Bitcoin Cash Launched - Stats Up to Now

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It took 5 hours to find first blocks but now its all live and trading at few spots.

I did not redeem my BCC/BCH from Electrum yet just used those that got on Exchanges.


Look at possible arbitrage options but be aware - deposits are often closed or take loads of time.



They added BCC fast and started trading after first block. Numbers are sick.


Arbitrage currenctly doesnt work. So sure you can buy cheaper on Coinexchange or HitBTC but moving coins will not work. Bitstamp and BFX still didnt credit, so just wait if you have no coins yet.

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So another alt coin lunched, not big deal.

I am still holding tightly to my Bitcoin Cash. Am I crazy? I could of got out when it was worth twice as much. Yet Im holding onto this Bitcoin Cash like its something. What do you guys think? is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

Short-trade or hold it long, which is better? Following you now @bcn ...Thanks for the info @kingscrown.

once you can deposit on the exchange I expect the price to crash.

What does it mean to deposit on exchange? If you own btc on Kraken don't they just credit your account on Aug 1 at time of hard fork??

Kingscrown needs to fully describe why arbitrage doesn't work. Sell bcc on Kraken and then fund cheaper exchange w btc to buy bcc cheaper and you collect the premium, no?

yeah people do that but they cant right now and that is why there is a huge difference in prices from exchange to exchange. Once people can do that the price will even out and I even expect it to drop a bunch.

I managed to buy some BCC for about 0.08 BTC yesterday, but not much due to the fact that market wasn't formed). Buying now is highly risky. In short term the price will drop as soon as deposits and withdrawals are opened on exchanges and transactions get confirmed.

Hold it, now trading at 0.4 BTC on Bittrex (>1000$), however Bitcoin cash is now without a doubt a bitcoin contender, see my blog about Bitcoin Cash

An inflated price doesnt mean its a bitcoin contender.

Yes, it was, quick and easy!

Lost all my profits trading in btc-e and the potential to acquire bcc because of course if you don't own the private keys you don't own your bitcoin.

hold it, you never know what happens next

I agree with it, hold it, you may have a gold asset in your hand and are in a rush to spend it

how do you claim your bitcoin cash on Bittrex?

It's was automatic. If you had BTC on bittrex during the split they gave you BCC.
They had it up and running very quickly and now have ETH-BCC and BCC-USDT.

@kingscrown yes, how do you claim your BTCC in any particular wallet
is it also possible in exchange sites like Bittrex?

It's open for trading only on Bittrex. As soon as the network will be stable, they promised to opened deposits and withdrawals.

If you had your BTC on Bittrex they announced they were going to support both chains and will give you your BCC (BCH) the problem is that this is not right away as you would´ve if you had them on a wallet
This is what appears on Bittrex at the moment

it was a wiser option to keep it in paper wallet.

if you dont have your bitcoin cash on bittrex you wont get it, its already over, Oh and bittrex doesnt even work anymore, they make you fucking verify over text with a phone verififcation that DOESNT work
They ask you to upload your fucking ID and photo like coinbase, its over it doesnt even work, its shit
and you already lost out, if you didnt hve your bitcoins in bittrex by the time of the hard fork then forget about it, the bitcoin cash in bittrex has already been given out

sop now were all fucked, now we cant even use biottrex without a fucking ID, needs to fucking add all the fucking coins wtf why are they lagging so many lazy people in crypto who are way too overpaid

I don't have to use I.D.?
I'm still using Bittrex my fav exchange ;)

bittrex makes you scan an ID now yes if u wanna withdraw more than $10 at a time

If you dont then i guess ur lucky and maybe its just for US people and they are scaning IP addresses or something but I DPUBT that bittrex made ME scan my id as nw policy and is not gona amke u do it too, petty sure u just havent checked bittrex yet , if u still dont have to scan ur ID ur just lucky then cuz i did!

