Bitcoin artwork - The Dragon and the Phoenix

in bitcoin •  5 months ago

The symbol of the dragon and the phoenix is an ancient Chinese symbol of good fortune.
The phoenix and the dragon represent Yin and Yang. The phoenix is Yin the dragon is Yang.
The pheonix represents virtue and grace, the dragon brings prosperity and success.
When they are together they create perfect balance and harmony.

The dragon and pheonix would often be pictured holding or chasing a ball, the ball is actually a large pearl. The pearl is another ancient Chinese symbol representing wisdom, spiritual energy and enlightenment.

In this drawing I have replaced the pearl of wisdom with the bitcoin emblem.


This artwork is available on my red bubble store as art prints, T-shirts and apparel or as gift items.

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hoping good future for bitcoin


peoples are expecting more and more ................
from BTC

@k3t3r just checking out Steemit and came across your post, your artwork captured my attention. Wow it's a great piece of artwork and a lot of thought put into your thought process before finalizing your piece. It's great to read other people's process as I also show artworks here, and it's nice to hear from a different perspective. Giving you upvote for support, keep up the great work it's an amazing piece so kudos! Hope to stay connect and support each other, looking forward to see your future posts.

Great rhythm and colors. I especially like the texture, it appears as if it was painted in watercolor which is why I especially like the darker colors around the edges, since I have found watercolors are usually too light for my taste but NOT this one, good Yin Yang of dark and light!

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