Bitcoin Cash to Start Trading on Bitstamp Tommorow

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

Usually with adding new exchange there is a pump in price and if you are right on time you can take profits from it.
Bitstamp is one of the biggest EU exchanges, and one of top ones that i personally trust.

BitStamp Markets

They are top6 in volume of Bitcoin and now they confirmed adding BCH pairs.

Bitcoin Cash is currently top3 currency by Marketcap (after BTC and ETH) and is getting more and more exchanges and services to use it.

Bitcoin Cash Markets

Interesting to see HitBTC on top of volume, even above Bithumb which has no fees. I personally like to trade it between Bittrex and Binance.

BCash vs Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver one of big supporters of Bitcoin Cash lately got very made over guy calling Bitcoin Cash Bcash. There was loads of memes from it and such. Today one of Bitcoin Cash users wrote on reddit that he will make another fork of Bitcoin called Bcash with 0.3 mb blocks. This way forever calling Bitcoin Cash a Bcash will be stopped.

Then users found out Bcash project was already announced 2 months ago by guy claiming to be developer of other coins.


Remember you can trade BCH on the news with leverage using BitMEX and/or BitFinex.

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Probably it will get a surge of +$200 or so then ;)

boo those bunch of jerks

Interesting to see that Bitcoin Cash has dropped 60 USD since time of posting this article. Bitstamp is my most trusted exchange, interesting to see how this plays out.

Waiting for Coinbase in January!

I am going to buy some bitcoin cash.. seems like still cheap.. lets see what happen!

Thanks for this info. I was not aware. Seems I keep missing trades on bitcoin cash.

@kingscrown, what's your take on Bitcoin Gold? Do you think its price can soar in near future?

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Great Post! What will Bitcoin cash stable out at? Also, when will we have BCash?

Bitstamp is great platform for trading. It's good decision for listing the bitcash on

Good to know. Thanks kingscrown

Thanks for shared crypto info @kingscrwon (Resteemted)

La verdad los nuevos proyectos hasta ahora no se han terminado de consolidar Bitcoin Cash, en el ultimo mes logro recuperarse, pero aun no logra superar su maximo historico...saludos.

8 more hours from now. We'll see what happens to the price!

Why bitcoin is not yet recognized, but hundreds of companies in the world are already using bitcoins to transact. please clarify

Kenapa bitcoin secara negara belum diakui, tetapi ratusan perusahaan di dunia sudah menggunakan bitcoin untuk bertransaksi. mohon penjelasan

Good heads up, completely bullish on Bitcoin cash to begin with...I guess Roger Ver was successful to convince Bitstamp to pick it up. Cud dos to him, I'm ready to rake in the cash!

i love bitcoin

Great news for Bitcoin cash holders

Thanks for posting this, I don't have a current involvement in the coin but might in the future who knows.

I dont mind selling at a higher price!

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And soon we have the Petro cryptocurrency in this list, what do you think about ?

New to steemit😊. Follow for a follow back and like for a like back. Thank you very much

Great info,, i had looking for this, @kingscrown

thanx for this post

Good post

Salam dari @itikna09

Good article, I think bitcoin cash will boost. When you have ETH your are screwed today. Cute k​itties trash your network right now

Schermafbeelding 2017-12-05 om 15.20.26.png


lmao these crypto cats are so funny lookin

I do trust Bitstamp as well. Thanks for sharing

Bro Thanks for the Information :)
Really Appreciate :)

me parece interesante el tema, me gustaría poder aumentar mi criptodivisas

Bitcoin Cash has not moved much the past few days, $1200 -$1700. Perhaps this move could push it above $2000.

do others platforms will follow ? Paymium only allows me to transfer my btc ! :/

is there anything wrong with bitcoin, I haven't been so understanding about bitcoin. with this article more or less add my insight, thank you @kingscrown

After reading sidechains whitepaper, I have no feel with BCH..

There are more forks on the bitcoin blockchain nowadays than in a restaurant. Where will this all stop?

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