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Bitcoin and Crypto adoption is somewhat mirroring the trajectory of early internet adoption

Did you know that bitcoin and crypto adoption is somewhat mirroring the same trajectory as early internet adoption?

It sounds a bit far fetched at first, but the trajectories are pretty similar, even if that is all they really have in common.

Though, some think they will end up having a lot more than just that, with crypto possibly eventually helping create WEB 3.0.

Check out the charts:


As you can see, crypto is moving pretty much at the same pace that internet adoption did, albeit with a slight lag.

The main difference is that there are less people using crypto than there were using the internet at this same point in their adoption cycle.

And it looks like it will most likely always stay that way looking at the above chart.

The adoption trajectory of crypto is slightly lagging that of internet adoption, but not by much.

Some specifics...

After 8 years since the creation of the internet, there were around 500 million people using it.

After 8 years since bitcoin launched, there were around 50 million people using it.

Deutsche Bank excepts roughly that same lag and trajectory to continue as we move forward...

Given that, we are already seeing roughly 4 billion people use the internet, which means there is no reason why we can't see 400 million people using crypto within the next decade or so.

If it were to become the worlds global reserve currency, possibly a lot more than that.

Another interesting note from Deutsche Bank was that they think overall crypto is eventually going to replace the current fiat financial system due to too much instability with the current system.

Stay informed my friends.



Just shows you how early we all are to this new technology. It's here to stay, mass adoption is right around the corner.

Yep, it certainly does look that way. Hopefully steem is part of that!

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there is always interesting information on your profile

Thanks I do like stats and charts. SInce crypto is only about money, it may never have the appeal that internet had, which is used for a lot more than just money.

Countries will use a crypto fiat currency for their central banks, as China is considering, and others, but it will not be a true crypto due to centralization.It is blockchain of course, so digital currencies are coming it seems.

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Steem offers higher return potential if it does end up going up again. It went from $.07 to $9 during the last bull market...

Definitely..... I should have converted all my Bitcoin to Steem a few weeks ago when Steem was at .11 cents....

I almost bought 1,000 Bitcoin when it was a few pennies too..... but chickened out. Could not hit the enter button on that day.....

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Cool, thanks! Hopefully steem does something remotely similar if/when bitcoin goes on its monster run.

Yeah.... I would be happy with $10 Steem or even $1,000 Steem.

Haha yes those would be nice. I'd like to see steem get back to a dollar first before I start dreaming too big.

Yeah.... $1 Steem would be a good start

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