Bitcoin Diamond - Another HF with Chain Split for BTC?

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While B2X was canceled guy called BitPico (or group of people) decided they will still go on with the fork and split chain.

But today there was another HF with split announced for GPU miners (like Bitcoin Gold) called Bitcoin Diamond.

Bitcoin Diamond raised the block size limit to 8MB as part of a massive on-chain scaling approach. There is ample capacity for everyone's transactions. The speed of generating blocks will be increased five times and the ultimate goal is to improve transaction confirmation speed for the entire BTC blockchain.

Whats interesting is that they claim to have some exchanges listing support.

So i would say its still worth to keep your BTCs in wallets since we dont know how many splits and free coins can come out of this.

Lets check previous split chain - BCH/BCC

Will splits of BTC and popular coins become "the next ICO" hype? Time will tell.

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8mb? Can't these guys come up with something more original?? BCH already has 8mb you dumbshits.

I know right 😑

No more forks. I want my alts to rise!!!

I hope it forks 100 times. I like getting free coins.

Keep on forking! I could use all the free money I can get!

Time will tell. Wow and but so many split can all of this really help.
I tried once sending bch to exchange and it took me 6 hours plus to receive it.

bch is not meant to be fast it meant to be cheaper. Yes speed was also an issue but the fork was more over the fees

Guys there's something really cool going on RIGHT NOW

It's not a spam, it's a gift and you can thank me later.
Since I wrote it it's another 15% up.

LOL now BCH is over $1000 per coin. It is now more profitable to mine BitcoinCash than Bitcoin (for now).

That new b2x fork has probably only 5% of hashpower. It claims to be 30 but here is no way it could get it

when will people realise we can avoid this drama by sticking with Ethereum?

Posted a while back since ICOs where getting banned that "air drops" or how others call them hard forks will now be the wave of the future and here we are. Its going to be a huge freakin mess though seriously.

I believe today people got BTC confused with Bitcoin classic(which was a older hard fork from 2016)

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true that it be messy but free money. And in one way people buying bitcoin for these free coins and the fact many people will just be selling those coin for btc will give the new coins a fake (fait) value and actually increasing bitcoin prices by the fork coin to bitcoin trade. Confusing but true

The institutional and big money will flow in now that CME and CBOE along with LedgerX all have planned exchanges for options/futures. In the next year there is no chance that these new spins on BTC/improvements siphon off much investment . Institutional money will go with what is most known, is perceived the safest way to invest in crypto and the one that has the longest history: BTC. My guess is that it will take time for the big money to move onto alt coins. The truth is that there is already big inertia behind Bitcoin (BTC). I can't imagine some benefit big enough to slow this train down. Perhaps years down the road when BTC is more ubiquitous and there are major bottlenecks on the blockchain and high costs that drive a move to an alternative. My bet is you will continue to see BTC and its blockchain dominant with Etherium staying in second place since it was created to fix some things perceived as wrong with the Bitcoin blockchain.

I am with morseke1 on this, there is no way CME or any other big company is going to jump up and be like oh look Bitcoin Cash is faster and jump onboard. They are all going big on bitcoin and where bitcoin is headed, everything else is an alt coin.

yes you are right CME and CBOE are joining the game, however they might also sit aside and watch for a while what is happening with this uncertainty.

I'm starting to think people are hard forking just to hard fork. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. I'm sure a lot of people already lost faith in the B2X fork happening, but it would still be cool to see it happen. Very interesting info. I honestly just laughed when I saw bitcoin diamond. I'll still research it though.


That new b2x fork has probably only 5% of hashpower. It claims to be 30 but here is no way it could get it

The value to a hardfork, rather than creating a new alt-coin, is that it will be much more widely distributed- regardless of initial value. This distribution will create a market itself since the demand has been artificially boosted.

I also think that the wisest thing is to keep BTCs in our wallets, at least for a while...
Better safe than sorry😅 ...
I love your posts, you go straight to the point ... and although I am not an expert in cryptocurrencies, you have helped me to understand, and to make good decisions ..!
MANY THANKS!❤❤ @kingscrown
Greetings from Venezuela

Bitcoin gold then bitcoin diamond surely next will be bitcoin platinum .

What about Bitcoin Emerald and Bitcoin Ruby. Bitcoin is becoming Pokémon :-D!

Hey what about bitcoin shadow i even did a whole article on what could be added

The best part is this pokemon has real value

Hey what about bitcoin shadow i even did a whole article on what could be added

Sure I believe many forks are yet to come .

