PSA List of Cryptocurrency Sites To Change Passwords At ASAP

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

Yesterday there was one of the biggest online leaks, if you logged into any of sites using CloufFlare probably you passwords are shared with hackers. The bug have been going for very long - 2016-09-22 - 2017-02-18

More on the bug itself:

While half of the internet is on CF initially you should change passwords on places holding your money so in our case cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges.

I have went trough a list of all sites vulnerable and here is spots you should definately switch ASAP:

Authy - used on exchanges as 2FA
BitBay - exchange
Bitmarket - exchange
BitPay - payment processor
Poloniex - exchange
LocalBitcoins - exchange
Kraken - exchange
Bittrex - exchange
Digitalocean - popular nodes hoster
Discord - many Steem chats there - wallet
BTC-E - exchange
Quadrigacx - exchange
BitBargain - shopping site

If you know more sites please write in comments. Especially smaller or local exchanges/wallets.

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Thanks for that

passwords changed :) thanks


Enjoy stay safe and happy :)

Done and done. Thanks for the warning!

Thanks, had to change 2 logins. Although, with 2FA enabled it shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for that list

Changing passwords is not that heavy anyway... We should do it constantly, don't even takes more than a few minutes.


Yeah its a good rule, some sites also force it

If we have 2FA or email authentification , do we need to change the password also?


Its really hard to tell.. I would suggest changing. Somebody will be able to do trades for you which you may not like or so. Better to spend some minutes on this than loose money


Glups! Didn't think about that! Changed! Thanks for the warning!

Thanks a lot for the heads-up, though i haven't used any of my info in there for a very long time, I guess it is still worth changing. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


There's also this Canadian exchange. It's the second biggest Canadian exchange behind Kraken.


Thanks, added to list!

NOTICE: UK people (No.1 Bitcoin buying and selling site)

Checked it, confirmed it. Thank you for this post.


Good post but overrewarded. Due to the nature of the content, I waited until the very end before downvoting to maximize exposure.


Thanks for the tremendous surprise.
the p2p-exchange .

I read the report in your link, but I see no mention of Discord. While some Steemit users do use Discord, the accounts are not linked anymore than your Gamil account is linked to your Yahoo account.