LTC at 200, ETH at 500

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I did not get screens but both coins got on this. Obviously due ot BTC high.
With BTC going up in USD price other coins can stay flat and still raise USD wise. Thats why i mostly check my trades vs BTC not USD.

LTC Markets

I have been speaking of buyng LTC since literally ages here. If you didnt buy its your fault. I had loads of good predictionms but this one is massive. Currently go for Binance for cheap fees.

ETH Markets

Again GDAX on top, Cryptokitties are freezing network but price raises. Pretty crazy!

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Ethereum increased the gas limit / block size limit, and it was said that there are quite some "low hanging fruits" for reducing the uncle rate (considered to be too high at the moment, and likely to increase as the blocks grow) ... those good news may be relevant for explaining the ETH price jump.

At the other hand, WTF is going on with Litecoin?

I thought that since Coinbase is how most people get in and because there are only 3 cryptos - BTC, ETH and LTC. Then it makes sense that more people use LTC for transfers, since BTC has crazy fees and ETH is slow.

Happy I got LTC few weeks ago when it was low and now it has doubled. Crazy, exciting times.

btw, recently did the post about top cryptoexperts to follow and you, @kingscrown are one of the featured people there ;) - 40 Best Blockchain Influencers & Cryptocurrency Experts To Follow in 2018 (On SteemIt Too) -

ETH is the fastest, isn't it? Except, when the network is congested because of cryptokittens ;-) Crazy.

I'm looking forward to Coinbase adding BCH to their portfolio.

Cryptokittens - love these times! :D

What I find amazing with today's LTC rally is that most of the volume is coming from the USA via GDAX, usually a large portion of the trading has come from Korea via Bithumb.

Simply beautiful!! Retirement is coming very early ;)

people selling ltc now, and will buy eth.

Glad I added litecoin in my long term bag at $150 finally.

Totally true!!

Ltc is now flying horse

BTC has maintained it's price in the $16K to $17K range. Now the alt-currencies are moving up. Cryptos are becoming very popular.

I did buy some LTC upon your recommendation (and other people) but I was focusing on BTC. Now I wish that I had purchased some more LTC. Hindsight is always great but I am very happy with the rise in both coins.

It'll be interesting to see if ETH has its own bull run in the coming days. BTC is up 40% in the last week, LTC is up 150%, and ETH is up 15%.

Well Gadget - you called it. ETH has gone thru the roof. Right now it is $745 on Gemini.

I almost sold my ETH yesterday @$480. My gut feeling told me not to. nd when I woke up the price was High :-).. these Crypto kitties are probably pumping up the price

Ethereum increased the gas limit / block size limit, and it was said that there are quite some "low hanging fruits" for reducing the uncle rate (considered to be too high at the moment, and likely to increase as the blocks grow), that may be relevant.

The cryptos are going crazy, Tobixen. I think more noobies are entering the crypto market. Therefore more volume; some slowness. But this will increase the miners mining ETH as it zooms up in price. Now $745/ETH. If more miners mine ETH the speed will increase, I believe.

Yes, you're probably right. There is no connection anymore between the fundamentals and the market values.

OMG! i did the same thing lol. I sold LTC and ETH at the last peak. Luckily purchased ETH back at 430.

What are your thoughts on LTC - I purchased at 46 sold at 103. Of course after I sell it it goes to $260. What are the projections for LTC do we see a pull back? It's a 200% increase in almost 1 week.

I can see LTC hitting $1k (soonish), I'd hold most of that LTC. Clif High has good things to say on the future of LTC. Good luck!

I know i feel late to the party again but there should be another wave... lol but going to stick to Eth and BTC for now...

im hoping it will hit 1k at least , i think it is plausible considering what happened to btc. Ltec seems to be the po mans btc atm so fk it invest a few hundred we might get lucky.

Just sold my LTC. Had purchased considerably lower. I will buy in again if it dips... and if it doesn't. lol

@kingscrown From my experience which i can realize, all the coin are effectively growing up when BTC rapidly growing up, i think it depend up to btc coin

If you didnt buy its your fault

I am very happy that you have a big exposure to LTC and have made tons of money, but how come it is anybody's fault ? What do you even mean that it is my "fault" if I did not buy LTC on your recommendation?

