Bitcoin to $500,000 within 3 years or he'll eat his what?!

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Legendary Cyber Security founder bets his manhood on it.

John McAfee said in a tweet yesterday that if Bitcoin doesn't reach $500,000 per coin within the next 3 years he will eat his dick on national television.

Don't believe me?

Check it out:

Rut roh, it's now on the blockchain John...

I am not sure how that is anatomically possible, and I am sure it is likely to be taken with a giant grain of salt, but that just goes to show the kind of conviction he has about the future price of Bitcoin.

The name sounds very familiar...

You may have heard of John McAfee, he is the original founder of McAfee Associates, which created the very first commercial antivirus software by the same name. 

Still haven't heard of him? 

Well, go check your old laptop or computer, you have likely used McAfee antivirus software at some point in your life.

The blockchain doesn't forget.

Unfortunately for him this tweet is now going viral and I am sure 3 years from now, it will be brought up again.

For his sake, and even more for all of our sake's, I hope Bitcoin is above $500,000 per coin by then. 

Not only because it would make us rich, but because I really don't want to see that...

Can you image what the price of steem might be in that scenario?

Stay informed my friends!


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We will see in 3 years;) Let's hope steem has reached 1k by then... any believers?

I think it could hit $10 quite easily. If things go right and steem eventually becomes one of the cryptos of choice, $100 could even be possible. $1000 I am not so sure about... although anything is "possible" I guess. :)

Well.. I hope so;)

he'd better practice now
but you know what I'd like to believe that :)

IT s a silly bet since there could be another coin taking the lead in that period of time. For instance Steem has a lot of potential. No transaction fees, instant transactions and a governance model much better then any other coin.

So 3 years from now Steem could have the lead and then that Mcafee guy needs to eat his bip on fakestreammedia (aka national television).

Steem will never be a lead!
Are you kidding to me!.

If you are trying to promote, well fine.

But, Do you know about other coins that exist, and others that are ideas to be implemented with in that period of time.

If steem becomes a lead! " I WILL COOK AND EAT MY DICK! ".

5 years if steem reaches 300$, That will be MAX ! As max steem can get.

lol.. ur right .. steem cannot lead cryptos :D

Yes, Steemit is good and I like it, buy A lead !

Is just promotion! .

haha funny guy ;)

He is a very peculiar individual. At the same time, there is some substance to his prediction. Just imagine 7 years ago when bitcoin was virtually worthless at fractions of a cent; what if someone had said that it would be worth over 2,000 dollars by the year 2017. That person would have definitely been ridiculed and criticized of being a lunatic. Fast forward to the present, I would really like to interview those skepticals now....

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if Bitcoin reaches 500k then it will put steemit at a price of 274 USD, that is if steemit price is 0.0005600 BTC like today. But realistically I think steemit will be at least 100USD by then...I will be happy with half that amount.

I keep thinking that we'll see a steem price of $100 within the next 3 years, idk why but it feels right

I'll take it!

That would be great if STEEM was at a $100. We would all feel very good about ourselves!

He is a very peculiar individual. At the same time, there is some substance to his prediction. Just imagine 7 years ago when bitcoin was virtually worthless at fractions of a cent; what if someone had said that it would be worth over 2,000 dollars by the year 2017. That person would have definitely been ridiculed and criticized of being a lunatic. Fast forward to the present, I would really like to interview those skepticals now....

yep, but if you look at his other comments on this tweet you'll see he talks about his math and that actually predicts btc to be between 1.5 mil-2.5 mill

so your prediction of steem is possibly more accurate.

he just says 500k to play things conservatively

I think steem price will be atleast 50-100 USD.

In 2015 an esteemed politician staked his hat on the outcome of the general election in the uk - he lost the bet but has yet to eat his hat, so I doubt that JM will ever have to do what is actually physically impossible, besides who would put such a low price on his own manhood? Great post @jrcornel - very amusing!

