Electron Cash 4.0.2 released for Windows, Mac and Linux

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It has CashShuffle built in, now you can make anon BCH transactions easily.

Other stuff with more tech description:

  • Set the gap limit for change from 6 to 20. This is because we realized CashShuffle wallets already behave as if the gap limit were 12 (reserving addresses as they shuffle). We just made it official. (Mark Lundeberg)
  • Added BIP38 private key support. You can create an import wallet, import private keys, or sweep private keys using BIP38. In either of those 3, specify a mix of WIF and/or BIP38 keys and you will be prompted to enter the password to decrypt the BIP38 keys in question, 1 at a time. (#1289) (cculianu)
  • Added Windows CLI support if running from cmd.exe or WindowsPowerShell (previously the console output was always mute even if running with -v -- it only worked for msys, mingw, cygiwn, etc, but not normal Windows console). (#1295) (Axel Gembe)
  • Windows: Make console no longer flash on startup (#1294) (Axel Gembe)
  • Fix to minor esoteric/rare bug in CashShuffle where it may be overzealously freezing receiving addresses with non-shuffle outputs on them. (#1291) (cculianu)
  • Ledger HW Wallet: Remove non-working websocket 2FA for legacy ledger devices (#1298) (Axel Gembe)
  • Ledger HW Wallet: Added support for OP_RETURN and also multiple transaction outputs (on devices that support it). Code mainly taken from Electrum but adapted and modified by us. (Axel Gembe)
  • Added Linux AppImage builds -- these builds are self-contained binaries with everything rolled into a single file. It should make it much easier for Linux users not wishing to install dependencies to simply run Electron Cash. Based off Electrum's implementation, with our own customizations. (cculianu)
  • OSX: Made the DMG release use a "fancy" dmg with graphics and a symlink to /Applications as is customary on macOS. (cculianu)
  • Lib: Fixed a potential crash bug if the server sends bad data to the client. (cculianu)
  • Deprecated support for Python 3.5. Electron Cash now requires Python 3.6+.
  • CLI: Added -x/--disable_preferred_servers command-line option (#1222) (cculianu)
  • CLI: encrypt/decrypt commands were broken. They are now working. (#1270) (cculianu)
  • Disabled all fee estimates in the codebase. They are useless on BCH anyway and were a holdover from our BTC roots. BCH tx's always confirm next block if they pay the minimum 1.0 sats/B fee anyway. Fee estimates are not needed. Also disabled the "Estimated confirmation time:" label from the > - Transaction Dialog winow. This is not informative either for similar reasons. (cculianu)
  • Hardened build system against dependency vulnerabilities (cculianu)
  • Fixed bug when Coins -> "Spend" and you right-click in the Send tab's coins area. (#1269) (Mark Lundeberg)
  • Winows: Added some missing OpenGL libs to the built package. Qt will now use OpenGL or fall back to ANGLE (GL -> D3D translation layer) or software rendering. The fallbacks help with buggy drivers. (cculianu, Axel Gembe)
  • Fixed Tx Dialog breaking on esoteric scriptsigs (#1263) (Mark Lundeberg)
    Strip whitespace when copying various right-click -> "Copy Amount" to the clipboard. (cculianu)

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