Will Bitcoin Make Gold Great Again?

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A fantastic episode of Keiser Report (if I don't say so myself!)

In the first half, we discuss Ned Naylor-Leyland (a frequent guest on Keiser Report over the years) coming around (at long last) to seeing bitcoin's value for gold bugs.

In the second half, Max talks to Jameson Lopp of BitGo.com about 'hyper-bitcoinization.'

Watch it and learn a little, laugh a lot! Enjoy the ride.


[Signed, Stacy]


Cool and interesting video!

1-dozen-thousand (1).jpg

I heard this on whalepool....

You guys are my fav. Thanks for all your content. Max always reminds me how stupid this all really is. I love it.

I’m just watching it now, cheers

BTFDYFI - Buy the fucking dip you fucking idiots :)

Awesome report, so much energy and enthusiasm. You guys crushed it.

Well at least with gold you can carry it from one place to another without the IRS finding out about it.


Yes I'm link bombing, but I think this is information that needs to be shared.

Coinbase considers transfers of crypto off the platform as a sale for later reporting to the IRS.

Please Resteem..



Bitcoin is there to stay if they can not win join them

In one form or another I agree with you. I see Block Chain as here to stay, BTC will have to improve it's technology and the POF concept if it wants to stay on top forever


Hope everybody was reasoning like you bitcoin price could be worth $1000,000

I'm not in love with the BTC business model. I love the hype and the price surges but the business model kinda sucks.

bitcoin will be a store value, people dont like to spend something that increases in value, on the other end sellers want to be paid in bitcoin even if it takes time because they also know it's going to increase...

Not everything increases all the time, if everyone is on one side of the table who is making money? Why do people buy BTC? To sell at some point of course, but when is the right time? At a point everyone will think the same thing at the same time and begin to sell.. Also the business model of bitcoin sucks...

Look in the comments for the math on miners fees..



The hell with us, I need to know if the business model is a good one from the point of the people that actually control the network..

and he will grow

Bitcoin is the new gold, gold is a thing of the past :D

Does this mean that the era of bitcoin will someday collapse in the air?

We never know, in my opinion btc will be like gold on the economy, a store of value, getting rare each day

Hi Stacy, Nice one... resteemed! If you can regularly post your RT videos here you will build a huge following on Steemit and fill your coffers with Steem! Steem is gonna blow up in 2018 and it will dwarf all your YouTube earnings. So why not double dip and post them here too! Nonetheless, I know you guys are very busy so we appreciate every post that you contribute to our platform.

I will try to post more; at least those that I think the Steem community will like. Yes, we've been quite busy with a few things, namely filming the Great American Pilgrimage which took across the USA . . . I had no idea whatsoever before the journey that there was NO 4g or even 3g reception in vast swathes of the country. LOL. We were without internet for basically two weeks. That set in motion a long catch up period when I made it back online. :D

Good to hear that you'll be posting again on Steemit!

Understood... sounds like quite an experience. Can't wait to check it out. I enjoyed your little teaser posts! By the way, all things Max and Stacy are viable on Steemit!

People are so brainwashed by the financial system...fiat paper garbage is based on debt and drops in value everyday killing the middle class that can’t even realize, since gold is no longer the world’s currency central banks have committed all sorts of fraud.
A huge Ponzi scheme that may finally collapse thanks to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, excluding the fraudulent middlemen cartels that enslave 99,9% of people for the benefit of the 0,1%.

Some nice piece of information!

Time will sure tell

yes bro
bitcoin = 100000 $ soon

I hope so and ETH hopefully 25k lol

Bitcoin has been great for a lot of people, but gold and silver aren't going away. I think a balanced approach is best for most people

bitcoin is my best earning site...i love this site..

well for your kind of information its not a site its a digital curruncy bro

BITCOIN the Father Of CryptoCurrency ... I think it Will Drop To $7000 - $9000 Soon . So Collect Money And when it goes down Buy as much you can Because That's Price Can Hit $25000 in 2018 ...That's predictions of many traders..

Yeah people who take time to research crypto currency realize how big this is...

in a little while bitcoin will be considered better than gold.

