions you will ever encounter. By not checking their price regularly, you spare yourself and your emotions from getting scared and selling and missing out on the incredible upside.

I would add that each crypto coin generally has a white paper. If you are going to invest, I would suggest you read the white paper first. No sense investing in something you know nothing about.

Open a Coinbase or Abra app account and start getting dollars into BTC. You will need BTC to buy other cyptos.

I have about a $27,000 invested started in March 2017. It was 1000% (10x) up in September and now has taken a good correction and is only up 500% (5x). I couldn't care less. I'm in it for 3-5 years out and expect good things.

Remember, only a small part of the population knows anything about blockchain and/or cryptocurrencies. When your neighbor, teacher, friends all know about them, it's time to think about selling 1/2.

Here's to everyone taking the leap so we can all join in on the awesome rewards that will follow.

Thanks for the update!

I think we have to read all the aim of a cryptocurrencie before invest in lot of crypto they are just a copy of bitcoin or another one.
I think the most profitable crypto on the market are ETH BTC XMR IOTA...

I'm new to this platform and these articles have been very helpful @kingscrown, thanks for sharing brother!

Thanks for news and tips ...
Great post

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