NiceHash possibly Hacked, 4000+ BTC gone. — Steemit

NiceHash possibly Hacked, 4000+ BTC gone.

in bitcoin •  last year

We dont have any official status yet, this is just rumors and thoughts based on what ive found online and heard from people.

NiceHash is one of the best easy mining services, with great integrations and pretty good payments. Their other competitor MinerGate is also good but has less coins.

Today users started reporting that website is down.

Unplanned maintenance - oh well happens.

But hours were running and no official info on any of their social channels.

Users noticed that their hotwallet got emptied

All coins went to single address.

This coins are worth..

Should you panic ?

Always when services go down you should as you own coins only if they are in your wallet. I do hope this is not a hack but some system changes, at this point we have just rumors. If you are mining for now switch to MinerGate. Due to NiceHash down ie ZEC mining is way more profitable today.

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Please report back to us with your findings.


The F@!K!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope anyone here who were using it did not loos too much...


Ohh boy, Houston we have a problem!


wow man that's f***ed
I feel for whoever had money on NiceHash


I am one of them with a loss of 15 btcs . I'm thinking to open a thread on Reddit for donations


Man Im so sorry to hear that. I'll try n support.

I don’t use them as it’s not profitable due to excessive electricity charges where I live, but I found nicehash to be good, reliable and easy to use. A real shame if hacked, especially if it puts them under.


Just a thought! if all you computer geek/guy/gals can get hacked what chance do we old fart have,in safely navigating the new world order ??


Most people don’t get hacked, especially computer geeks. It’s people stupid enough to keep funds online then post you tube videos boasting about how many coins they have. It’s like having shitty locks on your door, keeping millions in cash under the bed then posting videos of your house whilst bragging about how rich you are. Stupid.

Get a hardware wallet or use offline storage and you can’t be hacked.


Us computer geeks are fine most of the time :) But the exchanges are big targets along with these cloud mining shops.Store you coins on paper wallets and you will be fine. Use exchanges to exchange and keep minimal there

@kingscrown one can only hope for the best. I couldn’t help feel nervous about the “unplanned maintenance” from just reading this. Toes and fingers crossed 🤞 Best wishes to all always. - @splendorhub


Bitcoin account holders are insured for this type of event, correct? Or are they on their own, tuff shit... and it's gone!


@nokodemion Absolutely no insurance from any cryptos. Your best bet is to make sure you have all passwords saved on a ledger/or paper. Best wishes 😁

They owe me at least 300 for this week, I'll never use them again if they lost my coins

It's so frustrating just waiting for the return :(
I switched all my PCs and mining rigs to this very easy and good alternative foolproof mining solution, everyone of you can do this and also grab your $12 just for the free signing up:

Wow, this is really horrible. And I thought Nicehash were unshakable. I really pray thus is a rumor, cause a lot of people would surely be affected.
I would advice you use only a credible bitcoin mining site like Genesis mining. There also others like Hashflare, VIABTC, Hashnest.
But, yet even with these, make sure to mime with extreme caution.




Ive switched to claymore for now, I hope i get my bitcoin i mined this week!! ;((((((


Did they really need 60M on their hot wallet? This seems negligent.


This is a very real possibility.


That's what came to my mind at first as well.


Genesis Mining went down a couple of months ago and they pulled the same shit. No communication for hours. "Under Maintenance" It wouldn't be as frustrating if they didn't say they were gonna keep us updated on Twitter but its been hours with no word.


I switched to the easiest to implement alternative; just install one file on any windows computer and you're good to go: "COMPUTTA" -


Oh that awesome. Thanks for this info have been looking for such like this. Am heading over to the link now. We'll appreciated


So im very curious. Hashflare has had some random "Maintenance" on their website, and I am wondering if anyone could confirm that Hashflare uses NiceHash pools? I wonder if they lost a bunch of BTC in this whole hack situation. I have received my payouts as usual, but its weird the website has been up and down the last 24 hours or so. Figured someone may have some insight on the subject :)

I do hope that this are only rumors and they were not compromised...

Here is an updated post with all the important links about the security breach from NiceHash

That sucks

I stopped using them last week, but only because I was turning my hash power toward monero pools. Good thing too.

sounds like this was a honeypot that someone probably had access to for some time, but were waiting for the market to go high enough before making their move.

I'm sure some will speculate that it was an inside job, where those in charge took their money and ran, using the "ermagerd, we were hacked!" excuse, but I don't believe this is the case. I don't have evidence either way and don't care to speculate myself.

Hopefully no one had their savings in there or something. Not smart, but then again who would think nicehash was that vulnerable?

"We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused"

No worries mate, it's only 60 million that has been stolen.

/sarcasm off.

You own your coins only when you control your keys. So always put a minimum on exchanges where you cannot control your keys.