Obviously Bitcoin Will Make Gold Great Again........

Nixon in 71 abolished the dollar backed by gold..

What is the expected price of Bitcoin in 2020? OMG!

half a million, because in part of irresponsable government like India or Zimbabwe who devaluate there fiat one day ...those people went on to buy bitcoin who went up to 13,500$

Very informative article about bitcoin, thank you!

The bitcoin price drops? 😱

Or will Gold make Bitcoin Great and save Fiat?

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste :D greetings

Please educate me about bitcoin

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its like game of low quality firecracker they blast any time

LOL! No kidding, it was really worthy to read! :)

Great report guys! I wish your call into Alex Jones wasn't dropped last week, I really wanted to hear your insight on Bitcoin! You were way ahead of your time!

Actually the G20 summit has already agreed to make new global currency based on Gold Coins. If that happens, countries rich in gold mines will become the new world leaders. Could you imagine that South Africa will be the new Great country !!

Cool video
Bitcoin is currently the invisible gold.
Not sure if gold could ever be more pronounced as bitcoin is today

thanks for shairing

Gold is bringing a very small amout of earnings right now. I don't think it is a very profitable option to buy it at the moment.

You have shared most valuable information about bitcoin.I love bitcoin this earning site is my favourite.Thanks for your informative and educative content .I am waiting for your replies.

If BitCoin bubble crashes !!! Gold will be great again !!! But for now it's just an illusion !!!

I laugh more than your Monty Python clips on Twitter. Great programme.

love bitcoin so much but investing in it comes with a lot of risks lot rich dont be rude lol,,,

Great video, proud to say I have been watching the Keiser report regularly for like 5 years now. Thanks to Max and Stacey for being ahead of the curve and introducing me to Bitcoin, and Dark Coin (now Dash) pretty darn early on.

i love bitcoin so much but investing in it comes with a lot of risks!

I always advise friends to tread with ease and ask questions before parting with their money. BTC is a good servant but a bad Master!

As of right now Bitcoin is digital gold no doubt about that . But there’s nothing more real or secure as a physical asset that’s been here before mankind which is gold and silver. I’m a crypto addict don’t get me wrong I love everything about the market the community the whole 9 . But there’s nothing more secure for future purposes than physical form . I’ve evolved paper to digital, digital to physical. Thanks for your content I found it very informative!

i am glad to finally admit that you were right all along,

Finally!!! Better late than never. ;)

hehe, why don't you also talk about steemit i think the blockchain also has massive potential.

pump and dump discord channel

I think it is very possible, and I'm excited about this!

I hope this is appropriate. I wrote about "currency testing" for gold vs. bitcoin : https://steemit.com/currency/@theinsideout/gold-vs-bitcoin-as-a-currency-the-currency-test

I wonder if anyone can even know whether bitcoin's price will keep going up or not. (?)

love your work

Great video and post, just a little confused still on whats going on? But the video did shed some light on me.

The financial world is chock full of people promoting (hawking) whatever it they're selling! BTC vs. Gold is full of those.

I actually find the "re-balancing" strategy outlined in the beginning of a video kinda clever. Are we in a BTC bubble? I put some pre-tax IRA and 401k money into BTC as a hedge.

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I attained 32 cents worth of bitcoin about a year ago and just forgot about it. A few days ago i checked my virtual wallet and it's worth almost $15. Wow! I'm even hearing by 2020 that a single bitcoin will be worth around $1,000,000.... this may be the opportunity of a lifetime. Investing a small amount of $ could give a huge return. I'm definitely trying to learn more. The thought of it is exciting! Good luck to all, ty

Well, as far as i know, there is a possibility that bitcoin could reset in the coming years. So while it is in the hot wave now, ride in the surge. Gold and silver is a different story but if you like staking much better if you keep investing it both:)

Riddle me this

Two girls ate dinner together
They both ordered iced tea
One girl drank them very fast and had finished five in the time it took the other to drink one .
The girl who drank much survived while the other died
All the drinks were poisoned


Maybe the poison was in the ice and the fast drinker didn't allow enough time for the ice to melt.

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