Haha wow seems like we better start investing in bitcoin ASAP. This is an awesome post @jrcornel - I do hope steem goes up as well. What do you think bitcoin and steem will rise to in 3 years? @jrcornel

My guess is we see Bitcoin over $10k and Steem over $10 at some point within the next couple years. I know I know I am not as exciting as some of the others...

Thank you for your insight @jrcornel and I agree. I think 500k and the whole "dick eating thing" was to shock and grab peoples attention lol. It would be really nice to see steem go above $10 for sure! Fingers crossed :)

He has something. It would be interesting to see what it is. Worth a bet he is right?

Lets hope hes right....

even if he isnt, ill make sure im watching it online, because itll be priceless to see people show him the tweet in 3 years haha

I think he will win his "bet."

This doesn't surprise me at all with McAfee! He is very intelligent, but seems like these last few years he appears to be a little off.

I hope it gets to $500,00 for all of our sakes!

He is eccentric that is for sure. But really... that is outlandish. I am a huge Bitcoin bull, but I think $50k is a much more reasonable target within the next couple years and I am not betting my manhood on that. ;)

I am not betting my manhood on anything! haha

I think $50,000 sounds realistic given the state of the economies of the world.

Although if the USD were to hyperinflate (which seems to be unlikely) that $500,000 could certainly come into play!

I would rather want to see BTC reach $500k than what John said he would do if BTC did not reach $500k in 3 years.

Hahaha me too

everyone HODLING is praying Mcaffee is right

That's a big name. I wonder on what basis he is saying that, though if his prediction comes true we all could be millionaire and if it doesn't I wonder how he would do what he claims for? Though I am not interested in seeing that. So I wish Bitcoin crosses half a million so that he could retain his important asset (may be significantly important than Bitcoin's price).
So everyone, let's pray to save McAfee's asset and be millionaires at the same time.

Both of them are equally important!

Nah, Bitcoin is far more important! I'm pretty sure McAfee is rich enough to buy himself a new bionic asset, better than the original.

Hahaha I love this post!

That's crazy! If Bitcoin does go there, we'll all be rich from investing in cryptos today :)

Great post and info makes me feel better! Being, that my account is worth less than my SP! but I have to keep moving forward. I know things will pick up again soon.
John is a funny man!!!

Now there are at least two reasons to hope he's right lol!

People rarely live up to bets like those ones..

What if he's right. He's a smart cookie, he's been around for long enough and he has deep understanding of the game. Cryptos are on the rise, but Bitcoin will always be the king. It hold value and to my knowledge there is a final count of 21 million bitcoins. That's not that big of a number. The world population is going up so there will be more people as the years pass. So the demand will greatly surpass the supply. Bitcoins also get lost... that shortens the supply more. And as less and less people hold it as the price increases, the demand goes through the roof. If you hold it you wont trade it or buy anything with it. Not any more, now that you've seen the potential. My friend bought mushrooms with 3 bitcoins a few years ago, another friend was buying chocolate on the web with it... 3 coins per bar. We all know this stories don't we?! But now I know a guy who bought a sport car with it. So, the game just got big, and people that are smart cookies, have been around for a while, and played a few hard games are running the show. I'm going to say one thing. I'm keeping my ears down like a little puppy and follow their leed. If anything, John McAfee is an eccentric and controversial figure that doesn't fit the main stream and speaks his mind as he feels. But he's right and he's rich. This just might really go high up guys... really high. As a disclaimer i should mention i'm a noob in this game, new to Steemit even. But it seems to me that now that bitcoin has survived this attack, nothing can stop it. It will gain a role of digital gold. 500 000$ ain't that big a number through those glasses. Just think those chocolate bars ;)

Let it drop first so I can buy in! August 1st oh my

I'm all on steemit now.. not in bitcoin.

And this is the same guy who fled to Belize and was hiding from the world? Let's hope hes right !

Yeah, McAfee has quite the sense of humor. I remember when he made that YouTube video back in the day with the hookers, guns and blow in the background, letting everyone know that he was no longer affiliated with the antivirus software.

I hope so! I think bitcoin has great future and usd and fiat is in a bubble for so much time!

