To the Moon with Max & Stacy: LIFTOFF!

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Our inaugural, lift off episode of our new podcast, To the Moon with Max and Stacy.



It's an outline of our mission statement to explore the future and the past of bitcoin - all the innovations and discoveries that have been integral to the bitcoin journey and all that is yet to come. We answer the question "Is it too late?" to get involved in bitcoin. We mention some of the hopes we have for our crypto moon mission that is this new podcast where we are in the same rocket ship as everyone else. We're all participants on the same journey. Climb aboard for the ride!

UPDATE: Here's the Bitcoin Prehistory Timeline we mention toward the end of the podcast.



You guys are great! I hope to see you on DTube Soooooon.

Hi Max & Stacey!

I love your work and have been watching&listening for years. I just want to tell you about the coolest tag here on steemit — #steemsilvergold — please come and check us all out! I’d bet you would find a lot of fans within this group.

Cheers! from @thedamus

If course they are! They’re no fools, that is fo sho!


I like your work dear
You and analyst @salahuddin2004 are two top analysts of cryptoworld.
His prediction success rate 98%
But I like your work most. Keep posting

NEW Exchange! Opens in a few days! The next Binance!

To the moon indeed!!

crypto and digital is the future. the young generation knows only digital and that's what matters because they are the middle level today and will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Keiser : the lighthouse .

Congrats on lift off, always dig hear both of your perspectives!

Glad to see you writing on here. I enjoy your work. Would you ever want to conduct an interview? I run a Discord group with 14,000 Steemians. I think they'd be interested in hearing and interacting with you. You can message me in that Discord group

Very interesting, looking forward to more of your insights...

Smaller picture would do next time

Haven't seen you on RT. Where'd you go? Nice photo.

I listen regularly. I love your perspectives and the way you present your material. Keep going strong!

Thanks for sharing such great information, lets go the moon ofcourse!

I keep saying, what hasn't Max Kaiser done? Wall street hotshot, to living in Harlem hahaha

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I'm stil new at crypto so I'm trying to absorb every bit of info. This is great.

I'll definitely check out your podcasts. How have I not heard of you two?

Lets just assume a lot of the Secret Space Program stories are true and agree we can go way past the Moon with all this!

Thanks for sharing! Love you guys!

Great info can't wait o see more 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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Nice post @keiserreport as well. . .
And I specially liked the photo . . .

Following U sir ………
Happy steeming . .

@keiserreport - Max & Stacy: Thanks for the informative post on Bitcoin history and your podcast. Can I call you both cyptostronauts? :) Hope to hear more from you soon. Upvoted and followed!!

Awesome - thanks!

It's sounds like a good thing together moon and bitcoin

Stacy looks like you two are actually going vertical , I just can't get my head around the lobbing horizontal flight of other lesser crytptical constructed Pod vehicles that are touting their wears. Will be tuning in to you two, now that Max said you just passed the Tesla, in the cyber-sphere i.e cyberspace...brilliant clue.
Could you still hear Bowie playing in the zero oxygen environment?

This is great post. I love bitcoin. Thanks for share.

Excellent first broadcast! You guys pull no punches. You guys are so informative. Thanks for showing us even you guys are still on this vast ever changing learning curve to a far more just, equitable and SANE future.

Great start. Thank you. Can't wait to hear your podcast with the very impressive Nick Szabo.

Nice blog. And yes we are all on the same road.That's an awesome photo by the way, you guys look great. Will upvote and resteem.

Thanks for your sweet comment!

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We should have a decentralized podcast platform that run on steem... or does dsound do that?
I'm converting as much fiat as i can to cryptos, because, like you said, trying to bring down the big corps and big guys that are enslaving us is a priority to me, and because i see the world run on a decentralized platform as a better tomorrow.

Dsound does that but it won't allow me to log on using my steemit credentials. Seems to have a bug in their algo. So using for now.

That's cool! I love it, you have me so much ideas lol

Great article! Thank you so much! Im looking forward to see more posts from you!

Well, you could make this podcast about those new technologies, bitcoin already belongs in a museum, so it might actually be too late.
Just wanted to know if you're aware of EOS and Bitshares; Are you not afraid of a 51% attack now that it's easy to short Bitcoin and two mining pools control over 50% of the network, would like to know your thoughts Max and Stacy @keiserreport

Good post and Very interesting my friend

Muy buen post! Hicieron un excelente trabajo gracias por compartirlo. Me encanto la foto.


We all want to know everything about Bitcoin, excellent work that you have been developing.

Great post @keiserreport
Question:Is it too lateIs it too late?
i think not too late....

The @moonbot approves of this.

Now you can do radio shows naked! congradulations!

your mission statement to explore the future and the past of bitcoin are really good. Really informative post.
Hope your success..
You are really looking 💓💓😍

Guter Post
weiter so

Great work, i appreciate your time. Keep it up! ;)

Kind regards,

Very nice moon and I will go with u....

Big moon

Bitcoin: The Big Crash to $2000.

I like your post on bitcoin ,pls may I o more about it, volt me

very cool picture

Oh its so nice to see you here! What a surprise and Im a follower of the Keiser report for years!

wow ... nice, get to moon ...

Amazing your photo

I find this quite informative as I am very interested in bitcoin and hope to in the future invest in it.

Everybody waitin for moon 🤑

hopefully the moon in question is true of its existence :)

Now time is POLYMATH to the Moon
So guys buy fast on Kucoin

Extraordinary information friend thank you I invite you to support me in my blog I will be grateful greetings

Great pic n link

This is great information and i love it

I love the arrogance also speaks @keiserreport lot of authority, I would also if I had become a millionaire with bitcoin!!

Nice to see you here Keiser! I have been following you for quite few years now, started on RT TV, and then on Youtube!
Best of luck, and keep the good work rolling!

Hey @keiserreort, this is really awesome post,. Your mission to explore the ast and the future of Bitcoin will surely educate, update and enlighten crypto lovers on this community. Keep going.

yes to the moon

thanks for sharing this with us

Bitcoin will moon but don't forget Doge!

I'll have to check this out!

Good Luck to you crazy kids.

Waiting for my invite to the Moon on Max's BTC Rocket

Lots of room on the BTC Rocket Ship!

That's what i like to hear :D keep up the good work!

Good Luck...please visited and vote ^_^

Buenisímo. te sigo!

Yeah thats right heading straight all the way up to the ....blackhole?

Lol awesome man, love your show on Rt

Bitcoin is a remarkable achievement in the field of cryptography, and its ability to create something that can not be duplicated (faked) in the digital world is of great importance.

excellent work you are marvelous see you on DTube as soon as

Its cool exploring the future and past of bitcoin,getting to know new things itsgreat nice post.

This is so awesome!! I’m so excited to listen! Yay!

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