Binance Registration is OPEN RIGHT NOW! Jump ASAP!

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

As you know loads of exchanges closed doors.

Binance is opening them just few times a day for limited number of users and only with invite code.

The time is right now!


Binance Markets

Its top1 exchange in the world in volume right now. If you are not there - you are missing.

Others Smaller/Different Use

  • KuCoin - really similar to Binance in GUI just has different coins
  • BitMex - best place for leverage trading of loads of coins
  • CoinExchange - loads of things to get early
  • LiveCoin - has SBD and some cool coins not found anywhere else
  • SimpleFX - anon forex with crypto and also BTC, NMC and other leveraged trades up to x500

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Those are great news, thanks for sharing my friend



Not sure whether that helps or not, but following is a referral link:

*Disclosure: I would get commission if you use this link, but no extra cost for you!


@leftbank tried to, but still closed.


try it again? several other people succeed :)

registered using your link ::thumbsup:

made it in, the window was still open, thanks for the tip

QUIET. Please. No reason to be disturbing the folks that are sleeping

KuCoin has been amazing so far! They will catch up soon!

Finally I can open my account and buy some BNB tokens!

Good to know. I am already member but glad more people can get on board. I also found a new Altcoin Exchange like binance called KuCoin its also a HK based exchange. It works on a Shared Trading Fee system. Here is the link



how do you think if someday the price of sbd and steem will decrease drastically?


Honestly I really do no wish for that day...don't know about you

YOu know what that mean. Another #rally!


That is awesome! Thank you @kingscrown. I was one of the fortunate ones that got in before they had temporarily suspended opening accounts. But, this will be good to pass on. Much appreciated.

i love tron , the best


Me too Justin Sun d creator is a genius


I also love Tron :) Really great movie!

LiveCoin does not have steem dollar


Greetings steemians!!! I hope you are all having a good time.
So i came across this exchange named that is due to launch in less than 23 days. It has been offering a bonus of 500$ for the first 100,000 people who register and confirm their accounts.This bonus will cover trading fees.Too good to be true..right?!
They say the bonus will be credited into the account once the exchange company starts generating revenue.
There is a requirement inorder to get this bonus though.
You have to follow and subscribe to their social media i.e Twitter, Facebook page.
Joining their Telegram channel is also another.
Then you have to confirm.
I already registered and i'm waiting to see how it all goes.
I hope its not one of those big time scams where one has to deposit inorder to withdraw or use the bonus.
Once it launches and they credit the 500$ bonus into my account, we'll get to know.I will let you all know.
It's too early to judge.
If you feel like you want to give it a try too,
you can give it a try.
It still has few people registered so you might get a chance .
I won't tell you to hurry though.

Here is the link:

Thanks for taking your time to read this.

For real? finally it was time. Thanks for the info

Great news. Thanks for sharing.

Yes! I was looking for a secondary exchange. Signing up right now!


Very grateful for the information

How many forms of ID do they want and do they require my Social Security number?


They only need your ID, if you trades are above 2 BTC. If you don't trade 10 000 USD, no verification needed! Please upvote :)

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Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 3.17% vote... I was summoned by @kingscrown! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

HUH! I didnt even know they are only letting users in portioned a day!
Good thing most likely to have traffic regulated

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I just signed up. Thanks. I have been trying for days. Greatly appreciate.

thank you

Yes, they open every now and then so you have to be alert!
I have an account with Kucoin and they do have kind of the same business model, they offer their Kucoin shares (KCS shares) and they kick some porcentage back in different currency.

As a sign of respect I won't post my referral link unless anyone asks, please comment if you agree @kingscrown :)
Thanks brother!

Can't wait until we hear news about BITTREX or at least Cryptopia

You'll post about Bittrex I assume?

why do they limit the number of users?


you have heard of "capacity limits" ?


no, this is all pretty new to me.

I was able to get registered. Thank you!

Glad to have ya'll, Binance has been great for me thus far!

Hi @kingscrown good morning. Yeah I noticed it too. Binance is starting to accept again new sign ups. I'm just not sure how long will it last though.

MAN!!!! This is wonderful!!! I have been trying to get in and FINALLY!!! You are my hero kingscrown :) Thank you so much Friend .. SUNSHINE247

informasi yang bagus

Thanks for notifying. :) Been waiting for this.