@jcornel i love u. Please join me on whaleshares discord ;)

That really funny. $500K is quite a hurdle, but we'll see what we can do. Actually, let's get Steem to $500,000 instead and just turn off the TV when the time comes.

Haha! That sounds like a great plan to me. :)

I'll run with that - it would be life changing for all of us!

Haha I hope for his sake it will come true...and if it does...boy will there be a lot of happy cryptoholders as well!

That's quite a statement! I can't wait to see what happens in 3 years!

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Ohhhh my goodness!!! So funny!

We have all heard of putting your money where your mouth is, but this guy is taking it to a whole other level...

He's a really smart guy too, and he's being conservative in his estimates. Bitcoin is about to hit the biggest BOOM in human history!

Spotted dick, perhaps?😉

I'm looking forward to see him eat his own dick, but I don't think this is going to happen.

I love John. He's like a fine wine and an ounce of cocaine.

good targeted ad this :) for John McAffe (I had this antivirus some time) and for BTC pump :)
resteem, follow, upvote :)

he is definitelly not trying to promote McAfee anitvirus as he has nothing to do with it for years. He even did funny videos before instructing people how to uninstall that shit. Check this:

agree that's that antivirus shit :)

Bollocks, I say. The guy's nuts.

Reading 20+ articles today on McAfee making a ludicrous call ... check
Seeing average payout on those articles (few cents up to a few dollars) ... check
Seeing the umpteenth article of McAfee today but then by someone with a rep of 70+. Expecting madness votes while the news is old..... definitely a check

I do not want to sound as the grumpy guy, but isn't it slightly strange that a post without new information gets massive upvotes 'just because of the OP' instead of the contents of the article? I am not interested in high rep people earning some Steem on their 'investment', not at all, but amazed at the 'jump the herd' mentality shown. I think that happens many times on Steemit. Does that contribute to helping good articles of lower rep people getting the upvotes they deserve?

Anyway, just my 2 cents. I would rather want to see McAfee being right than him having to make good on his bet on TV.

Curiously the quote came out just as the new season of Game of Thrones was launching. And the anatomical impossibility to which all refer was in fact already shown on GoT a couple of seasons ago. No point that HBO is not willing to stoop below it seems.

So .... I conclude Mr. McAfee must be a GoT fan


Great post !! keep them coming!

I'd love for this to happen. I would imagine he'd get some candy gummy dick or something to chew on all the way to the not-bank!

That's going to be a beautiful picture if it come to life. I could only imagine what that Steem would be. Guess that's why I'm not really trying to cash out from my post. I just want Steem power.


If it doesn't reach $500,000, I might do the same ;)

I hope he has lots of whale friends who can drive the price up last minute, should it be needed... everyone will save this tweet and set a reminder for in three years, LOL

It's a ridiculously bold statement... not sure if he's trolling or if he really expects it to rise so astronomically in three years. I don't know if the bitcoin community is prepared to handle that speed of growth yet.

I think he had a few too many mid day cocktails and got to talking a little too much. Maybe he meant to say $50k?! :)

Haha, ya he just added an extra zero and then everybody wrote articles abut it... he wakes up from his drunken nap like "aw shoot"

wow hope his prediction is right ;)
thanks for sharing :)

Really? Good luck.

Really? I can't wait to see him do that. LOL

probably up to 10k but 500k is too much :OOO

amazing !! good info, thank you very much

Well ... I hope for him he is right, because eating your own sausage doesn't seem a very pleasant experience to me personally.

But jokes aside, this is a real possibility. Total market cap of crypto ballooned from $15 billion to more than $110 billion in a mere 6 months this year. Three years is a lot in cryptoland and crypto could be a goliath in the financial market by 2020 ... !