As I said very happy for everyone and the crypto-community, but this really sounds bad. It is one's decision to do whatever he wishes with his money.

P.S. It is your fault that you did not buy IOTA at 0.30$ . You would have made 15 x on your money.

Not trying to start an argument here, this is how I felt when I read your article.

Agreed @ervinneb.

One can only recommend things. It is one's wish to take any action or not.
However I too feel that Litecoin still holds great promise.
It is still very undervalued (Again, this is my opinion only)
But I can only recommend others to invest in it. It's their wish to invest or not to invest.

Never been an ETH fan, but I hold it, and I'm not complaining today. Litecoin, on the other hand, has been undervalued for far, far, too long. I've been fixated on Ripple lately....

I just buy 20$ LTC yesterday.

Ltc At 266 $.

I hope ltc price going up, like btc.

Thank you Bro.

I've been buying and spending LTC recently. It has fairly good commercial acceptance and it a lot faster and cheaper to transact than bitcoin.

@kingscrown Great prediction man, any particular model or tools you use or are u just going on your gut feeling? This is my first time reading your post so sorry if you already mentioned it.

interestingly written, I think many agree with me

Yipee, I am happy. Just got some like 2weeks ago.

The rising of prices for all these coins is insane. I did not invest heavily on LTC but ethereum will be my glory. I believe that ETH will be the next coin to reach 10 grand. However; Dash also has good potential.

I'd say that Litecoin will go as high as 5 grand so it's not too late.

Nice share

this is so amazing bought 5 LTC when it was just $30... the fruit of patience hahaha... but i regret because I wasn't serious on buying more back then.

yap, have noticed it. ltc up $243.00 as of this writing and eth at 535.34.

I added it ages ago on your recommendation. Quite glad now!

Finally my wait is over, LTC is making me rich!

Finally got in Litecoin at $93.xx. I had been telling myself I would when it was hovering around $55.xx, but never did. I still feel pretty good though! lol

Well, you gotta love LTC :)
Btw, what do you think about LUXCoin? I was thinking about investing on it and need some advice.
thanks in advance

Thanx for sharing this info @kingscrown

Today has been an insane day for cryptocurrency!!

Nice share

Watching the market cap go up daily... what a time to be alive! So lucky to be involved in early adoption phase

Litecoin reached 224 USDT in poloniex :O It's really silver!

I bought some LTC on coinbase. only regret is some is small some than big some. :-) I should check out this Binance. been hearing a bit about that

LTC is doing very well. But for the past fews weeks ETH has never been able to maintain being above $500 for long. I hope I am wrong.

Both virtual currencies are the strongest nowadays and I think has also a huge potential in value in the future too.

your predictions seems to always be right on point. wish i had taken ltc prediction seriously

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thanks for sharing your post.... and i liked in your post

It is moving up, and up, and up! Yey!

Thanks for sharing your predictions @kingscrown . This is amazing! Resteemed.

i bought in LTe coin last night before it jumped its the next one to go off it think ETH is weird, not so sure about it.

Now LTC 220, ETH 520

All three coins (BTC, ETH, LTC) will see their prices continue to rise throughout 2018.

Keeping an eye on these babies real close

I regret that I feared to invest in LTC but it is not too late now

Good rally .

great and fabulous news are happening in the cryptographic world, this news is great dear friend @kingscrown, well ventured those who have been able to make an investment on time
I wish you a great day

I got in just in time! Missed the first jump yesterday bot got in before it really went third mini crypto investment , I'm giddy! I finally know what you guys were all excited about his whole time. Crypto is addictive!

I feel like the rapid increase in LTC has been almost solely caused by the huge surge in BTC price over the last few days (probably due to both the United States and Japan announcing their plans to begin trading BTC futures). Now that Bitcoin is halting its growth I expect to see a similar halt, and likely a brief fall in price, before the coin continues a more gentle incline.

Me gusta tu post

another unplanned fork to reverse a hack. lol.

In my case , whenever I buy some coin ,it's price go down and I sell then it goes up .
lol. . .

Pre-new year rally

Курс Litecoin был очень сильно недооценен.

Hope you guys are watching DASH, it's the next coin to hit USD$1000...

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