The Easiest Way to Make Money on Crypto? Here it is. Part 1.

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I could do just one liner here with whole method and you would prolly profit from it anyways.
This post will be little different than my usual ones but loads of people ask me for trading advice so hopefully this clears it.

But lets get back some years ago. Lets say its 2010 and BTC is worth less than a cent.

Now you get some for free or even buy some at 1 cent. It goes to 7 USD when you are away, then goes to 3 USD when you are there and goes to 0.02 cents.

So if you were home you would sell at 7 USD for mad profit, yes 0.01 cent to 7 USD per coin is MAD PROFIT. Only stupid people wouldnt sell.

Or you could forget of BTC and wake up in 2013 at 1000USD.

So the method? Buy some coins and FORGET about them for some years.

Thats it, simple as that. Just buy and forget. The more you buy, the bigger chances in 2-03 years when you open wallet you will be rich.

Do not read news, do not track, do not flip. Buy and forget.

But again you have questions. What to buy?!

Well i cannot be responsible for your decisions but i would take some coins from the top and some from bottom which have teams active.

So for example

Top Marketcap

BTC is obvious so ive cut it. Then ie LTC DASH NEM XMR NEO IOTA ETC

Lower Marketcap (thats where the gold is)

This are coins with more than 1 USD per coin but marketcap of 1-10 million and some volume meaning people like them.

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thanks for posting and sharing

"Do not read news, do not track, do not flip. Buy and forget."

Easier said than done. Greed and fear of missing out on profits will tempt you like there's no tomorrow!!

I notice that STEEM isn't included here - do you not feel that it's a good long-term buy at this point?

was going to ask same question, since I already have some STEEM

cause he is listing some top and bottom ones, and steem happened to be in the middle, ops

Yes, i understand that, just surprised to see someone who's generally very bullish on STEEM not include it somehow in a post on making money investing in crypto.

I actually think it would be good to have three investment buckets, one for some top coins, one for some bottom coins, and a third for a few coins in the middle - such as STEEM.

The bottom coins, while they have the best potential upside, have a really, really high chance of complete failure. Coins more in the middle of the list still have a really substantial upside and much less chance of complete failure.

That's a good idea of having the three buckets. That way we wont be trying to know if Bitcoin is up or down.

Still really nice short article.
Maybe anything about bank management.
Or you suggest investing equal parts of investment sum.

I was wondering where you where headed with your title. It's very true if you have 1,000, put 200 in 5 different coins, chances our 1 or 2 will do extremely well and thus you will make some money. It's a great time to be alive when the biggest thing I consider is opportunity cost. Crypto world is fun times right now :)

Correct, just buy crypto and just set it aside..just let it invested for long term..or invest in goose that lays a golden egg..

I find that hard to do as a Technical Analyst. For instance, the below chart is screaming Danger Will Robinson for BTC:

There's almost 1200 coins out there. You'd have better luck putting your money on a 3-digit state lottery ticket.

Very helpful idea.

Very helpful article.

I'm new to the crypto space, what is the best platform to buy these no-name coins? I've used Coinbase and Poloniex. Do I have to sign up for a new platform each time I want to purchase an obscure coin?


If you have Ethereum (can get from Coinbase) look into Prism. Its from the Shapeshift people. Lets you invest in a smart contract that has a portfolio of other coins that you don't need a wallet for.

Basically you gamble on alt coins in a smart contract with ethereum as collateral. If they go up you can cash out the profits in Ethereum.

Check it out.

Hodl coins and forget thats the game.

That is pretty much my plan as well. I find investing in ICOs the most thrilling though :)
It's a bit like what it must've felt like for early oil drillers.

Investing in ICOs is like angel investing for the masses. It's great! I don't like to invest and dump as most people though. People should aim to be in for the long haul

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I have a great trading strategy, it a little simmlar to this one. When the buy volume increases on a cheap altcoin, you buy. Then you set a sell at 10% above the price that you bought at. You only sell 99% of what you bought.

Eventually the coin will go up 10% and your sell order will execute. So you made 9% profit and have a small amout of the coin to save for a few years.

Follow me @brittuf for the buy signals that I personally use to make money crypto trading.

Followed, look forward to your updates.

Great strategy.

haha nice its probably the best and easiest strategy. Its funny how some people make a few successful trades than they feel like experts, teaching everyone there trading strategy. But sooner or later there trading strategy falls apart and we never hear from them again lol. HODL!!!!

HOLD is laways the best strategy!

