Discounted Coins Again - Here is What To Look At IMO!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Of course DYOR (google if you dont know what it means) but if you follow me, this is not the first time it happened and then coins kicked up back and multiplied your BTC and USD. I see no reason why it wouldnt happen now.

So instead of panic enjoy cheap coins.

Here is some of my picks that look good now and small reasons behind them.

Top Gainers

GAS got added to Poloniex, means NEO will be also added sooner or later. I made tutorial here in previous post on how to mine GAS with NEO. Anyways GAS and NEO look like good buys. DCR i would wait for dump but its on the targets list.

Top Losers

Here actually whole list looks like a good buy. Decide yourself.

Out of Top Buys

This are not top losers or winners but also good ones imo.

  • STEEM - we will have HF20 soon it may pimp up the price.
  • EXCL - undervaluated looking on marketcap
  • SUMO - this may be interesting in near future
  • BAT - this has to pump like crazy at some point
  • MUSIC - good concept, lets see how it goes
  • SC - this has good technology, undervauluated
  • LTC - the black horse, it will pump and it will pump hard when it does
  • XZC - original Zerocash technology
  • TRIG - will burn many coins tommorow


Not mine, seen online. Bitcoin trading today is best with leverage ie or so.

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can we get more informations about the Steem hardfork HF20 ?

And don't you fucking forget the GOLOS hardfork either! ;) We're brothers.

IDK what that is - but this is the ballsiest comment I have seen on steemit/

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Are you saying you had no idea what Golos was?

Hadn't a clue.. Looks like russian steemit? There is only half a million things to keep track of in the cryptoverse... Hmm -when I click on English button - absolutely nothing changes ...

Yes, exactly! I am a believer in the bright future of Golos as the team works very intimately with the community, and the people in there are more disciplined than those of Steemit; there's almost no spam, and if there is, the Golosians just flag it all. I would recommend looking into it as I see it going very far soon. Probably above $1 dollar in 2018. Don't trust me; do the research yourself ;)

Oh, and you've gotta change language from here:

I like the word "golosian" very much.
I also like things that cost $0.094615 - and Golos Gold is a cool idea to tie it all together.

But still i press in vain on the english button - and see only russian.

And yet another great opportunity presents itself.

But do you manage to change at least the interface language? Because that should work. The posts won't change as the people who post content are Russian and only post in Russian. Although, you could open the whole page in Google Chrome and press translate page which will give you a somewhat decent understanding of what they're saying, so you could try that! Definitely worth it!

we want more information about the Steem hardfork.

Everyone is waiting to know when Steem Hard Fork 20 is going to be implemented.

just watch main steemit accounts and @ned etc

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

I've just bought a few things on this red day - like you I've started to see such days as an opportunity

i also buy your product.

Cool Man! All the best, let's wait and see some good results.

I posted a much more detailed analysis yesterday and showed you how to profit from it. The results are in I nailed it. This general info is not that valuable to me @kingscrown. You can check anytime and get suggestions for shitcoins anywhwere. I do like XZC and STEEM though.

Man Thanks for sharing your methods and predictions. I am just starting out so I am soaking all the valid information up.

kingscrown never replies, just posts as far as I know

these daily super short posts are annoying tbh. Steemit incentivizes lots of top authors to just post something, anything every day. As long as it's not total garbage and offers some tiny amount of value, people will still follow him. But of course most people are upvoting just to get the curation rewards.

Yeah, I wish we voted more responsibly. People voting purely for curation rewards is a big reason this keeps happening. I vowed to never do that again recently and my curation rewards are hitting ATHs anyway. Upvote what you actually find value in people!

anyway, gave you a full upvote @richardcrill, good to see someone offering real value and putting the time in

...that wasn't humor. That was a biatch cooont.

Cheap coins or expensive ones? This could be the start of +year long bear trend. As @kingscrown said, decide for yourself but if you want to see more reasoning why the market will go down more see my post below.

Well, that's another way to see but then the last one year has proved that no matter what crypto will come up much better than what is was before it's fall.

See my post, it's all in there. This has happened before and will happen again. I'm well aware of the boom and bust cycles bitcoin goes through. They don't happen in 3 days, lol.

I saw your post and I doubt it will take a year to cme back. Maybe a month or three at max.

Let's see. I'll get back to you when new all time high is made :)

Sure. :) I'll be waiting too.

We need someone to build a reminder bot. Just like the one on Reddit. Hopefully someone with skills needed reads this.

bet on it.

Thanks for the info. I am just starting out so I am definitely learning.

thank you. I bought steem and ltc as not too familiar with the other coins

Congratulations @kingscrown you have done great its your fate although you have seen at other website you got the great result on the post.

