Max Keiser talks to Charlie Shrem: ICOs, FOMO and getting REKT on cryptos!

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Max and @charlieshrem talk about Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and whether or not crypto can be a store of value with so many tokens.

We recorded this a few days before the SEC ruled that ICOs are a security. But Charlie's thoughts on Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) driving what he sees as a bubble in the token sector. They then discuss the wink and the nod that saw him do jail time. There is no grey area in the financial industry and the government may be waiting to pounce.

If you want to skip ahead to 12.45 to watch the interview and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

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The Peter Shiff cameo was classic.

And not at all awkward.

Lol wasn't it though??

Sorry if I sound like a killjoy but my intuition tells me that this account is not managed by the real Max Keiser but rather someone making rewards on his content.

I'm going to take your word for it because you are a mega whale but I was sort of thinking the same thing about these posts. That it wasn't really Max and Stacey. They should do a quick video addressing the Steemit community.

@grantcardone is another guy that is on here but just through his marketing team so it just doesn't have the same effect as if they actually addressed the community.

I don't manage my account @brianphobes jk lol :)

Well you have a twin clone that you communicate with telepathically to manage the @stackin account so that is different! LOL

It was originally an account owned by a squatter but the person who owned it was nice enough to hand it over.

Awesome @charlieshrem I remember watching (from a distance) you getting unfairly dragged across the coals for BitInstant . Really glad to see you doing well now!

You guys are the best.... always brining that real content to the community :)

Totally agree @stackin!

I will also keep an eye on you 2's work...

Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert, Charlie Shrem and Peter Schiff having interesting talk, loved it!

Nice. :D

What do you guys think about ICO's with a real purpose? Not just someone selling promises but a real project that's up and running way before the ICO. In my opinion, those are real investments and not just gambling...
One upcoming ICO I find particularly interesting is the ICO. Anyone looking to invest as well?

Ong is backed by IBM. Like u highlighted, most ICO are promise. This product is running and already has many users. Best part like steem u get paid for ur content. I think it is a good bet.

I consider Ong Coin to be a good long term investment

ONG is a good one !

It's just awesome to have you here now, Stacy & Max! :)

Nice to have you here, too!

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haha, thx! Keep up the good work.

This is very Cool discussion i agree with u....

Great to see you on Steemit Max! You doing good job.
Follow and up vote. Bless! :)

enjoyed the portion of Charlie Shrem.I didn't realize he had been to prison before and can respect his thoughts on the government not being reactionary, taking their time, and finding spots to make a statement.

Really enjoyed the portion with Charlie Shrem. As I am somewhat new to the cryptocurrency space, I didn't realize he had been to prison before and can respect his thoughts on the government not being reactionary, taking their time, and finding spots to make a statement.

Great to see Max & Stacey join the blockchain revolution! Welcome!

LOL, join it? We joined it about 7 years ago now . . . just joined STEEMIT as @keiserreport. Max was on here a year ago. ;)

Nice to know

Great video. Wondering if you suffer from blockfolio addiction too? -

On point Max. Loved the Shill / Schiff moment haha and the emotion conveyed in the "tallest tree" comment was my personal favorite.

Thanks for showing real content
I hope you will continue your work
Good job 👍👍👍👍👈👈👈👈

I love how down to earth this interview really is.


thanks for your sharing , upvote and follow !

The Keiser Report on Steem, nice.
Should have went with "the Keiser" instead of maxcoin, rebrand and relaunch!

nice to see them

I've enjoyed watching your interviews on RT over the years @keiserreport :)

I hope to vote and flow to help

I think the most people don't read the white papers, but all in all a great interview! So true what Charlie says about FOMO.

An American Homestead is a long time fan of Max and his show on RT. Great interview and its good to see you on steemit!

Nice job @charlieshrem and @keiserreport. Charlie, I was looking for a little bit of Steemit mention, c'mon. Great hear your opinions.

excellent Insights !!

makes me wana buy EOS

It shouldn´t.

haha ....

Nice job


Thanks. BTW when is the Peter Schiff interview coming out?

I just saw this on YouTube lol - good one!

The post is very good,
Hi brother,
Can you help me with this post, I want to revive the forgotten history of Aceh.

I guess Max and Stacy can be credited as the two people that that got me in to Bitcoin as well as many other things not really mentioned in the MSM. If I ever bumped in to them I'd buy them both a drink.

There has to be a bubble in the token sector, the value of Bitcoin is the limit of 21 million, cannot be unlimited amount of cryptos or they all become worthless.

maybe my Coincard Project could be i "new" way for coins @svtechnik

Nice post. From me upvote.

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Great Post. Keep up the good work.

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good video & discussion.

There's a lot going on right now with cryptos, it's not only technology, but economy and politics.

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