FUN & RISE Getting Delisted from Bittrex

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---= FunFair =---

FUN is a casino industry token made on Etheruem network. Bittrex has decided to drop it at 7th February.


Luckily we also have Binance for it, so there is where im moving my coins trading to trade some arbitrages.

---= Rise =---

This is pretty much a clone of LISK and losing Bittrex (and possibly Upbit) will really hurt.


Bittrex Markets

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Funfair surprises me a bit about it being delisted, Rise not so much

WTF!!! This is surprising... I feel like Bittrex is starting to delist a lot of assets... Rise is a great project and I am shocked to be honest!!! All I have to say is Bitcoin to 1million..... LOL

is a great project and I am shocked

Bittrex has made some surprising delisting moves lately, last one that shocked me was MYST.

Wow, I didn't even realize that they delisted MYST.

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Did bittrex gave any reason for delisting RISE?

No clue, looked into it and no one has any ideas, some people are blaming the airdrops but I don't think that would really be the case here. Their dev team seems pretty unresponsive on social media and only now says they'll put up some code? Lots of red flags in general, might have just been a quick copy paste pump and dump.

Helicopter money, i think Rise are doing some airdropping of Rise into Rise wallets, which i believe is against bittrex policies while youre listed.

Not a fan of either token...

Going by your blog posts alone I conclude that bittrex is a better choice than binance.
Did bittrex ever freeze customers' funds like binance did with steem?

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if it is doing for good we should welcome it

All these centralized exchanges are coming to a dead end. Why don't you use Bitshares @kingscrown. It's decentralized and you can peg other cryptos to it as assets..

You trust Bitshares? After their partnership with Arisebank? A fool and his money are soon parted.

I like Bitshares and trust no1, but the Holy Spirit. Thanks @davebrewer. I'm going to do my research on Arisebank. I'm not aware of this partnership you've mentioned here, but shoutout for the response my sir..

They will delist Bitcoin next. LOL

And they are removing Funfair just a day before the official launch on the ICE conference. Talk about timing...

No surprise if the price remains almost steady for a period of time.

das wird nicht der einzige sein, der weg kommt. Ging der Coin ja immer tiefer...

Thank you for your post, this is great!

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Yeah I am surprised about FUN, I only hold a few hundred... might even drop em for a time. I would imagine its perceived value will go down with the bittrex drop.

thank you
fun is a eating every minds

Holy cow thanks for letting me know just offloaded all my rise tokens phew haven’t checked Bittrex in a while.

Thanks for providing funfair news, many people are found surprised as it being delisted and its surprise me too.

I think someday will come when we will reproduce neonates using the blockchain technology....😁

In the the next few days game will rise!!

You can also use exodus wallet via shapeshift to get funfair, but fees sucks😑

@kingscrown... I actually sold my FUN yesterday on Bittrex for more STEEM . Was this a bad move? What do you think the potential for FUN is realistically, i'm very curious to hear what you think and why???

Just outstanding post sir Woooooooonderful......:) Thanks for sharing with us

Just goes to show you be careful what you invest in, I am glad they are cracking down, if you are new stick with the top ten coins on Binance first.

Some specific information why they are dropping it? Just curious!

annoying as hell

Thank you infonya and please permission to follow you

The rise not much i think

Anyway am new to steemit also
I now have my introduction post
Please check up

I actually think that fundamentally, they have one of the brightest futures in crypto by solving the real world problem of transparency in online gaming.

What is the go with FunFair being delisted at Bittrex? Interested in your opinion.

Bittrex has legal problems with gov. They delist anything that doesn't comply with gov's rules. See bitshares for examble.

Hmm but I would have thought that any coin being delisted would be given a chance to comply and it would be in their best interest to do so. I wonder what the specifics with FunFair are.

A very good information @kingscrown, I do not know about FUN, I just know about Bittrex sediking, because I do not really understand about steemit, I will follow your post continuously, so that I can learn about steemit. Thank you for sharing this very helpful information.

@kingscrown excellent news, I will look forward to the launch moment. regards

I think it's great they're cleaning up the exchanges. More people will be attracted to cryptos if they're less shady :D

I've been here a couple months and the insincerity is the first thing that stood out. There are people who share thoughtful comments and you can tell they're just trying to get a vote, but at least they put some time and effort into what they're saying.

The group that bugs me are basically e-beggars with lazy, low-effort "thank you for posting"-type content. It's like chicks fishing for compliments and attention on Insta, but instead of putting SOME work into a cute photo they just snap a pic of themselves laying in bed, messed up hair and face pushed back showing off the double chin.

arbitrage between exchanges? Fair warning, Binance charges basically $10 per withdrawal so you won't make anything moving it in and out unless using much larger amounts.

If steem is a portion of his holdings I don't think he'll have any issues with the trading friction you're talking about. His bigger issue would be cashing out in a crisis scenario with large amounts in each exchange.

Hold a decent bag of FUN !! So excited to see how they go this year once product is released !!

Any good reason why they are dropping Fun

Whoops - I missed this .... I still had some RISE on Bittrex . How do I get it out ????

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Honestly I am not that suprised considering that bittrex already has a ton of coins on it.

Marc Cuban also supported a company that is making crypto currency for online game industry. Is it doing well?? @kingscrown.

Thanks for te information! I have some fun on bittrex, so i will move it away :)

I really love your daily news! Just wanted to say thank you! :)

Very Impressive post sir
Thanks to inform us ...................................@Upvoted................................

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