Bored of Taxes? BCH Can Help You Run Away From Them

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You can like this coin or not but they are getting more and more cool things.
Lately, they raised block size and got some cool services working with them and now you can get Antiguan Citizenship by paying with Bitcoin Cash.

This is said to be done by Coingeek who runs CIP program for the country.

This specific Citizenship by Investment Program has been devised by Calvin Ayre – who has the official role as the Bitcoin Envoy for Antigua.
These CIP units from us can only be paid for in Bitcoin (BCH); which the government of Antigua recognizes as the only real Bitcoin and the worlds most scalable and flexible cryptocurrency.

From what i read you can be accepted as individuals or with family. As citizens, you can travel without visa to 132 countries and there is no personal income tax in Antigua.

From what i read it costs around 100 000 USD to get it. Obviously the offer is a bit of aadvertisement for the company and we dont know exact rules to be accepted for the program.

Markets Overview

China really loves BCH. Keep that in mind.

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Since they cant totally stop btc, they just simply resort to tax btc 🤣

If anyone claims a way to help you "run away from taxes" please consult with a tax professional before trying it out.

You need to be avoiding a lot of tax for the $100k fee to be worth it. Most places are taxing bitcoin as a capital gain not income anyway (unless you are paid in it or mining it).

The only thing ill run away is from bch.

@kingscrown Is this like one of those Prince of Africa scams?

@bitcoinflood @fow I'm really on the fence about Bitcoin Cash. Stopped following Roger Ver on Twitter, because he was flooding my feed with outrageous claims.

@sames Agreed, I would respect it more.

I compared Bitcoin Cash to Litecoin in yesterdays article: Charlie Lee (Litecoin) chats about fungibility and the Lightning Network

No Bitcoin Core shenanigans here...

There's also metrics. The interviewer gave a compliment, and Charlie Lee liked it. Check out:

I wrote about Bitcoin Cash earlier: Does Bitcoin Cash even have a scalability problem to solve?

Just another empty BCH propaganda... BTC can do everything BCH can

Bitcoin already has all this going for it lol you can pay for your rent etc with bitcoin in a few countries already. Sorry but BCH is just a stupid game with a total ass hat at the wheel

And worse the Bitcoin(BCH) marketing if they laid off that marketing-so many people would respect the coin more...

Plus you can buy citizenship with so Island nation with Bitcoin aka BTC.

Roger ver is Jesus tho? 😂🤣

Bitcoin Core has high fees and is unreliable. Bitcoin Cash is moving forward and is surpassing Bitcoin Core technologically.

Sure it is-just increase the blocks am i right?

pay 100k to miss out on taxes, how rich do you think we are haha

apparently one cent richer!

if you're talking about me upvoting myself then yes lol, i have lots of unused upvote power, here have an upvote, im sure a penny isnt much compared to the income you get from posting your brilliant comments you throw around on so many posts but Im sure youre well aware of that lol

Hello @kingscrown :)

Thank you for this priceless information.
I am the first to accept the citizenship :)
Looks like it would be the first "normal country" and now what I only need is this 100 000 of "green papers" and my dreams are fulfilled.
Come on guys - start throwing big "money" on me, so we all can get there (starting with those who have enough, and me in a second wave) :D

All the best, have a nice day, and see you on Antigua and Barbuda :)

PS: I have resteemed it in hope, that this little country can fit more than expected (my followers will appreciate it too - I hope).

Wow, I will make more research about the country. BCH is been widely accepted daily and numbers are increasing

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