6000 Broke Down

in #bitcoin2 years ago

Just like we noticed on my trading discord chan live 6000 broke down and it was mostly Gemini exchange running the dip.

Me and some guys got the dip on BitMex and lets see where it goes.
Interesting that despite loads of good news, it just keeps going down. Ie today it was said Mt Gox while will stop selling as the exchange is no more bankrupt.

Notice how bi the dump volume was.

Bitcoin Markets

Binance and BFX run the show but also some new to me exchange in top10 volumes.


Presidents of Estonia, Iceland, Poland and Finland watching BTC price.

Actually Iceland's match at the World Cup ;)

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Many crypto's have pretty much lost all the gains it made over the whole year. Never could have imagined steem back to almost a dollar again wow

2017 was the year of bitcoin. No one imagined bitcoin could ever reach $19800. I was expecting $3500 by dec 2017 but it rose 20x in the whole year. Bulls and whales can enter anytime to pump the market. Lets hope for the bullish trend soon.

sir i think that Institutional investor also intrested in bitcoin and waiting for clarification of regulations in different countries. what is your view?

Worst is yet to come, Whales have yet not entered the bear market. If it continues its down trend and goes below 6000 USD than I expect, Bitcoin will surely hit 5000 USD to be the lowest of 2018. In 2017, Bitcoin stayed between 3000-4000 USD for a longer time and this year it is moving between 6000-7000 USD, so expect all time high this year. Only we need to wait and see when bullish trend happens. Just HOLD...gagagag.jpg

I think they will cross all limits again by the end of this year. History repeats itself always. Hope for the best

Agreed. Inspite of lots of negative news, crypto is heading towards all time high and I hope it will make it this year again.

sir i think that Institutional investor also intrested in bitcoin and waiting for clarification of regulations in different countries. what is your view?

That's a really huge dip. Hopefully we can recover soon.

yes we will recover soon. Hope we can see $20000 worth per bitcoin by end of this year.


Great news!I hope it crashes BIG!!imagine all that cheap crypto to buy..and sell whenever market recovers...great days are here,make use of them!

Yes. Buy the dips and make profit.

Not relevant to this news but I just heard that polo enabled the steem wallets again- will really love to know more about it because I can't confirm it.

Watch for the Wychoff phase C spring after breaking critical support this weekend. Buy. Buy. Buy. There is no good reason for bitcoin to drop below 6200 - the average breakeven mining price. The market will realize this sooner or later.

@eskmcdonnell FIFA worldcup 2018 limits the bear run so i expect bitcoin price not fall below the $5000 level.

Lets hope for the best as patience is only the way we can earn with cryptocurrency ✌️

Well said bro. Patience is the key to success.

yea just waiting for the bulls to come

I really hope that crypto comes back, I was retarded and bought the highs back in December and January. FOMO was real for me

I also bought few coins in FOMO. Now they are at 50% loss. But good thing is I bought the good coins and not the shit ones. I am ready to HODL till my loss recovers. I suggest keep patience and patience it will pay you.

haha me too .. I bought ripple wen it was 3$ ....and now it 0.4$ . Now the is , I cant sell it and cant buy also .

i think that Institutional investor also interested in bitcoin and waiting for clarification of regulations in different countries. so i think it is time to buy more crypto asset.

You've been hammered. Buy while low to cut your losses. I'm buying large positions if next critical support is broken this weekend.

I am too waiting for the critical support to be broken .I can see next target is $5500 in couple of days. Be ready to buy the dip.

Some of my friends waiitng 4000 but ı dont believe. But they all have pessimist now.

@kingscrown FIFA worldcup 2018 limits the bear run. what do you think sir?

Vote for me i will vote for u

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I really hope this is the 3rd and last dip. If we do not recover then we are probably headed down to a 100 billion total market cap and then an even longer recovery.

Hi @kingscrown Surprised to receive a notification this morning about the below 6k price joined. I joined the crypto buzz last year when it was at this price range. There's a part of me contemplating - I should take advantage of this dip and invest. What do you suggest?

Looks like this is best time to purchase some #GEM ALT coins at low price but i believe #Bitcoin can still go more down before bullish reversal

Don't worry for price of btc.... I sure 100% btc again up till July.. Now best time to buy btc and hold... When prices goes down then best time to buying.. FB_IMG_1529719897262.jpg

Summers aren't good times for bitcoin always

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It dumped today because the Japanese government ordered the tightening of money laundering rules for exchanges...

Looks like this is best time to purchase some #GEM coins at low price but i believe #Bitcoin can still go more down before bullish reversal

I am in Crypto since Nov 2016 but initially not very bullish on it. As the days passed I could see the increasing rate of bitcoin and other altcoins. The biggest was in Dec 2017, everyone knows. I started buying the coins in dip as much as I can. Many youtubers claimed that Charts will repeat and altcoins will boom till June/July 2018. I am still waiting for that boom. But did not see it. Hoping for the best and fingers crossed. I wont sell the coins in loss. Eventually we all know blockchain is future.

But we always do our own research before investing.

Bonus pic was really funny. lol. Mt Gox is the biggest culprit in dumping the market in 2018. They never though about small investors. Many people lost money due to panic.

I am again buying at these prices.

I started accumulation a few days ago @6300, now I buy @6100. Next stop will be $5800. Would I recommend anyone to buy here? Hell, no! There will be much better times when things are more certain. Does it make fun to accumulate at the lowest possible price. Hell, yes!

Call me crazy, but before that I accumulated @5 in 2011 after bubble I, @70 in 2013 after bubble II and @160 in 2015 after bubble III.

Am I wrong? Most likely.

Were my decision bad in the long run. Hell, no! But maybe this time it's different! ;)

For clarification: Buying means actual buying with actual fiat.

Pretty decent spike on coindays destroyed yesterday, both BTC & BCH.


Seems like a sizeable long-term holder decided to exit. Would explain the spot selling rather than margin short increase.

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see the replication of bitcoin in 2015 now in 2018 something creepy goin' on....

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Not yet, its tested.

jejejeee graciosa imagen oye esperemos en cristo que aumente pronto

buy btc in this dip level and make profit & expected prediction is $5500 dip so whats are you do.

what high and low records will BITCOIN make this year?

When bitcoin will touch 18000$...?? Any idea.

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