We are talking withdrawing 0f digital money, correct? Cuz i'm still sending money(digital) with no i.d. checks

h,mm yeah well they made me do it, weird,

I will continue to check on this, thx and what part of world are you from

No problems here using bittrex and no ID verified.
Login was down for a while yesterday probably due to the large volume of people flooding the exchange. But working fine now.

Nice;) Wish I had the chance on shorting. But i's ok, m0re opps 0n the way!

The price of bitcoin has exceeded its previous all-time high of $3,000, soaring to $3,200 for the first time.

Figures from Coinbase show the market started moving around 03:00 a.m. when bitcoin’s price climbed above $2,900. At 10:30 a.m., bitcoin recorded a new historic high when it reached $3,200.

Today’s new high pushes the the market value of bitcoin up to $52.1 billion with the entire market now worth $108.9 billion. Over a 24-hour period, the number one digital currency increased its value by 10.19 percent while its value rose by 15.40 percent over the past seven days, according to CoinMarketCap.

It marks a new milestone for bitcoin as it hasn’t seen $3,000 figures since 12 June

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It is cooking with gas!

Within the next few days the mining difficulty should adjust and blocks will start moving much quicker with lower fees then bitcoin. So far it looks promising and seems like it is going to give BTC a run for its market share.

I've read and believe the mining difficulty will adjust, block speed and lower fees will come. My thought is will it come fast enough to keep the price up when all the BTC comes out of cold storage and people dump their BCH? I think it will drop fast, but I'm holding for long term vs. trying to make a quick buck.

Everyone is assuming the BCH will be less efficient than BTC for some reason. If BCH proves it works and offers a solution to the problems it was supposed to solve then it could very easily become the dominant chain.

A lot of people are more emotionally invested in their coins than they ought to be.

This is gold, very true. Bitcoin Cash is without a doubt a better crypto than Bitcoin, and when people realise this, they will switch over.

A centralised coin owned and manipulated by the Chinese, what a great coin.

Not really. Today is 8/5 and it is going down.Bitcoin is at its highest level!!! That's good news!! Mainly for those of us who are mining. If anybody wants to get a piece of the mining movement with a company that has been in the market for over four years this is the link: Use this code to receive a 3% discount f0wr6O (the first "0" is CERO, the second one is the letter O) This company has support in 21 languages and pays daily. Follow me, please.

either way I think a lot of money can be made!! :)

Fortunes are being made right before our very eyes. I hope this time it's the good guys making the money rather than the bad guys, this world is due for some massive upgrades in many ways.

I am not an expert on Bitcoin, but I was watching a few videos related to this fork and most of them are saying that this is a trick brought by big mining groups from the western hemisphere. They were saying that BCH will be abolishing the altcoins, like Litecoin, etc. They were also saying that those who have used the original bitcoin would sell BCH fast and we probably will see the new coin go down too. Then, Ethereum could get to be king. And they were also mentioning IOTA as a future strong coin.

There is a lot of false information being spread. If miners are so strongly for BCH why aren't more of them supporting it? Overwhelmingly miners are still supporting BTC, so this argument is unlikely. The problem is have with BTC is that Blockstream, a private company, has hired many of the BTC developers and is paying them to inject SegWit into the BTC code. Blockstream holds patents on SegWit and plans to profit by taking control of BTC. BCH (or BCC as more are calling it) breaks away from Blockstream and segwit.

Most youtubers are not real traders, some even admit that, while others would likely try to manipulate the market to push for certain crypto and profit from those who follow.

Absolutely, and furthermore, a lot of 'popular' crypto-commenters on YouTube seem to have way more opinions than facts when it comes to what Bitcoin is and what its true value is.

All about the view count these days, regardless of facts or fake news

Are there any good YouTube vids/people that you recommend? I've watched a few but starting to think if they were legit or just posers...

Buy crypto and start trading. Own learning is best learning. Invest little, have patience and keep quiet.

