Binance is Hiring!

in #bitcoin2 years ago

One of worlds top exchanges is hiring now - check if you can get there!


Remember STEEM trades there but we aint in top volumes (yet!).

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I hope it is meant to replace their sociopath employees/private contractors that hacked them, call the hack whatever you like, like compromised, a nice word.

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Sounds like a good opportunity to get some crypto on your cv!!

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you are right, thanks for the love!

Do they have the plans to open an office in India and hire its people

Looks like a way to get your crypto career starter. 👍

wonder if they allow you to work form home?

Verry nice post big thumbs up and a resteem from my side for hard work and dedication best of luck for next post

I like it... Thanks for to sharing... Good luck every day too you...

Imagine Binance pays their employees in BNB...

if you were talented enough it almost seems like you wouldn’t want to work for someone else. A smart space to work in and it has to be a real power struggle .

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That is a very good sign... Thanks for sharing, namaste. :)

I wonder how many jobs and careers cryptocurrency has created and will continue to do so in the future. Hopefully, it can help generate a whole new area of jobs for people in the future. Thanks for sharing this with the community!

thanks for this job alerts keep it up.

If they need someone to sweep their offices after work,ill do it for 1 BTC per month... :)

write to them :)

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Do you know anything on whether binance is good to work for?

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A very Reasonable Enlightenment, and I already have my ETH Wallet Address, is it other than Token INS or SNS soon to be published too,

that's great share,,..
thank you very much

even binance need hiring in such situation when btc is going down.

Wow! What a great opportunity for experienced programmers. If only I had taken up my programing course earlier I would have been qualified for this job.

working for an exchange would be a dream job especially one as prestigious as binance :)

yes binanace is one of the most popular trading platform in the world

Think, that bit­co­in — per­vaya krip­to­va­lyu­ta, spo­sob­naya iz­me­nit' world.Your post-modernism pleased me :)

Great one from binance. They are growing very fast and spreading to other countries.

Wow - having Binance on your resume this early in the game would be pretty fucking unreal!

Holy shit. Thank you!

A sortware tester is paid 100 thousands dolar so it is a good job and working with Binance it is a second good thing.

i am working as a chain worker of steemit. Upvote me to get it back ,Thanks