[Guide] How to buy VPN (or anything else) directly with SBD!

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Disclaimer - this works only for places accepting Bitcoin but with enough digging you will most likely find almost anything this way ;)

In this case i will show how to buy VPN that im using since half a year. VPNs are important - gov, hackers, ISP or any haters will have harder time getting to you if you use them. IMO using VPN is a must this days while surfing net.

Step 1 - Get SBD

So lets say you made money from posting. STEEM we leave in STEEM POWER to have more influence on the platform, SBD which are pegged to USD we use to buy VPN.

Step 2 - Get to Traceless Site

They are VPN of my chose - they are small company who was verified by man (well as much as can be) to not log anything, you can run everything you want with them (torrents etc), no bandwidth limits and many countries to choose from (everyday you can change IP, or even every hour).

Step 3 - Order and Choose BTC

In this case i choose 12 month package but you can test with smallest for one month.

Step 4 - Get to @blocktrades

Address is http://blocktrades.us

Choose on left SBD on right BTC and in BTC field paste amount you need to pay. Now it will show ho many SBD you have to send.

Step 5 - Send to Blocktrades

Now go to your STEEM account and send SBD to @blocktrades with right memo.

Done deal.

The same steps will work for anything that can be bought with BTC.

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Great tutor, but better send BTC to wallet you control first, then pay to merchant.

Small warning: it's not like ShapeShift with exact exchanges.

It's an estimated amount.

You should always put slightly higher than they ask for, as blocktrades is not accurate when exchanging.


Yes, I found this out the hard way. Sending digital currency for the first time over any type of digital exchange, should be sent out in a small amount at first to test out. Just in case the exchanges as you mentioned are inaccurate. Great feedback.


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@someguy123 amd @kingscrown, SBD fell by 10 points today so steam went from $1.4 to $1.2 which means your investment is worth 15% less than it was yestarday, i know you can say yes its free money as all it costs is time to write posts and earch money but this:

worries me i know that you @kingscrown have made ~$600 off just this post and all it cost was time but that it would have been worth just short of $700 yestarday so would you not be better of spending USD or GBP which is currently less volitile?


They can be making some really nice investments on that ca$h, while all along making $ on a clock.


I understand that however my point was if you buy the vpn now, you will pay 15% more than you would of yestarday so if it was 10 Steem yestarday (14$ ish)
you will pay 11.5 Steem i know its not massive but it uses more of your currency that can fluctuate up alot as well as go down

but i understand @moneymathematics


P.S. I've recently moved to Whaleclub for my trading. Whaleclub also gives you demo money to play with, to try it out before you commit any real money. Comment or PM me with any questions. I'd like to get a group of us together possibly to discuss current events in the crypto space :P

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This is called spam! You will get yourself flagged this way!


Oh sorry, I didn't realize.


But that makes it impractical!
How much more should I pay? what if slightly more was not enough?!
I think blocktrades should find a better solution for this. I am willing to pay a little bit more and get a certain result.

Thanks, I did not know you can make payments this way with blocktrades.
Good to know.


Or you could just use Tor for free.


Not sure how true this is but someone said that when they used the Tor browser while participating in an ICO, they were hacked and lost a lot of Ether. So be wary of using the Tor browser.


That doesn't sound true.


It is, several online wallets were affected by that as well. If i'am not mistaken it was done via "ssl downgrading" which is possible as the tor nodes act as a proxy and the person who controls the proxy can fiddle with your traffic. It is not per se insecure but you definitely need to keep your eyes open.


Thank you @fleuri. That was new and useful info.

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Great post!

Great post! Thank you for sharing.


ya it is really great post

It can also be paid using Payza Mastercard, a debit card that accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for payment... I receive my Payza prepaid card after 8 weeks...


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That's pretty cool, I might have to try this. I like trying new things.

This is a new science in the world of coin in this case is bitcoin, with this information will make it easier for internet users to buy VPN through SBD exchange with VPN.
Thanks for the information, this information is very useful for everyone VPN users including myself also use VPN.
Thank you for the information @kingscrown and @blocktrades
My greetings from @ihsan19


Government war on privacy and cash continues.