Best of lu

I'd buy some of Hsrate if I had money, price was around $30.

2weeks ago, it was 30. Now it is 5dollars :D funny how things can change soo fast!

By the way, when if HF20?

We all are waiting for HF 20.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

the dialogue killed it :D thanks for advice, I hope we will make some profit

Thank you for updating us with the stats. I just checked the stats, and I feel that it is the right time to invest in a few crypto currencies.

Maybe I will put in some money in Bitcoin, LTC, and ETC, and then I will just wait and watch the prices go up. I hope the Chinese thing will not burst the bitcoin/crypto bubble anytime soon. I heard that China has banned ICOs and many other countries are following them.

Top 3 alt coins to buy anyone? Mine

  1. SAFEX
  2. TenX
  3. OMG

What do you think? I might try others let me know a few more...


What you think of BitShares, it had a hard beating in the China ban debacle?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


Why would you not just say Do Your Own Research instead of typing "google if you dont know what it means"
your typing 8 words instead of 4 and making people waste their time to look it up when you could tell them in 1 second

exactly, we can always google everything so why doing a post at all?

I agree, everything is on Google and there's no point in writing any post, but wonder if everyone thinks the same and no one writes, Google won't be as fun as it is now.

Completely True. Someone has to write or there will be nothing to post. The more posts the more information.

He teaches something by this way, you will see more DYOR in the crypto world than the full words.

we all know what will happen. this is just a discount time.

Buying now thinking that coins are cheap is like buying a lotery ticket. Bottoms are almost imposible to pick, but buying in the down trend is risky, it could go down even further. It is better to see the trend changing from bear to bull and then wait for a buying signal (or a couple of them). You will not buy at the bottom either but it will be less of a bet than buying on the down trend. Remember "The trend is your friend".

According to my technical analysis we could see a rebound from this levels, may be up to 3600 and then it will go down again. That is the short term. On the medium term we could be completing Elliot Wave 4 which means that only Wave 5 left before a long term bear market starts.

Here is my technical analysis

There was this situation before few years ago where LTC was for 50 bucks and then I dropped hard when at one time it was for 1,50$ and many altcoins were forgotten. If you really want to buy cheap then wait until everyone will forget about crypto once again and many crypto will be nearly worthless. Investing in something when everyone talks about it is almost always bad.


Agreed, especially if someone is telling you how you should diversify your portfolio. Again, be careful guys! Crypto is wild wild west.

great news! cheap coins!

I think SBD is at a bargain price for the short term. It is at 80 cents approximately. It is almost guaranteed that it will come back to $1.

So that is +20% easy money.

I wish I had some money to buy somw Steem.

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Thank you. I hope Pocket will soon have some value. :)

Siacoin will rise!
Thanks for posting :)

Shitttt, I hope so

lol I think everyone and their mom hopes so! ROFL

Lol, if only my mom knew about cryptos hehe

Oh trust me...she hears me talk about it on the DAILY ROFL

It better!


Get some Neblio

Thanks for that analysis

Best Text Message Conversation of The Day HAHAHA

Yesterday one of my friend who has spent about $200 on Bitcoin was feeling anxious about the Bitcoin price fall. He was sending me links of the articles containing the Morgan, RBI and few other self analysts who claim Bitcoin is a bad investment.
I said to him not to worry, and shared the article that you shared here yesterday, in which you explained how the FUD in China market has taken down the price. He seems to be half convinced now, and your article was a help. If he sends me more links today, maybe I will share this one with him. :)
Thanks, keep sharing.

humor about bitcoin and dad is awesome :)

i like the cheap steem and bitcoin was great last week - i will look into buying a small amount of one new coin listed above -many thanks

@kingscrown I am biding my time before I begin buying. Thanks for the information. I enjoyed the texting image.

nice one , you r new exchanger in the market register to earn form commissions now

All things considered, that is another approach to see yet then the most recent one year has demonstrated that regardless of what crypto will come up much superior to anything what is was before it's fall.

You R totally amazing

I like chat's pic 😂

Thankyou for sharing @kingscrown. .

Thanks for updating dear, Possibly I will put in some cash in Bitcoin,

ETH, and ETC, and afterward I will simply hold up and watch the costs go up. I trust the Chinese thing won't burst the bitcoin/crypto bubble at any point in the near future.

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that's for damn sure... and be sure to recalculate after the market sucks wind this fall !

That image you posted summarises it all!!