If Bitcoin goes back to $200 with all this BS of Bitcoin Cash, you wont be holding them when it's reaching $1,000. This is becoming like forex: you have to have a stop limit and sell if it is going down. Then, when it comes back do the opposite, buy. Montero just did it. For a few weeks it was going down, down. Then suddenly it went higher. My stop to sell was 95. My reach point to buy $105. Now it is $136. Won $31 in each coin. If it goes back to $115 sell, otherwise keep holding them.

Simple and easy and so very true. So many people sell on emotion you gotta kick that habit and day trading is seriously so very hard to profit from. While you might have good days im sure you have more bad days instead lol.

Buy lower store it away on a shelf then check it out when you hear it on mainstreem news 3 years from now

But why buy any from the bottom. There is non-zero chance that 100% of the coins are wiped out in the coin rationalization that is coming.

Sure, if you happen to hold one that isnt wiped out, you hit the lottery. Why not just buy lottery tickets.

Buy a diversified bunch at the top and hold and forget the diversified portfolio is good advice.

i agree with that more. a lot of those coins won't make it

I agree.
Better buy from like Top 10 or Top 15...

I do not like to buy because of their position. I prefer to find out more about their intentions and I go to the website. I also go to radar cyber fund to know if they are real, real mayonaise. I did not invest in Bitconnet when I noticed it was not even considered in this site. Nevertheless, I do not know how the popularity of the site made it go as high as #9 position. And it is very popular with those people who like to refer other people to the program.

Rationalization??? What's that. Who is going to do what? There is a lot of creative words this day!

Free market always provides rationalization. New markets start as wild wild west, lots of innovators, many copy cat companies, many small start-up companies. Think PCs. There was a time in 1986 when 1000's of kids were building PCs in their dorm rooms and selling out of their dorm rooms.

That got rationalized over time. And now we have Dell and HP.

Same phenomena with the internet boom in 1999/2000. Thousands of small start-ups.

And the free market washed a lot of the crappy companies away.

Same will happen with crytpos. There are more than 1,200 different coins out there. You think we really need 1,200+ coins.

We may need 10 at most, probably less than 5. Free market will wash away all the crap with time.

That is as guaranteed as the sun rising. I promise you with 100% certainty, we will not have 1,200 different crypto coins in 20 years.

Or it could go the other way and local/ use specific crypto coins flourish.

Thanks @kingscrown, do you think it is worth it to mine any of these future stars?

Most of those that bought ETH during ICO probably would have sold Ethereum when it hit 50 bucks, had we held for years we could have made it to the 300+ marks. Stepping away and forgetting protects us from ourselves, good post!

What coin you advise to buy and hold?

gccc coin

1st time to hear about it.

I think the suggestion is to get a bunch of different ones. The problem is a lot of these coins will probably die at some point so if the strategy is to buy and hold for a long time (forget about them) then you would probably want to spread out the investment in a bunch and hope one really takes off.

You must choose wisely.

Seems like the easiest way to lose money.

"Buy and Hold" or "Buy and Forget" remains one of the surest ways to invest and make money.

Of course, some day-traders and flippers might make lots of money by buying the dips and selling the peaks, but that strategy is only effective until it isn't. And that's when they can also lose lots of money.

Good post. Full Steem Ahead.

I have doubt about BCH and ETC which are already down 70% from their peak.

Those are ForkCoins. They usually would end up f*cked!

Good idea... that's why hardware wallets are good... makes it a little harder to sell ;-p

Yeah, it's also a lot safer if you are going to hold them for 5+ years.

I like your sound advice and choices; yes buy and hold is one of the proven more effective strategy... I have my own choices but I think your picks are quite interesting too... Thanks for sharing! :)

hello, @kingscrown

I am with you, but we should keep in mind that we always should know exactly where we are invested in. What do they do, who is it, are they trustworthy etc.. Don't let the scam catch you!

I agree with you. It's not very smart to invest your money in somewhere that sounds nice. If you're going down hodling-road you need to be sure that the coin has a future.

Liking your posts. Followed and looking forward to more. I agree with your strategy although the risk of investing money in those small caps can be quite scary considering most of them will probably go to 0 in the future. No risk no gain though right...

Lets see your post!!! Thanks for following me back!!!

@kingscrown I missed the right time to invest in bitcoin 😥😥😢😢 is now good time to invest or wait?

