Campaign to 'End the Fed?' Or . . . just buy BITCOIN?

in bitcoin •  last year

I've been meaning to post this interview with Danny Sessom of The Crypto Show.

We talked to him two weeks ago at Freedom Fest just hours before the SEC ruling on ICOs and days before the BCash thing erupted out of seeming nowhere.

Anyway, the thing I really wanted to point out comes in toward the end where Danny recounts how it is he personally came to bitcoin. He says that he was working as an activist under the Ron Paul umbrella to END THE FED.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 12.34.39.png

Then he discovered bitcoin and soon realised that he didn't need to waste his energy lobbying and educating politicians and voters about the evils of the central banking system, he could just buy bitcoin.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 12.36.28.png

This is a message worth spreading.

Listen to the show HERE.

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Just support any one of these:

  1. Independent Infrastructure - No centralized ISPs mean nothing to shut down
  2. Crypto Denominated Transactions - Don't convert into sovereign currency, encourage suppliers and other customers to use crypto only
  3. Client Anonymity - Encourage use of protocols and systems that allow participants a method to obscure their identity and origin

This is how you win. Forget engaging the system to fight the system. That's not going to work, and is a waste of time and resources.


Agreed. Instead of changing the current system just try to create your own.


Ever since Occupy Wall Street in my hometown of Sacramento California I have preached ending the Fed! Then I heard of Bitcoin and realized it was a gift from God packaged in ones and zeros.

BUY Bitcoin = Ending the Fed

pulling the rug out from under them


Oh yeah man !
Walk away from thier money, just dont use it.
If it has no use then it has no worth - game over Fed

Sound money!

Not just the Fed abolish the IRS too.

Do not fight system, but create own system to look other system obsolete.

Just bought my first bit of bitcoin last night. I'm in!


Last night!? My gosh, welcome to the BTC club. @steemit is the place to be to ask questions in a supportive environment. Outside of here it's a bit of a snarky community. But you'll meet lots of great friends along the way. Just get used to volatility!! It's stressful in your first year or so, but you get used to it soon enough. ;)


Thanks for the warm welcome! I appreciate it.


I have learned that focusing on my education in cryptos is of primary importance.

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Good one! You have a lot of interesting content there :)

Well past it's sell by date me thinks

BOOM! That's what I like to hear....forget about herding the cats along. #InCryptosWeTrust

I am going to buy the book and read. Thanks I didn't know he wrote a book on the topic.

USD and BTC have one thing in common, they're both only backed by confidence. If EOS can make Ethereum obsolete as dollar vigilante pointed out, the same can easily happen to Bitcoin and then it plunges to 0 because nothing tangible backs it.


bitcoin is backed by technology, math, functionality, security, tangibility etc.


And how much of those components are salable and have a 6000 year history of being desired as money


wrt gold/cryptos, It does not have to be either/or.

Each of us must do our own due diligence and decide where to put our currency and attention. For some, thats gold. For others Crypto. And some even choose fiat.

It's nice to hear someone say Ron Paul's name. It's been quite some time since I heard about him. ✌


Yes! Funny that. It really seems ages ago and yet it was only five or six years ago when the Audit the Fed movement was still huge.

Another great interview! I didn't know who Danny Sessom is, he seems very knowledgeable.
Thanks @keiserreport

This is the next logical step for bitcoin. The end the fed crowd needs to put up or shut up. So does the alt right. Basically any political movement that opposes expanding government should invest long on bitcoin/cryptocurrencies. Or at least become knowledgeable in their use and try to use it for a medium of exchange whenever possible.

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Always great stuff by putting bcash as a tag does that mean you starting to flirt with Bitcoins rebellious younger sibling . I did today and it felt good I am not ashamed.

The systems are in place to free us all it's just a matter of spreading the good word. Thanks Max and Stacy your good word back in 2014 helped me become more informed about crypto and helped me decide to buy lilttle bit dark coin (now dash) at the time.

Applause ,very helpful .Thanks 😉

Yes. This needs to be heard!

He's exactly right.
Ignore the Fed...replace it.

Wow! Really nice to see you here at Steemit :) @keiserreport.

great interview, learned a lot about potential applications for crypto...roofing! Also was nice to find out about Start Join...are you still involved (do you recommend it)? Thanks!!

Crypto End Fed. Crypto currency not simply. Crypto hybrid capital. Capital flow river into crypto contractual valley. Valley soo deep no Fed last long. River down into ocean Fed flow. Decentralized rain crypto fall all over--oh!.

No sense wasting time trimming the branches, then the trunk.

Kill it at the roots.

If cryptocurrency can break up the central banks then I am definitely supporting the blockchain movement!!

haha you are awesome man! keep on steeming! great to see the posts are Trending ;)

Ron Paul thr good hero!

Ron Paul is a good advocate for this post, it's a shame he was cheated out of his nomination for president by the establishment.