Today I made this post to say why there is a bright future ahead for the cryptos, not only Bitcoin. Maybe you will find it interesting! Already following you! Cheers!

where is OMG, tenX in your list?

That time when you should stay awake most of the time and check out ...what changes was made !!!I know this from my boyfriend.other people might not understand ..but if you really want bussniss with cryptocurrency need to be aware and carefully all the time...☺

Very informative! Thanks for your efforts on updating us with the current stats. Can you tell us more about the next Hard Fork? @kingscrown

While I recommended to buy BTC $1990 - $2300

Good post
Good morning

haha great little text back and i feel with my girl all the time!

God blessed dear
Great Job

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Bitcoin could only be defeated if every node everywhere was taken offline and every ISP everywhere was forced to block communication with the network.

Not gonna happen.

And the value of Bitcoin is not in terms of fiat currency. It's in terms of how it can be used to fuel an economy that is still in development.

Eventually digital services will run absolutely every aspect of day to day life. Cryptos are the only really economically rational solution to easy, seamless, fast and efficient transfer of value between consumer and producer in a digital economy.

Short term thinking fuels fear.

Trig looks good; it went up based on the news of burning 70% of its total coins and then dumped within the past 2 days. Verge looks good and its only 1c currently; aka 170 satoshi. Other worthy mentionables are rise, nav, omg, iota and eos.


Syscoin and RISE will blow soon!

Waiting for the HF 20 impatiently!

Really great joke at the end. Made my Friday XD


You gotta HODL, cryptocurrencies are quite volatile. HODL! HODL! HODL!

BTFD! (google if you dont know what it means :-)
But are you sure it is the dip?


What is HF20?


My favorite from the above list is Tether and Ark.

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Again upvoting your post.. :)

hahah that convo though :D btw time to buy some :D

At least now I know what to invest in, this will go a king way in stopping people from FUDding.

SC looking really good to me right now.

I can't help but think Siacoin may be a great option for a quick turn around on profits. With the price currently at 1/3 of a cent and the coin hitting 2 cents in the recent past, I feel like buying now and putting a sell order at $.01 I'd a good bet to nearly triple your invest in the next month or so. Thanks for pointing out some other useful info and potential investments, good info as always.

I have followed you, thanks information about bitcoin. Although the current hot information of China will ban bitcoin, but we are optimistic.
follow me @kingscrown

Great list. I love Omisego too.

great information. There is something in your writing, which forced me to read my new writers repeatedly

I hope so I would love to see steem get a nice boost , I personally am banking hard on Waves if they update their Dex and make it good , I see them overtaking ETH, look at all the ICO issues, hackers changing the addresses, Waves client mitigates that and makes creating custom tokens a breeze

Great post. I look forward to reading more of your content.

That's why we should save money for crises.

I'm planning on buying Steem and Bitquence, crap too late they both climbed in last hour, will wait for weekend, I'm sure another article will come out slamming crypto currencies to try to kill the market.

But how actually steem hardfork H20 can be stopped. I am actually worried about the BTC which is being banned and also being traded in many of countries. Actually its mixed and also confused me for future investments.

Haha made me laugh this morning! Thanks! Always good with some humor in the morning☺

they are likely to go even lower before they rise again, we have just entered a bearish market

hmm nyc post . i think this is the best time to invest in cryptocurrency. i mean only in top currencies
yes or not ?

there is always a risk.

Join Regalcoin ICO...

Register here:

It's hard but in the end they all understand

That was a really clever way of opening up your post.

Damn. I'm solely upvoting your post for that reason c:

Buy buy buy. An opportunity for sure!

I like the LTC comment, totally agree on it, it will pump SO HARD with lightning implemented and released. Upvoted and followed (: Crypto ON!!

Thank you for sharing, really very informativ.

The triggers website says they will burn ~70,000,00 coins but coinmarketcap says that only 32,105,593 coins exist. I'm a bit confused on TRIG.

Its a very helpful post,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thanks for this. I was looking for buying options in the market. Too many to choose from!

Very insightful post. I look forward to reading more of your content in the future.

@kingscrown, very informative and valuable updates with statistic of cryptocurrency uou shared with us, thanks for that

Thanks for this post. It is very informative. I am just starting out and need all the valid info I can get.

That text exchange is classic!
The window of low low prices closed quick!

Wow.. I am learning more from your posts. Thank u.

Great post @kingscrown

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can we get more informations about the Steem hardfork HF20 ?

My LTCs are looking good when I got them on the dip. 👏👏👏

thanks for sharing :)

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Yes, now is a great time to buy a crypt. I want to buy more and more tokens, but I do not have enough money for everything :(

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