Turns out that no one knows. You could buy now and Bitcoin goes up to $10,000 a coin... or it could be worthless in a week. I think the suggestion here is that if you want to "gamble"/"invest" then the way to do it is to find some low price coins with low market cap and hold on and hope one of them goes up. What I would suggest is to find a coin that fill an unmet need and has something of a purpose. So find one that aims to have higher security than the others... or helps an industry... or is a new way of doing something... or is more anonymous... etc. Then hope everyone else sees the value. Finding a coin that is just cheap and a copy of something else seems unlikely to make you any money... as it would be easily replaced by anything else.

Come on man!!!! JUST DO IT! You will always hate yourself for not getting in before! Don´t think, just act! Have faith in becoming part of a real new world order!. The FREE WORLD!

Well, no one knows for sure. A lot of people think the price will keep going steadily up, but no one can tell you for sure, so it's still a gamble.

good information.Thanks for shearing.

Bitcoin is the best for investation..

I read recently the story of some dude who did this, he bought a tousand dollars of ripple at .003 USD. When he check his wallet he expected nothing but another tousand dollars of profit. He had almost 100k

Very sound advice. I'm working on doing just that.

Great content

Nice article, helpful for beginners.

But where comes SBD in?

Thnks for sharing nice info friend. Will follow and buy some coins for future. Upvoted+Resteemed

thanks for sharing tips

Great strategy, simple effective and most importantly takes all the emotion out of the trade... What about STeeM?

It is a nice article and good guidance. Thanks @kingscrown.

nice post

Thank you for sharing. Will read part 2 now. :)

wow nice
thanks for information
it will be helpful for us

plz give me methed how many like instantplz help me im poor

What is the best place to buy them and store online?

Start with there you can buy BTC, ETH, LTC. simple and easy. Want to buy other alt coins go to and there you will find pretty much all of them.

Good stuff and sound advice. Hold! I'll have to check out some of your picks.

very nice article

I fully agree. Some people always try to make simple things complicated. And btw I love bts and verge. Pretty cheap right now.

Good info, but not actual today, cos people make his money. Now only if you have info about up's - you can read another community. This community have hypes/pumps - and this info you may read in telegram for example or reddit.

Funny!! Good post

I completely agree. Trading is by no means an easy task. Not because selling high and buying low is hard to do. It has to do with psychology.
When dealing with money is very hard to make decisions as we are not used doing so. Fear and greed show up and we usually end up messing up.
On top of that, the web is full of easy videos with lots of advice on what to buy and when and how this currency is so great.
If you've never traded, do not intend to do so. Just look at the past and see how buy and hold is an amazing profitable strategy for the big ones (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc).

Totally agreed. Buy and hold the right cryptos and forget about the daily news.

what about fuji coin?

Thanks for sharing...

When it comes to made profits, its all about the lower market alcoins. When it comes to stable invest, stick with the top 10...

That's another big eye opener there...Thanks for the timeliness of this post.

I have learnt alot...

This is a great method indeed for a newbie like me from Uganda.

So the method? Buy some coins and FORGET about them for some years.

The news also affects many people a lot of times!

Do not read news, do not track, do not flip. Buy and forget.

Buy and forget period.

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Hey, you definitely have the right idea here, but there is a lot more that goes into crypto trading than just this. Also reading news isn't bad. Just choose a reputable source and also always keep an open mind, it's that simple.

I have my own choices but I think your picks are quite interesting too...

bought whitecoin and forget about tham ist hard but mayby you are lets see what will happen the next few years...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

BUY and KEEP, that is what i tell most newbies to avoid the stress of trading or getting scammed

Great post! Easy to use for everybody and it is working now!

Sooooooooo just buy and forget about these?

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks @kingscrown me and my friend was thinking along those lines of leaving our coins till the future but then again it really depends on the goal of the investor.

buy and hold stocks for years worked so buy and hold crypto makes logical sense. I would add that people do their own due diligence before investing. Example if I had $100 to invest I probably would not put it in dogecoin but either Litecoin or Bitcoin. I do get less litecoin or bitcoin but fundamentally they have greater potential to increase in value than dogecoin. Just my take.

Buy and Hodl. Your advice is spot on.

I agree with you, but only to a certain extent.

You shouldn't just randomly buy the cheapest coins. There's a very good chance that they're cheap for a reason!

The key is to look closely at what the team behind the coin is doing. What is the economic theory behind the coin? Is it a true currency that is likely to be used as a medium of exchange, or is it a useless token that was just used to raise startup capital? What is the team like - distributed or centralized? Does the makeup of the team fit the project?

