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Bitpetite is a site that has come at a time when it is paramount for everyone to take an extra level of care. It further creates the anonymity that Bitcoin users long for. As a matter of fact, bitcoins, unlike what most people think, is not entirely anonymous. Bitcoin users are only fortunate to have pseudonymous accounts, meaning that the account bears another name. The identity of the real owner can still be discovered if the transactions are traced, but with bitpetite’s tumbler, the person’s anonymity is 100% secure.

Sign up with bitpetite and earn up to 4.5% daily ROI at current rates:

For the tumbler to work well, the account needs to have much money. This is why bitpetite is looking out for people who will contribute funds to it so as to run the business effectively. Every depositor is considered an investor because they are helping out to achieve a laudable project. In turn, they will be recompensed with some interest, which is proportional to the value of the investment they make.

Seeing that the tumbler system will go far in solving the needs of many, bitpetite investors are likely going to profit from this business.

Bitpetite Overview

You will like the live chat available on the site. Because bitpetite is taking a path different from other investment sites, it has enabled a live chat where issues such as questions about how it operates can be addressed. As if that is not enough, they have also added Skype and Telegram to increase the number of ways through which they can be reached. Bitpetite delights in the happiness of its investors and would like to be in touch with them through any possible means, and as often as possible.

The investment terms and the interest rates are clear on the site. Do not listen to any third party who claims that bitpetite will do a thing that is not given on the site. For clarity, you can always engage in a live chat with the agents via the website; it won’t take you more than a few minutes.
In case you don’t know, there is a server time on the website. The time is in UTC and will serve the purpose of counting down to the time when an investor is due for the next payment.

Bitpetite Investor Benefits

Good Foresight
You stand a chance to benefit from bitpetite because of its line of business. Having complete anonymity in financial transactions is what most people want so investing your money into it will surely pave the way for more financial fortunes. Similarly, since business will most likely flourish as demands will never seize, you should expect bitpetite to last for a long time.

High Profitability
Bitpetite is poised to reward its investors with up to 180% total profits at the end of the day. You can also earn 147% (principal inclusive) if you decide a shorter term of 6 weeks. The 180% gross profit applies when you invest your money for 9 weeks. In the six weeks plan, you will be paid 4.5% per day while the nine weeks plan attracts a daily profit of 3.6% per day. The latter is smaller because there will be an additional payment over three weeks unlike the former (the six weeks plan).

Get Weekend Benefits
Bitpetite pays on weekends too. You will get 1% on Saturday and Sunday. This is better than other sites that don’t pay at all during the weekends.
Invest as low as 0.005 BTC

You are welcome to join the team with just 0.005 bitcoins. This will make sense for students and nursing mothers who have only little to invest.

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Affiliate program
The affiliate program is rich. Affiliates are placed under two categories: participants and representatives. Participants are those who can earn without investing. They paste their referral links strategically to earn followers who will invest through them. These participants can earn 10% of the first level, 5% of the second level and 2% of the third level.

On the other hand, the representatives are the company’s agents. They represent the company in their locality and will earn 12%, 7% and 3% at levels 1-3 respectively.

Bitpetite Client Benefits

High-Speed transaction
Your money is transferred using the best technology to speed up the transaction. Confirmations required for a transaction are small and also depends on the amount transferred. A transfer of 25 bitcoins requires just 1 confirmation while transferring up to 1000 bitcoins requires only 5 confirmations.

Low service fees
Bitpetite charges a minimum of 0.5% of the amount being transferred. The higher the service fee, the more secure your transaction is. A unique address will be provided to transfer the money. Even though it looks different from the one you intend to send to, your recipient will still receive the money. This is the solution for complete anonymity using the Bitcoin payment system.

Customer Privacy assured
Bitpetite does not have a database of their customers’ information so they have no need to be worried about their privacy. They also do not store Bitcoin addresses. Every anonymous address provided remains invalid after 24 hours.

Bitpetite intends to be professional in its services. For this reason, it gives transaction receipts to its clients and encourages them to keep the receipt until their transfer is complete. The transaction receipt will serve as proof of a failed transfer if you have a complaint.

Bitpetite is good for both the investor and the client who needs to transfer money with 100% anonymity. It provides good investor benefits and the clients also enjoy professional services from the staff. We encourage you to try out the service at least once as this may encourage you to invest with them. The service fee is small even though the investment offers are quite much compared to what other investment sites offer.

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This is not financial advice. Please seek a professionally licenced financial advisor before making any final decisions.

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