My 2 sats for all the new people, make an account on EVERY exchange whether or not you plan on trading. I have a feeling a lot of the exchanges will be shutting down signups so its better to be well prepared!


If they shut down sign-ups for extended period of time, like months and months, do you really want to trade on that exchange?

I think not

thank you so much for the heads up i guess i will be on top of it right away

Great news! Thanks ever so much!

Frickin eh!! I got in this time!!

Thanks @kingsgrown !!! I use bittrex, but I may set up 2 accounts on binance with my other email addresses. I may even sell one on ebay, check out these listings!!! Some are listed up to $45K, but the ones actually being bid on are going for between $50-$200.

Thnk u for sharing this update i just make my binance account yesterday...

thank you for info

It is a Chinese exchange... why people love it?

@kingscrown can you suggest any exchange/website from which I can buy ETH/Steem power, I am from India and getting a hard time so far and no luck. All Indian exchanges are closed due to government regulations.

if its opening only sometime a day then there is not any replacement of this.

Thanks for your great information sir, reasteam and upvote done.

@kingscrown. I was lucky to register today. Registration was paused since 2 days ago cos of the high volume of registration. I sense a change in the crypto force, let the game begin


i hope crypto force is a figment. i'd prefer this to be a serious way to make serious fiat

I am so glad that I got in on Binance a few months ago. Would hate to try and get in now when crypto is getting so popular.

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Finally it is reopen! Thanks for sharing. Cryptocurrency is getting more popular worldwide now

Thanks for informing me with your awesome post. I'll try to register later :)

Thank you for sharing buddy

Any idea if or when they're getting Steem and SBD on the exchange?

Yess thank you for the info I am registering now.

I'm glad I got my binance account early. Thanks for the info!

I will register this site & thanks a lot to share this content with us.

Glad I registered months ago when I was researching Neo and had to buy it and only place was Binance. And speaking of Binance, they will help you get your Gas Tokens monthly onto your account without any additional steps. How cool is that?!

byeeee..going to register..

Damn, I should have just get ready for this.

Wow thanks, i'll register now

Thanks for your information.

Thanks, I joined

Can someone smarter tell me if I have any realistic options for liquidating/consolidating/trading the small fractional portions of coins in my Binance wallet that are left over from trades? Are they just stuck there forever?


bubbleboy, I have read that they may be working on a solution, but I also ready maybe not.
Get some BNB if you have not already. The BNB will be used for your trade fee and not a portion of the coin you are trading. Also it makes the trade half price. Good luck.


Hopefully they will at least allow you to exchange for BNB

Exactly.. Binance is 1 of the best crypto merchant

i heard binance is good then other exchanges site

Good to see exchanges open again. But it's probably because their servers couldn't handle the big amount of new investors coming into crypto. I hope they updated their systems pretty good. Because the 'herd' is coming!

This coming year alot of new people are eager to put their hard earn fiat into crypto because of all the succes story's coming out ;)

That's cool, after registering i will make sure i check out those smaller ones especially kucoin, livecoin and simpleFx.
Never used any of those before.

Ohh Yeah!. Now I can buy some ripple while its still low.

Damn just missed it :/


Use my invite friend link, and you will be able to register:

Just don't forget to say thanks and upvote me! :)

It ended so fast :(

@kingscrown, nice update . Pls kindly follow back, I just Followed you. Tnx

Binance is one of the best exchange ever created, it will be a huge. It can be seen from Binance coin value going up so soon.

Cool! I'll try it out...

Smart contracts are deterministic exchange mechanisms controlled by digital means that can carry out the direct transaction of value between untrusted agents. They can be used to facilitate, verify, and enforce the negotiation or performance of economically-laden procedural instructions and potentially circumvent censorship, collusion, and counter-party risk. In Ethereum, smart contracts are treated as autonomous scripts or stateful decentralized applications that are stored in the Ethereum blockchain for later execution by the EVM. Instructions embedded in Ethereum contracts are paid for in ether (or more technically "gas") and can be implemented in a variety of Turing complete scripting languages.

Binance seems to be switching new user registrations on and off all the time...
However, it is not the only exchange with restrictions: