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Bitcoin is up some 5% today as the FED announced they would be expanding their Balance Sheet

The FED announced late yesterday that they would be resuming their treasury securities purchases.

However, they were quick to note that this would not be the same thing as Quantitative Easing.

Or more commonly known as "QE".

How it's different than QE is beyond me, but the FED Chair was quick to mention that this program would not be the same:

“I want to emphasize that growth of our balance sheet for reserve management purposes should in no way be confused with the large-scale asset purchase programs that we deployed after the financial crisis. Neither the recent technical issues nor the purchases of Treasury bills we are contemplating to resolve them should materially affect the stance of monetary policy.”


Either way, we have a FED balance sheet that is expanding for the first time since 2013

The FED's balance sheet had been decreasing the past several years, and hasn't been increasing since 2013.

Check it out:


Whether bitcoin bounced specifically because of this news is of course debatable, as the timing of the bounce doesn't match up perfectly.

However, being that the bitcoin market is an immature market still, sometimes news doesn't impact prices as quickly as it does in other markets.

Some thoughts

My bet is that bitcoin is going up because the FED is going to be starting up a program that is very similar to QE, a program that historically has inflated asset prices.

This is exactly why and how bitcoin works as a store of value.

With interest rates dropping, and the FED's balance sheet expanding, there is a very favorable macro environment for bitcoin gains.

Couple that with the halving now only 7 months away and we have all the right ingredients for a major move in bitcoin in the near future.

Stay informed my friends.


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It's true that BTC will go up but before that it has max chance to drop down to 5800-6100 As per my analysis if someone is willing to invest they should wait for market to drop down at 5800 to take max profit.But yes! I agree bull run is coming soon

Why do you say that? This isn't technical analysis but more of a macro theme that should be bullish for bitcoin in general.

the fed is doing fraud and counterfitting no matter what type of sugar they put on it
its a joke and i agree bitcoin will move up but in ten years from now bitcoin will not be the main currency since its not fungible and private and once people find this out they will go to monero and by then im sure there will be many more like monero

also i would start using decentralized exchanges if i were you or anyone else
have a great day bud

ps this is for people that want to protect their money from the criminals
i for one am on that side of the fence

Unfortunately I do not share your enthusiasm for privacy coins at the moment. They are in for a major fight against world governments and it won't be kind to privacy coins now or in the near future. Perhaps some day they will have a place, but I think we are a long ways from that.

nothing unfortunate about it JR
bitcoin was also attacked but since its transparent and non fungible these evil fuckers have regulated it
in saying that bitcoin took a whole long time to get regulated and controlled by blockstreams help which is bilderberg and world bank and i do agree privacy coins are in a fight and once bitcoin is completely regulated and they can steal everything from people only then will privacy coins excel like bitcoin did when the establishment was attacking them
so its not unfortunate you think that way since i totally agree with you on what you are ccommenting

They will force privacy coins completely underground, banning them off of all regulated exchanges. They can't kill them completely of course, but I see their potential being limited if they are only an underground currency.

again i totally agree with you they forced bitcoin underground and it survived and now they are accepting it although with the privacy coins i agree it will be a longer battle but once the establishment starts stealing peoples cryptos that are regulated and controlled they will all run to privacy coins and i also agree that is a long way off bitcoin took 7 yrs and monero will take a lot longer since the sheep are majorly asleep but it will happen eventually
the timing i cant say
great reply bud and have a great day

The only reason they are accepting bitcoin is because they are realizing it isn't competing with their fiat dollars, it is competing with gold. It also is not as easy to launder money with it as previously though. For those two reasons it has been "allowed" to survive. Anything that directly competes with fiat "they" will seek to crush.

people seem to forget that bitcoin was made for having no regulations or control and its now somewhat regulated and controlled and i do understand that privacy coins will be attacked way more than bitcoin was since they cant do fuckall to it unless the people there sell out like zcash and dash
that is the reason i dont like bitcoin since it was made to do the exact opposite thing of what is happening now but its going to be a great ride either way
cheers bud

Just because something is made for something, that doesn't mean it will end up being its best use case. There are actually several medications that were originally created for one purpose but found later on to better treat something completely different. I think comparing privacy coins to bitcoin is comparing apples and oranges and unfortunately governments are going to try their hardest to squash those apples...

and you are right 100 percent ten years is not a long time and too bad we dont teach our younger ones that it is a short time
we teach them do what you want and enjoy your life and you can be anything you want living that way
what a sham
be safe and be well my friend

agreed bud
but it didnt work for bitcoin they only sqaushed it halfway and you are right just cause something is made for something does not mean it will succeed but bitcoin succeeded and i believe privacy coins and security tokenization assets are the future
bitcoin and ethereum paved the way for the future even if they did get regulated and somewhat controlled
i appreciate your views big time and keep up the good work that you do my friend

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

They never really tried to squash bitcoin. They could have easily made bitcoin ownership illegal, mining bitcoin illegal, transacting in bitcoin illegal etc, but they didn't. That would have been trying to squash it. While they may not be able to outright kill privacy coins (or bitcoin) they could make life difficult enough for them that they have very little value and use, which would basically kill them.

Oh but it's not QE lol

Of course not!

Thanks for this good information.

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