What Causes Bitcoin Cash Unpredictable Sudden Increase?

in bitcoin •  last year


As we know by now, bitcoin keeps making all time high almost everyday this week. This is largely due to upcoming 2X hardfork which people equates for free money. As ussual alts are blood red for weeks now, but one alt march on unaffected. And that is bitcoin cash.

No one seems to be able to pinpoin what causes this bull run. Because let's be honest, who are going to hoard BCH during hardfork which only gave 2X to bitcoin holder?

My guess, it's an artificial pump from BCH supporter. Personally I found someone on twitter saying dead serious that BCH will march toward $700 in several weeks. Right now the price hovers at $650. It seems the guy is spot on correct.

But how did he know about this? Well maybe he got lucky. Or did he?
Another day I also read an article, that BCH miners in China keeps bleeding cash, but they keep on going. As if they know they are going to profit someday.

Well either way, I have no beef with BCH, I think it's great to see it thrive and I concratulate those who holds it. It just that I don't know yet what causes this rally. If anyone knows what's the cause for this bullish movement, please do tell us.

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