This is a new science in the world of coin in this case is bitcoin, with this information will make it easier for internet users to buy VPN through SBD exchange with VPN.
Thanks for the information, this information is very useful for everyone VPN users including myself also use VPN.
Thank you for the information @kingscrown and @blocktrades
My greetings from @ ihsan19

This is a new science in the world of coin in this case is bitcoin, with this information will make it easier for internet users to buy VPN through SBD exchange with VPN.
Thanks for the information, this information is very useful for everyone VPN users including myself also use VPN.
Thank you for the information @kingscrown and @blocktrades
My greetings from @frankeisten

hi @kingscrown
im very happy to see post like that but i want to ask somone and i cant find how so maby you can help me i realy want to know what is upvote power and how i can make that i will have more power and all that im trying to look but i cant find something that can expline this so if you have something i will be happy to read it thank ahed

Great tutorial...

You can buy VPN with STB but are you down with OPP?


Yea you know me...


hahaah ,,, funny

Thank you for this post @kingscrown I am new here on Steemit and this weas very useful since I just got my first $5 in SBD

Thank you so much!

Very Slick!

Not only can you use Steemit via Bitcoin to acquire a VPN, several services now accept GIFT CARDS as payment.

Remember to keep yourself safe and never trust a free VPN service for anonymity purposes.

Be sure to check out Private Internet Access or another similiar provider if you want to use ca$h -> gift card -> VPN service which is also a secure method to increase your internet safety.

I post regularly about Steemit, Bitcoin and other crypto related material, check out my Steemit page and follow and VOTE UP for the fastest active news you can run with! :D

Thank you,

Jeffrey Anderson
Editor in Chief
The Anderson Report
@cryptoNEWScoins on Twitter



That's a nice pic!

Great post as always KINGSCROWN! 100% UPVOTE!

If anyone follows through with buying and VPN and wants a coupon code, you can use my referal link :D https://traceless.me/ref/97c259d4db


This is a helpful comment so I gave you a little boost in hopes to get more recognition! Thanks for sharing :)


I got an account with their service already, is it still possible to go through your link retrospectively. I can only recommend the service of Traceless.

Great tips!

Cool deal!

Does this slow your internet down?are you applying vpn at the router? I use hidemyass, and my internet slows to a crawl, which i find frustrating. @kingscrown, what is your experience with internet speed and Traceless vpn?


dont use them, they have history of sharing logs with gov/police...https://yro.slashdot.org/story/11/09/25/0415213/hidemyasscom-doesnt-hide-logs-from-the-fbi
VPN does slow down a bit but choose country near you to make things better if needed


@kingscrown , look familar?????????


I flagged it. I'm pretty sure you aren't double posting as Sameer Kumar lol


wow good find!


What did @cheetah say?


What!? Ok, well that defeats the purpose of anonymity. Thanks! I will pass the message on to friends and family that I got to use it a few years back ...haha. Also, a big thx for the post and response!


King it's a residential IP?


Also eats up my battery but I guess it's worth it.


I get fullspeed with Traceless VPN and I got a 100k DSL connection so it is pretty fast. Not sure how it performs with a Gigabit connection but I can't afford that anyway lol.
You shouldn't use Hidemyass, they are crappy and log connection data, which Traceless also doesn't do.


This is so nice! Thanks for the information

I like your posts you just got a new follower :)

Every body accept Bitcoin as payment , now a days

awwesome and very informative post! I never thought about paying with SBD, now I know how.
please upvote, reply resteem and follow @victorvazco

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nice pos man, please follow me @martunisa

I was searching for a good VPN and poof here is is. Steemit did it again! Thank @kingscrown


another great VPN is HMA Pro VPN. Its called Hide My Ass Pro VPN. Super easy to use, and fair price.