What is your goal? To learn more about crypto in general, or how to day trade? Obviously there's some overlap there for a lot of people, but what's your main focus?

@whut13, I cannot say if the ones that I am watching are good for you. They are from Spain and South America. But I always look for people who had a channel mainly devoted to virtual coins or blockchain. Some of them are engineers or teachers telling Spanish speaking audience on how the system works, as a matter of fact, there is one saying that the big revolution is not the virtual coin, but the many services that this new technology will be bringing to us within years. He strongly believes that blockchain technology will be able to stop corruption in future governments, which is one of the many sufferings Latin America has.
By the way, it is always nice to find people who likes the same theme, in this case Bitcoins, whithout the usual reaction ("that's a scam!!!"). Will you check your list of people who are following you, and follow me back. I have almost 2,000 people I am following and they seem not to be awared of. Thank you. That way we can pass information and videos to each other.

It will be very interesting to find out who have the most followers once the difficulty is adjusted.

so will bitcoin cash change nowadays bitcoin in the future ?, as its sounds promising with lower fees and any other advantages

Thanks for share I was looking for this can you help me I have some BTC in polonix what would happen to them.

Most of the trading platforms and exchanges were giving away BCH free in the same amount as BTC deposit.

just need your private key to claim i believe

nothing.. you wont gain or loose anything on poloniex

thanks for reply

Interesting to see how it develops, im gonna keep 1/3 of them

I still haven't received my BCC yet. Maybe my wallet doesn't support it? I use Mycelium

I'm here hoping to find information about that as well. I also have a Mycelium wallet.

Mycelium does not have BCC wallet yet. Coinbase sent a message that they will be supporting BCC Jan, 2018. But there are other wallets supporting it.

It is good to see that BCC has established. There appears to be almost a 200% jump in price based on the limited data I have been able to see. I believe a correction may occur now because a lot of people may sell off. It will be interesting to watch.

Brittrex is showing a 4800% rise now.

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Hopefully not the start of a bot wave

Does that mean the Bitcoin itself will not have the explosive growth as expected since there is a huge demand on Bitcoin Cash?

That may hinder the expected growth of steem price.

Perspectives anyone?

The more efficient option will take the majority of the market share over time. The growth into the digital assests will continue, it will also continue to be volatile as it has been in it's 8 year history.

More efficient ... do you mean bitcoin cash since it has larger blocks? That don;t sound too good for steem price in the short term I guess...

By more efficient, I mean whichever version of bitcoin processes transactions the quickest and most affordably.

I'd expect the fork will provide a boost to the other crypto-coins since all the people with bitcoin suddenly find themselves with value. $7 billion dollars worth of BCH already in the digital marketplace won't all stay put.

What huge demand for Bitcoin Cash?

I hoping BTC will have more hard fork in the praying for better movement

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Oh, I wasn't replying to your comment, friend. My reply was to @bitubitu who totally spammed the comment field under this post. He's already been flagged into the ground, however. I apologise if my comment caused any misunderstanding. It wasn't directed to you or anyone else except @bitubitu.

Have a good post-fork day, sir!

No offence taken buddy.

How has your fork day been? I expected better on the steem price

Me too. But I'm pleasantly surprised at the lack of price volatility for Bitcoin and relatively high (and stable) price of Bitcoin Cash. I'm actually considering mining Bitcoin Cash, after the next difficulty adjustment.

So funny you and @yoda1917 I have a fit of the giggles.

Appreciate you being good sport about this, @thebluecorner! I rarely swear, but all that spamming done by @bitubitu made me lose my cool for a second and drop the F-bomb. Good that it made you chuckle, at least. ;)

I wrote this before the fork:

I think till now it was a good decision to HODL both of the chains

That's what makes the whole crypto world an amazing place to be...
you get the right to decide where to go without anyone dictating for you.
I strongly believe BITCOIN will bounce back soon and take its rightful position. 👍🏽👍🏽

Thank you~!

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Is it better than BTC?

