Discounted Coins Again - Here is What To Look At IMO!

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Of course DYOR (google if you dont know what it means) but if you follow me, this is not the first time it happened and then coins kicked up back and multiplied your BTC and USD. I see no reason why it wouldnt happen now.

So instead of panic enjoy cheap coins.

Here is some of my picks that look good now and small reasons behind them.

Top Gainers

GAS got added to Poloniex, means NEO will be also added sooner or later. I made tutorial here in previous post on how to mine GAS with NEO. Anyways GAS and NEO look like good buys. DCR i would wait for dump but its on the targets list.

Top Losers

Here actually whole list looks like a good buy. Decide yourself.

Out of Top Buys

This are not top losers or winners but also good ones imo.

  • STEEM - we will have HF20 soon it may pimp up the price.
  • EXCL - undervaluated looking on marketcap
  • SUMO - this may be interesting in near future
  • BAT - this has to pump like crazy at some point
  • MUSIC - good concept, lets see how it goes
  • SC - this has good technology, undervauluated
  • LTC - the black horse, it will pump and it will pump hard when it does
  • XZC - original Zerocash technology
  • TRIG - will burn many coins tommorow


Not mine, seen online. Bitcoin trading today is best with leverage ie or so.

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can we get more informations about the Steem hardfork HF20 ?

And don't you fucking forget the GOLOS hardfork either! ;) We're brothers.

IDK what that is - but this is the ballsiest comment I have seen on steemit/

Are you saying you had no idea what Golos was?

Hadn't a clue.. Looks like russian steemit? There is only half a million things to keep track of in the cryptoverse... Hmm -when I click on English button - absolutely nothing changes ...

Yes, exactly! I am a believer in the bright future of Golos as the team works very intimately with the community, and the people in there are more disciplined than those of Steemit; there's almost no spam, and if there is, the Golosians just flag it all. I would recommend looking into it as I see it going very far soon. Probably above $1 dollar in 2018. Don't trust me; do the research yourself ;)

Oh, and you've gotta change language from here:

I like the word "golosian" very much.
I also like things that cost $0.094615 - and Golos Gold is a cool idea to tie it all together.

But still i press in vain on the english button - and see only russian.

And yet another great opportunity presents itself.

But do you manage to change at least the interface language? Because that should work. The posts won't change as the people who post content are Russian and only post in Russian. Although, you could open the whole page in Google Chrome and press translate page which will give you a somewhat decent understanding of what they're saying, so you could try that! Definitely worth it!

we want more information about the Steem hardfork.

Everyone is waiting to know when Steem Hard Fork 20 is going to be implemented.

just watch main steemit accounts and @ned etc

I've just bought a few things on this red day - like you I've started to see such days as an opportunity

i also buy your product.

Cool Man! All the best, let's wait and see some good results.

I posted a much more detailed analysis yesterday and showed you how to profit from it. The results are in I nailed it. This general info is not that valuable to me @kingscrown. You can check anytime and get suggestions for shitcoins anywhwere. I do like XZC and STEEM though.

Man Thanks for sharing your methods and predictions. I am just starting out so I am soaking all the valid information up.

kingscrown never replies, just posts as far as I know

these daily super short posts are annoying tbh. Steemit incentivizes lots of top authors to just post something, anything every day. As long as it's not total garbage and offers some tiny amount of value, people will still follow him. But of course most people are upvoting just to get the curation rewards.

Yeah, I wish we voted more responsibly. People voting purely for curation rewards is a big reason this keeps happening. I vowed to never do that again recently and my curation rewards are hitting ATHs anyway. Upvote what you actually find value in people!

anyway, gave you a full upvote @richardcrill, good to see someone offering real value and putting the time in

...that wasn't humor. That was a biatch cooont.

Cheap coins or expensive ones? This could be the start of +year long bear trend. As @kingscrown said, decide for yourself but if you want to see more reasoning why the market will go down more see my post below.

Well, that's another way to see but then the last one year has proved that no matter what crypto will come up much better than what is was before it's fall.

See my post, it's all in there. This has happened before and will happen again. I'm well aware of the boom and bust cycles bitcoin goes through. They don't happen in 3 days, lol.

I saw your post and I doubt it will take a year to cme back. Maybe a month or three at max.

Let's see. I'll get back to you when new all time high is made :)

Sure. :) I'll be waiting too.

We need someone to build a reminder bot. Just like the one on Reddit. Hopefully someone with skills needed reads this.

Thanks for the info. I am just starting out so I am definitely learning.

thank you. I bought steem and ltc as not too familiar with the other coins

Congratulations @kingscrown you have done great its your fate although you have seen at other website you got the great result on the post.

Best of lu

I'd buy some of Hsrate if I had money, price was around $30.

2weeks ago, it was 30. Now it is 5dollars :D funny how things can change soo fast!

By the way, when if HF20?

We all are waiting for HF 20.

the dialogue killed it :D thanks for advice, I hope we will make some profit

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