This is hilarious because it's true!

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This video sums up perfectly what is going on right now with the Bitcoin craze.

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Ok ok, so maybe it's not entirely accurate, but I think you get the point. :)

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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"Here's my credit card.." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😂😂


That was great, gonna use that for intro in my meetups

This video excellently captures the characteristics of different people approaching new technology - fans, blind followers, and skeptics sho want to know more. People should adopt the attitude of the person in the middle. Rather than digesting facts off the internet and investing with 'dumb' money, and following the crowd, they should research as much as possible before committing to any new technology. Blockchain's great, but newcomers need to do their research. Weaving through this new technology and economy will be complex as it is pinned to fast-evolving standards.

True.. Hilarious! Now it's it's down... now it's up......

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The problem isn’t Donald Trump - it’s the Donald Trump in all of us...

Nice find! This is hilarious and plus I don't know anyone who cannot laugh at skits on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seriously love his wit 😆

Hi! Merry Christmas to you. I'm pretty new here on steemit and I did this special articles for you kindly Check out and upvote please. I will also be glad to see your response. Thanks a million!

So true is hilarious.

Another aspect of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies that should concern us is the phenomenal energy wasted in their generation on server farms as computers work 24/7 solving cryptographic puzzles that serve no other earthly purpose but to create bitcoins by verifying previous blocks. Estimates of around 30 terrawatt-hours per year, a figure close to the total energy consumption of Bulgaria. One analyst estimates that the carbon footprint of a single bitcoin transaction is 118 kilograms of CO2, about the same as driving a car 300 miles or using all the energy in your house for four days - compared to a 50€ note that requires .025 kilowatt-hours, which is about the energy required to power a 60 watt lightbulb for half an hour. If you are an advocate for crypto-currencies as an investment, I think you also have to be very sure that they are worth the environmental cost.

Yes, you are absolutely right. Bitcoin uses lots of electricity. This is frequently repeated by people entrenched in the naysayer camp.

Have you considered the huge amount of energy consumed by traditional financial transactions. Those big bank buildings downtown. The millions of credit card machines next to millions of cash registers using electricity just waiting around for the next customer. Server farms at Visa/Mastercard/Paypal/etc.

Financial transactions require energy. True. But don't forget that it applies to government money also.

Cryptos are working on improving transaction speeds and costs. The promise of cheap solar suggests cheaper energy for everyone as we look forward into the future.

How profitable has naysaying been for you. Don't you wish you had joined the other side 6 years ago?

100 years ago there were surely people riding horses who thought cars were for fools .

Paradigm shifts are tough. Bitcoin may not be the ultimate victor, but cryptocurrency/blockchain tech is here for keeps.

Fortunately, Bitcoin has a a way of aligning incentives in the case of energy consumption. Mining is a very low margin business, because of this, we have seen a centralization of energy in areas with cheap (or even free) energy. Right now green energy (hydro, solar, wind) aren't the cheapest way of producing energy, it is still much cheaper to burn coal/natural gas, however, someday green energy will be a much more cost effective way of producing energy. When that happens we will definitely see more mining operations utilizing green energy to maximize their small margin for profits.

Cryptocurrencies allow parties to transact payments directly without a central intermediary, by means of blockchain technology that uses a shared ledger that verifies, records and settles transactions.

Stuff for all the people who missed the biggest opportunity in there life to make money... Saying that the others are dumb doesnt make it better, the people who invested are the winners and the people who didn´t invest are the losers...

the (((media))) and (((bankers))) are trying to keep a straight face while panicking....

nice video shared that cause more awareness about Bitcoin.

yap i get the point until it went to $3 , hahahaha but i would say most people are like margeret , they dont know anything but would not ask to find out and act smart

The video was quite funny but the point should be no, don't invest the retirement fund into Bitcoin since you can't be sure of its value over so many years - choose Steem!

HILARIOUS!! Thanks for posting that.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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So much fun from the conversation but so much risk and looks like gambling with last money if someone put retirement money as he/she don't know when money will be needed. ANd when money is needed the btc price can be lower.

After Losing 40% Of Value, #bitcoin Bounces Above $14,000

long history.
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Walkers walk. Racers race. Bitcoin bitcoins... but fingers never fing. Huh...

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Soo funny. I like the ending: Stock Market- gamble with your retirement the old-fashioned way. 😀😀

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Hi! Merry Christmas to you. I'm pretty new here on steemit and I did this special articles for you kindly Check out and upvote please. I will also be glad to see your response. Thanks a million!

Thanx for sharing

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@jrcornel Indeed Riding bitcoin is like riding Santa's Sleigh up and down and up again
Merry Christmas

Honestly her questions were pretty valid , I’d ask similar when I got to first know about it :D I’m going to send this to my husband to explain to him what bitcoin is . Pretty funny and true

Waooow. This came in handy. Thanks for sharing

sounds win win to me.

Brilliant how it sums up bitcoin, utterly confusing.

This is real funny, just love these ladys 😊

Thank You so much. Bitcoin is more important for now-a-days.

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Hahahahahahahahahahhah. This is too fucking Funny
Loved that woman who agreed for whatever the other woman said .
Woman2:" who's is founder of Bitcoin "
Woman 1:" We Think it was Santoshi Nakamoto "
Woman2:" who's that? "
Woman 1:" no one really knows "
Woman 3: " it sounds cute "
Me :* Rolling on the Floor *

That was funny ! 😄


Thanks for sharing the video, it really sums up all the points of Bitcoin craze lol

Just hold bitcoin, after some days you will see..

Haha omg wtf is my life right now lol this is great thnx for sharing 😝

Oh its so simple!

I just cannot help watching it. Volatility is bitcoin name

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