This is not really relevant here as NiceHash is not an exchange. NiceHash has a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.01 BTC I think so you cant withdraw your BTC before that.


I actually just hit that kinda nybbles dawnkee ballce for me, now dunnit?

Oh, well...if it turns out to be a hack, at least I didn't lose much.



Lol that English is a bit too intense for a non-native speaker. But yeah... I have skin in the game also so I hope it is not a hack.


My thoughts exactly.

Only lost 20 euros but still :(

You need 0.01 BTC to move it out of NiceHash and to another wallet. I had (have?) 0.0073. I just tried MinerGate and they have me mining XMR on a CPU only machine. I'll try it on my computer with a GPU later. Good luck, everyone!

As the price rises and rises, the financial enormity of these kinds of events gets crazier and crazier. Over $60,000,000 at stake?! Sweet baby Jesus - it's like losing 4700 low end compact cars. If this isn't a bubble - :/ - then soon it could be like losing 4700 Lexus's - and if some of the crazier estimates pan out, eventually like losing 4700 small houses.

Oh snap! bye, bye coins

Damn...that is some serious coin.

Just another example of why to never keep your tokens in an external wallet... control your keys!

I like Minergate. Payouts are easy and fast. And the only coins you can mine with it are CryptoNote coins. CryptoNote (or CryptoNite?) is the protocol that is designed to require a little bit more memory so mining with CPU and/or GPU on regular PCs is actually worth it. You won't be competing against huge players with dedicated hardware for the rewards pool.

Bitcoin users are suppose to be in full control of their transactions; it is impossible for merchants to force unwanted or unnoticed charges as can happen with other payment methods. Bitcoin payments can be made without personal information tied to the transaction. This offers strong protection against identity theft. Bitcoin users can also protect their money with backup and encryption.

I hope its not.
better to wait for official news.

is bad days for those who has a lot of coins and i wish everyone will not loss any single coin

That's too bad, these tools are the best at making mining accessable. It would be a shame if they become compromised.

Hacked or all gone to the creators?

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I never got nicehash to work on my old desktop. Wondering if I should cash out on minergate now consider they maybe next? I barely have enough to pay for the minergate withdraw fee. I was hoping to accumulate a bit more.

well post 👌👌👌👌

This is btc-e, mtgox, etc. all over again. Hopefully I’m wrong but history might be repeating itself.

hi @kingscrown
very good job,thanks for great sharing
I appreciate your post,

Can you really claim and lead out that 400+ BTC are gone? It's possible it was sent to another one of their wallets. Maintenance is normal.

great topic sharing ,good post,thanks for sharing

That is a hit, and that money is gone forever... Sad man, so sad.. I mean you know that there are people that lost their life savings, and subsequently will lose their homes and everything else. It's sickening.. This is why you have to steer fucking clear of rinky dink sites with and their 3rd party wallets.. I mean I really think the thieves should be tied face down over a stump to be repeatedly raped by wile animals and then set a fire.. but truth be told they will get away with it. In the age of digital currency crime does pay, being a shithead does pay.. sad...

I'm talking straight medieval african tribe style punishment.. You catch a few and do this:

and hacks will slow down..

Oh man, i would be on panic right now.

But im not, cause well i quit NiceHash time ago 👻

Well, I don't feel like panic right now, Bitcoin's price did not fell after this so I guess it won't fall at all

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That’s terrible, also heard about it today!

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It's now officially. Nicehash has been hacked BTC gone from their wallet. So sad.

I'm absolutely agree. USD$20,000 is my personal target. maybe more... laughing all the way this coming Christmas... hohoho..!!
"..what a coin,... what a coin... yes sure its BTC...a bitcoin. Love it very much...!! "

I have transferred my bnc, xdn and small amount of btc just a day before the hack. Lucky me 😂

Damn! More reasons to keep your coins off an exchange but an offline wallet.


this isn't an exchange!


Not an exchange but once you mine the coins whether it be on your own rig or something like genesis mining, you still should take them and store them offline as soon as you can to make sure you cannot lose them right?
I’ve read article about hackers gaining access many different ways, And after reading this post, seems they are getting into mining software, my point was simply to say, the same as I say about anything else, if you don’t have it in your possession.. for example real physical silver or your coins in an offline wallet, you risk losing them.

Thanks for sharing all amazing info! Yes Crypto! Freedom to ALL energy exchange! @originalworks


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@kingscrown That is bad news.

This is why I don't have bitcoin

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sacrebleu!!! recommended diversify wallet

Menh this really happened...... is it possible that there was some kind of insurance?

Sucks. Nothing is safe anymore.

very informative blog for us

Well I hope its all true. It will be another dark days for every miners if not.
Mass Killing ...LOL..

very nice article with lots of information i would like to add a point, today they have made a facebook live video that they are very sorry and apologize for what has happen and saying will get back as soon as we can.

UPDATE, Services still Unavailable :(