Bitcoin is like Smoothie and BCH Exchanges Being Top1.

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

WTF is this guy talking about?

Well this is ad of Luno a top indonesian exchange or BTC and Ethereum.

And they keep it simple and cool, worth a watch. Known any other coool BTC ads? Post in comments!


Coinex exchange that dominates everything into BCH took top1 volume now. Interesting.

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Nice analogy..........rather we say a cute analogy :-)

For right now Steem is mooning and I am content...............

There is a long standing debate between different factions in the crypto community on the best way to handle certain technical aspects of Bitcoin (BTC). Last year Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created which is very similar to bitcoin but with the technical changes that were being debated, but this is all besides the point. Just know that BTC and BCH are different and some of the people who support one coin disagree with people who support the other.


BCH is a shit coin with shitty owners


Craig is Satoshi Nakamoto confirmed! 😛

I don't like BCH...


Most of us don't

congratulations sir, your post is great
But I really liked it