I laughed so hard, never knew this dude was such a wild card!

he is brilliant though, idk if you saw him challenging lots of people right back when they were offering their bets

I know everyone on here is gung ho steem and I am too believe me, but, often times new and great things are followed by even better things.
it could be possible that something similar but better comes next and we all need to be aware of this.

steemit is great don't get me wrong, but when people were loving btc at the beginning and some said what if it could be better they prolly didn't think of something like ethereum could come. (this is just an analogy, I still think that btc will perhaps have a large place in the currency world for decades to come)

Bitcoin will be a great deal after 3 years but not as much as he said in his tweet. People are not that much fool to blindly invest in Bitcoin. It's never going to replace fiat and that's is the option it had to reach at great value. Fiat are irreplacebale, and infact no one knows about bitcoin for now, after 3 years it wont make any difference as such . @jrcornel

If bitcoin does not pass for 5 thousand, then we are waiting for an interesting sight. At least something:)

His enthusiasm is terrifying but yea I'm in for BITCOIN @ $500k!

By August 2017 there will be fall in bitcoin! $500,000 Won't ever happen in next 3 yrs!

That literally made me laugh out loud. I think he is referencing a marijuana plant that he calls "Dick". Gotta be....GOTTA BE!

It doesn't seem very realistic right? I too hope he's right but that's not were I realistically see Bitcoin price.

Maybe 15,000-20,000$ in 3 years, make sense but half a million seems more like a joke. Coming from Mcafee it doesn't mean much.

No it doesn't. I was thinking around the same numbers you were... perhaps he meant $50k and a zero got added by accident somewhere along the way... ;)

Hahaha! Either of those end results is a win!

I think the problem must be that he knows the cryptocurrency market will grow and be 250 times bigger, but maybe he is predicting wrong with bitcoin. I mean, the way things are going currently, it is only a matter of time some other coin will surpass bitcoin in marketcap and after that another coin will do the same.

Eventually people will notice the other coins and only new people will invest in bitcoin and I doubt they will pay 500 000 for one (or what ever part of that they want). But I might be wrong as I was predicting that bitcoin wouldn't really grow anymore after 2015, but would rather start to be taken over by other currencies.

The fact however is, that bitcoin is loosing its dominance gradually and I don't know why that trend would end, unless segwit does something amazing. I guess it just fixes some problems, but doesn't really affect that much.

Rebel miners have just announced a Bitcoin HARD FORK for August 1st in which they will immediately raise block size to 8MB.

Wow... The stakes just got pretty high. This will give new meaning to the saying 'you are what you eat'. Hahaha.

Mr. McAfee needs a mental treatment urgently otherwise he will eat everything he finds

Just when you thought McAfee could not get any crazier he keeps finding ways of upping the ante.

Well played good sir. Well played.

This crack me up but way to show ur confidence in bitcoin 😂

I think 10k is more realistic

Didn't he also run for president? I think 500k is a bit much but as with the presidency anything is possible. I would settle for just his hat.

Yes he did. He was on the 2016 ticket for a while, on the libertarian side I believe.


The 499.999 reply was funny :D

The time will tell us. But there is one thing we know today... McAffe isn't a good Anti-virus software.

if one share of bershire hathaway can get to 250 thousand , maybe bitcoin can get close to at least 100 thousand . hopefully !

I was also in shock about his comment! The guy likes to be in the center of attention that's for sure :-)

i liked this post

Sure hope he does not have to resort to that....I too think we will hit 500000 for these reasons

Its looking good right now. I think he's out of the dick eating woods. Kinda like all those celebs who said they would leave USA if Trump got elected. Pretty sure all of them are still here. Lol

Nice article. So is McAfee free now or incarcerated? I remember he had that neighbor murder charge couple years ago and also many drugs and gun charges. Wiki just lists all his legal issues and the fact he was on the run but it looks like he is now back in US and probably free... this pirate has some great lawyers :D

Great project..
Until now I still use McAfee antivirus on my laptop.
Thanks for sharing @jrcornel

I believe Mr McAFee it is a new revolution in technology and still in its infancy. I think bitcoin and steemit will develop and progress to shoot off like a rocket. I still do not understand it but I am also in my infancy regarding crypto currency and steemit. Watch and see.

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