Really i did not know tha?.i directly go to blocktrades...but now i know..i got my SBD also very low..when i earn alot i will try this one..thanks bro @kingscrown

I love seeing that Bitcoin option. Awesome way to boost our online cash flow and with more merchants accepting it, a viable way to pay for valued services.

good guide, upvote :)

amazing .. thank for step by step

What is the difference in using a VPN as opposed to a proxy?

Very well I'll do it!!!

Awesome, thanks for the info. Like others on here, I wasn't aware you could buy directly with SBD, and BTC is still fairly limited for this kind of thing in my experience.

woah i did not know that u can directly convert any cryptocurrency to normal currency ......thanks man great article

Try ipvanish.com. Works great! They accept Bitcoin and don't save logs. You get coverage for both cell and desktop.

Thank you for sharing this information..i didnt know we can buy this directly...hahah....thankkss

Good post!
Thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing upvoted, resteemed and followed you

Very useful for certain people wishing to purchase EOS.... https://steemit.com/eos/@res/eos-price-is-about-to-rise

I vote this thanks for the info

nice post ..

i'll try this guide to next week, thank you boss.

This is very very good news. I really buy it

Thank for your sharing . nice post @kingscrown

Thanks for this supeb knowledge

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Thanks for letting us know the process for the same.

@kingscrown, this is sweet! I'm going to check it out! @lank

nice, i will do that thaks. I follow you

Dang this post kind of saved me haha

Thanks, I did not know you can make payments this way with blocktrades.
Good to know.

Thanks for sharing very good information...

Thank you for the tutorial ... finally I able to watch HULU+ outside the US ..... great !!!

I haven't directly had contact with blocktrades , now I'll know what to do


Yeah, it is pretty slick! I tested it out when I forst joined


I use Bittrex normally but did use BlockTrades once which helps.

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Raise me up too if you can, i really need to make it out here. Thanks. Its nice coming across this post it is informing and educative.

Great that Steem is getting much more acceptable and can be used to purchase almost anything.

Thanks for this important information.

muy interesante

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Nice tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Anyway, if I used VPN from different countries to browse and upload new post to Steemit, will there be any problem with my account?

Very nice @kingscrown, I need to learn a lots. Best regard @taufik.abdsyam

Traceless Site - has IKEv2 support, good to know :)
BTW. Great tutorial!


They have the widest range of protocols I have seen among vpn providers. It was nice to use shadowsocks when I went to china a few weeks ago as it is not blocked by the big firewall heh

Nice trick!!

nice post
I upvoted you,please lock up my post too and dont forget to upvote me

I want to buy vpn but unfortunately do not have bitcoin. I hope we will be friends

thanks for info

That's awesome info and I guess that's applicable not just to VPS services but pretty much any merchant that accepts BTC.

Thank you so much for info !

Thanks I just learned what a VPN is !

Great information.

Nice post, didn't know that before..

Thank you for sharing

Nice tutorial. I travelled to China and decided to go for ExpressVPN. Felt good that I was able to buy it with Bitcoin.

That's a cool way.. Thanks for posting...

nice post brother...

Dear author. I read your messages and I liked your thoughts. Therefore, it would be interesting to know your opinion about the next draft https://steemit.com/project/@skripi76/project-kit

thank you so much, i have problem with it but now i think a learn it :)

thank you for this helpful tips sir.

I bought one but then got rid of it because netflix wouldn't work with one haha

Thank you for this information

This is great to see some practical uses for your steem. There more of these you can have in the future the more the value of steem will continue to rise. Thanks for the help @kingscrown

I just use HotSpot Shield :)

thanks for information.. I follow you

This is amazing how you can buy a VPN with crypto.
I hope more sites adopt this.
I'll look into this, thank you @kingscrown! :)

Thanks for this post I will resteem this ^_^

It is good work congratulations...Great post.

Oh wow, you can do that with Blocktrades? This is going to be very useful, especially at times when I don't already have bitcoin.

I do wish ShapeShift would bring back SBD functionality. I have more familiarity with them.

OMG man!! Are you from Romania?

Hey, thanks good to know.

Im asking myself if this is
kosher !? will make more
verification to go with it
in the future.

Thanx STeemOn