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You could always take payment in Bitcoin, but now in New Zealand, it's legal!

In what seems like rather huge news...

New Zealand announced that employees can now legally elect to have their salaries paid to them in cryptocurrency.

And who said these things weren't real currencies...

The bullet points can be seen here:


This is potentially YUGE news!

This is the first of what is hopefully many countries going this same route.

It's the first step of bitcoin, or some other coin, establishing itself as a country's currency of choice.

Hopefully if this gets enough headlines and enough press other countries start to follow suit.

If you click that link above, Pomp encourages all twitter users to retweet that post to try and get it seen by as many people as possible.

Stay informed my friends.


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Ya, that is kinda weird, throwing away their own currency

Perhaps they think the technological innovation and advantages of embracing it may outweigh the negatives for their country?

Given the way the Kiwi Dollar has fallen, it may be a great idea! May pack my bags soon!

Can you trade bitcoin for fiat easily?

Come on over @newageinv we want more of your sort over here!

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Are you in New Zealand?

Yes :) And I offer BTC in my line of work

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To employees?

Institutional investors are filling bags, afterwards, the entire universal media apparatus will shill bitcoin to normies like it's the cure for cancer and aids. Screenshot this.

Haha, done.


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Cool. Good to hear!

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Thanks, I sure will.