The strategy of having many Bitcoin forks is very interesting. Great for innovation but adds a level of confusion to the average person. I personally like the challenge/opportunity these upgrades present. Having only one Bitcoin would be boring.

Thank you again for an interesting article. Thank you for this.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Will the the real bitcoin please stand up !! Lol

Eminem's back! In case you didn't know.

Yup, Walk on water! Kind of a sad vibe. It makes you realize that it's not so easy being in the spotlight when everyone expects a lot from you

I'm sure it will, but this could actually lead to a bitcoin bubble.

Another fork = creation of money, one step closer to central banks practices !
Next in the list BTG~BTG ........ Where do we stop 10, 100, millions forks ?

Now they are just trying milk the block chain for money.

I keep telling people all day, it must be nice to be a whale that can throw billions of dollars back and forth and move the entire market how they see fit. End of the day there is only one way to create an alt coin and that is off the back of Bitcoin.

i like it your article...

buena publicación =)

I guess, hard forking and splitting is the new hype since ICOs became obsolete, people will always find ways to profit either for the benefit of many or few, but if this fork will give way to cheaper and faster transactions and generate revenue to miners and traders alike I guess we could say many will benefit from this hard fork. I just wonder what will happen to BTC value once it splits into this many forks. I guess we will just see the outcome once these splits takes place.

well icos are illegal in many places now or face more regulation but forks are new coins not raising money but gaining value by demand for the coin antheor way for some scammer to make money by offering free coins from forks. :)

Bitcoin top level work

Nice add me

just gonna leave it alone and sit back and watch....

Hey what about bitcoin shadow i even did a whole article on what could be added

Splitting is a way to create another shit coin that pullute the crypto ecosystem. However it also a way to create more free money.

well icos are illegal in many places now or face more regulation but forks are new coins not raising money but gaining value by demand for the coin antheor way for some scammer to make money by offering free coins from forks. :)

just when you thought you could relax... what the fork!

the fork has only 5% hashpower to back it up. The 30% they have is a bluff there no minrs that large in scale that support them.

bitcoin diamond somthing intersting im gonna start researching about it

I would have to say that the block size is a step in the right direction but its still a linear progression instead of a exponential one. I would be interested in seeing how that would affect bitcoin and the market as a whole. However, anything can happen and all that we know about bitcoin is really nothing because its still so much in its infancy just as block chain technology is. KiNgSup!

All those who are saying that we should make Bitcoin mineable with GPUs should look at other projects like Vertcoin. Asic resistant as well, in many ways far better than Litecoin and even Bitcoin.

bitcoin is a great way.nice post.yhank you

Nice work but its to short. if you do more work and this post is some long and detailed then its will bi great.

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I think with issues like this ICON will gain traction
Knowing fully well,in life,everybody will not agree

There's going to be like 20 coins soon with Bitcoin in the name. Not a good thing for Bitcoins overall image.

Bitcoin Diamond? Oh great!

Brother thanks for this. I am now even more confused though .. sigh .. So I purchased around $800 more bitcoin in anticipation for the segwit for is that now definitely cancelled and we are going to be seeing another fork off bitcoin gold if I understand you correctly or will the Diamond for come off bitcoin and if so when? Thanks for all the great work and updates. Cheer$;)


Sonuç olarak ne yapmamiz gerekir.

So many splits i can't even keep up with it anymore

These split will not help as you can see price of Bitcoin is dropping and Bitcoin Cash is hitting the new milestone and still counting.

really helpfull & learning blog thx for share👌👌

These hard forks on Bitcoin are harmful. They're taking away the concept that Bitcoins are limited to newcomers, as it seems one can just create a hard fork to add more, despite some of their differences.

Hm ... :( it looks like HF´s in 2018 for BTC will be the same as ICO´s in 2017 for ETH ...

Bitcoin Diamond? Oh great! Another cryptocurrency that I have to keep tabs on. There seems to be an endless number of them these days.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Why so many names, why not just call them Bitcoin1, Bitcoin2, ..., Bitcoin 100001 etc! LOL!

if they can make the transaction fast and easy then it would be worth a try for them. though the division of bitcoin may bring it to unpopularity. people are not ready for another change.


Great post as always @kingscrown. Upvoted !

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Looks like hard fork / chain split is trending now, even though this one is a joke.

Great post

Another pezzonovantes

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