Would love to dumb BCH/BCC for $400. Heck I'll take $300 each! Just gotta wait for things to smooth out at Bittrex.

So you think the price will drop when exchanges will accept Bitcoin Cash ?

I'm still waiting on Trezor to give me access to my Bitcoin Cash coin. I guess they are still working on the interface...

Even in Japan, we talk about Bitcoin lately!

And just what happened to Poloniex?

any idea when bittrex will enable bcc wallets?

thx for sharing

Its established but it is still caught by the issue of having BTC difficulty and very low hash power. That should resolve after 6 blocks when the difficulty adjusts. At that time people will be able to move funds around etc(and sell off). I did think there would be a large sell off but now I am not so sure. As it seems pretty steady, people may hold for now. The increase/decrease for BCC cannot be trusted yet as it depends of the starting level (was it 0 or some price based on futures, which were highly erratic)!

Damnn..I should've moved my btc to bittrex instead of electrum :(

agreee man

Anyone here heard of Control Finance? It's a website that has daily payouts of 1%- 1.5% it seems very similar to Bitconnect(BCC). They claim to have bots that invest your money so that you can turn $1000 into $50,000 in 288 days with daily payouts of $750. They also have weekly trade reports. Seems to good to be true, but I have invested $1000 and will possibly invest more. Just trying to gather as much info as possible from people who know more about the Crypto space than I... Here is a link to the website.

Here is the spreadsheet that show payouts and how the $1000 turns to $50,000

Possibly a scam. Beware.

That sounds like hyip and forex. Those people from forex are eager to see your money in their website to lose it all. I do not trust those sites! When they leave their site, no way to get your money back. Be careful!

Complex ponzi scheme, look into it. They have plans in the small print to cease all transactions once they reach a certain amount in holding and then they will legally leave with all the capital. Some will get both back but it is only a matter of time. There are a few of these right now, no telling if any are legit, history says no.

Why is Bitcoin Cash traded almost $200 higher on Bittrex than on Kraken? It almost seems like all the miners are dumping their Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash, thereby driving the price up?

Also, how can the market cap suddenly increase by 6-7 billion out of nowhere? Normally it's hard to pinpoint where the value comes from.. but in this case... if nobody ever paid any money for it, how can there suddenly be 6-7 billion?

I see you don't understand how assets work.

Imagine two identical houses, house A and house B.

A person buys both houses for $200.

That person then sells 1 house to someone else for $110. The original person now has $110 and a house worth $110.

Where did the extra $20 come from?

Same deal here with bitcoin.

I understand that much. I can see how something starts at a certain price and then gets traded up. I have more difficulty, however, with the fact that simply forking a coin makes 12 billion dollars worth of value appear out of thin air.

I mean, let's do this a dozen times over if it's that easy? Who would ever start a new coin if forking Bitcoin is this profitable. The value I think is virtual... It does represent a value, but I don't think there are 12 billion worth of US dollars that can be taken out of Bitcoin Cash.

Thats not the reason at all, you cant deposit BCH on the exchanges yet so the prices will obviously be different, this happens with every coin when one exchange has a wallet not functioning etc.

I was just going to ask that exact same question (as your first question). especially usd vs. usdt. Seems there might be a little difference of $60 or so but not 200!

Yeah it's really strange... if you have Bitcoin cash on Bittrex one would be rather tempted to sell it at the high price, then transfer the bitcoin to another exchange and buy back in for the cheap and save the profit.. You'd still have the same amount of bitcoin cash but also some extra

Thats the thing, you cant send it to other exchanges

Bittrex BTC & BCC wallets are currently closed. No deposits or withdrawals are available.

Though, come to think of it, even with a locked BTC wallet you could sell off the BCC, then buy LTC with the BTC you gained, then transfer that to another exchange as a workaround.

Oh wow, yes you are right. Then it will be very interesting to see what happens when the wallets are opened again... will it draw the price on other exchanges up, or will Bittrex drop down to their level instead?