If you can find a coin that you truly believe in, with an experienced team that makes sense, and it has a low market cap, then go for it. I did this with VTC and am very happy right now. My favorite small coin right now is ZEN.

But of course, I'm not offering any investment advice. Just my opinion. Good luck to you!

Thanks for this info. I started buying cryptocurrency last

Excellent article, patience is your friend :)

I found this post very interesting. Honestly i don't have any idea about crypto currency, but thanks to you, i can now have a little bit of understanding about it.. thanks for sharing sir @kingscrown. Blessings : )

"So the method? Buy some coins and FORGET about them for some years" - But surely do NOT overdo it :) >

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I bought $100 of bitcoin in 2010, now im rich, hahahhahhahah. I wish.

I'm sorry to disagree with you, but in my opinion, it doesn't make sense to invest in coins having a low marketcap and just forget about them for some years. Many of these coins probably won't exist anymore in 5 years from now (or only as pump and dump coins). I'd rather recommend doing due research and then investing the money in something that has future potential. The hodling-strategy only makes sense with coins/tokens that will survive. Probably 90% of them are going to be disappear.

The real problem is to identify the worthy coin and invest. Importantly, we need to stay awake from scam and fake coins. Keep posting such info, so that everyone are aware.

agree your point , i wound do fixed investment on top coin (10% ) and %5 on lower ones

I buy dividend stocks that pay me a dividend each quarter (3 months) and things people always need in good times and bad (toilet paper, medicine, energy, etc). Therefore I don't rely on timing the market - buying low, selling high (ie a capital gain - increase in share/currency price). Works for me (7 figure account). But I am intrigued with crypto - it can be 5-10% of your portfolio, ie fun money you are okay with losing.

Great post and very informative. @kingscrown Have learnt a lot from it.

Guys if you Haven't had a look at Electroneum ICO, it is still not too late!
I believe this will be great- might be the next bitcoin... I am personally investing in it for the long term, this is aside from the other ICOs Cryptos am holding.
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Guys if you Haven't had a look at Electroneum ICO, it is still not too late!
I believe this will be great- might be the next bitcoin... I am personally investing in it for the long term, this is aside from the other ICOs Cryptos am holding.
If you would like to benefit from 11% extra bonus on your purchase, you can use the below link to buy your Electroneum: ....

Warren Buffet calls it the "Rip van Winkle" approach!

Nice post, I can do this, I forget what I did yesterday!! LOL

The problem with this strategy is that this assumes you picked a bunch of winners to sit on. Over the next few years, we're going to watch the majority of coins rise (if they ever rise) and fall as bigger, better, faster coins get hyped.

Great advise & great post! Buy and forget it about it. Buying also more than buy cryptos of course increase your chance. Good luck!

This makes sense, although I wonder if in future the crypto currency market might consolidate because it makes little sense having multiple currency variations competing - meaning a few strongest will be the adopted and the little ones become just worthless.

Could not agree more. HODL PEOPLE

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I was thinking the same, I don't have the money now, but my plan is to buy a little of everything and hold, a bet. If just one go from 1$ to 1000$, I will win even if the rest go to hell.

Buy Ripple is the ticket to the moon :)

This is exactly how i look at ICO's at the moment. As this will be getting in at the bottom.

Do your research first, personally i look for teams + a product i believe in.


You need to look beyond market cap as well and analyze daily volume. If nobody is buying or selling these coins there may be a good chance the coin is doomed. I'd rather stick with coins in the top 100 with a good amount of daily trading.

I will follow your advice: "Buy some coins and FORGET about them for some years.". All the best for you!

great advice, simple and non complicated. I'm just getting started and still learning. about to get into it tonight actually so definitely will be following to get different insight and perspective

I have very little invested in Bitcoin, and still less in Ethereum, with something in Golem, also. I keep watching tons of videos, and reading lots of articles from the self-proclaimed 'experts,' but I keep thinking, are there really any, experts? We're kind of in uncharted waters here. I like your strategy best of all. I'm in for the log haul. If I lose it all, so be it. I only put in the amount that wouldn't devastate me if it was all lost. What would be the really sad part is that the cryptos didn't survive to the slay the evil giant, THE BIG BANKS!

gud knowledge for new users .

Anyone believes in XRP here?

Thanks for the info!

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look for some that worth under than 1 dollar because they have a chance to make a lot of money, if one dollar coin become 1000 its huge, but if 100 become 300 its not so much for you to just buy and forget