With ETH-BCC active on bittrex there are a mountain of ways to get around any locked BTC or BCC wallets.

Limited liquidity in the bitcoin cash market will make prices react like this. Network is running slow for the regular BTC at the moment it seems, I have unverified transactions at the moment after over 30 minutes. Will be interesting to see what happens with the BCH transaction speeds, if they are faster than the BTC then I see the selloff being in BTC over the next few weeks.

Have a nice day. Wish you make a lot of money

It would be interesting to see if Bitcoin Cash is going to try occupy the space for mass adoption which LTC is trying to get into. If they can reduce Tx cost Tx time they are in a good place with name recognition also and also using a very established blockchain be it forked..

The BCH blockchain changes were less intensive than the Segwit changes so BCH is actually closer to the original intention of Satoshi than BTC is at the moment. Their team marketing wasn't very successful so they get less industry support and new letters, it's the same idea as before though. Peer 2 Peer money.

These next few days are going to be very interesting

That was fast. Can't wait to try to send BCH.

Why do people need $BCC? $LTC already has 4MB every 10min + SegWit discount + malleability fix, and probably also more decentralized mining😎😎😎😎😎

I guess the name and adoption, most people don´t know Litecoin succesfully implemented SegWit around 6 weeks ago. Sure LTC price soared to all time highs but BTC will always be the flagship which brought all the hype, But if you are in the cryptospace this is nothing but good news.

Exactly @CRYPTOLOVER2017!! But I think LTC is a dead fish after all of this.

Zoinks! $700!

Gotta love it!!

It will adjust soon i don't think it will hit the 3k mark just yet.
lets see :)

we are in the best of seasons !!! great launch for the bitcoin cash; we all have equal opportunities, but only the wise take advantage of the opportunities flying around. we're taking up this opportunity blind folded .

Creating a 7 Billion market cap... crazy.

BCC will rise for sure for a few days, people see opportunity for investment, every new crypto rises for first few days and still this is btc 10x cheaper and faster. Both bitcoins will rise!

I'm going to hold it for the long term and see what happens...

Prices look pretty good on Bittrex. Those who sold too soon for $170 (which was the price last night before I went to bed) must be kicking themselves.

Which one better? BTC or BCC?

BCC Is Still Holding A Solid .17 BTC on Bittrex, It Hasn't Crashed Like Everybody Said It Would :)

but bitcoin cash is GREAT ! HODL!

Bitcoin: so strong even its leftovers are growing up to be a real coin :D

I also have my BTC (and BCC) at the moment on an Electrum wallet. I am thinking of splitting them so that I can use my BTC again. But for that I need a BCC-client. I already sent my BTC to a new Electrum wallet and would just need now a BCC-client from which I can send the BCC to a new wallet (which I own again). After that I would be able to use my BTC normally.

My question: What BCC-clients are there at the moment (which are trust-worthy?). In my opinion Electron Cash is not really trust worthy but its the only hot wallet for bitcoin cash I know of (I don't want to download 80 GB blockchain only for transfering my BCC)...

You can just change server address in your Electrum wallet with your current keys and you will switch to BCC network with before the fork balance. Just follow theese and after that use this

Any predictions for future price?

Those numbers on Bittrex were beautfiful. Thought I'd make a killing until I saw the deposits were blocked. So much for free money. Nothing for it now but to hodl

This coin going to go all the way down 50$ as soon as transfers will be possible...
There is lots of BCH pending transfer for sell!

I just wrote about this too, it has been a crazy day with BCC!

i post same content but don't have much followers

Let me answer that, although you were not asking a question. @dhabal, your name is not "Kingcrown" and you don't have a blog by the name of "" Ja, ja, ja. But you are doing good. You have a 38 as your reputation.

Thanks for the update! I personally look at the whole situation just like ETH and ETC. I believe Bitcoin Cash will have a certain community around it juste like ETC have now!