Bitcoin is Cheaper and Faster than the most popular Remittance Platforms

in bitcoin •  7 days ago

For those struggling to find a use case for bitcoin and crypto, look no further!

Critics of crypto have long been saying there is no use case currently for bitcoin and the like.

Blockchain yes, but crypto no.

However, they are forgetting about something very important...


Not only is bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) cheaper and faster than the current status quo, but it really isn't even close.

Check this out:


Look at the massive difference in speed!

It gets worse...

The image above shows how much faster it is to use crypto, however, the real shocker is the cost savings...

It isn't clear what amount of money is being sent in that image above, but many of the services tend to charge a percentage fee.

Meaning the more you send, the higher the fee will be.

For someone sending hundreds of thousands or even millions, the cost savings using bitcoin and crypto is off the charts.

So, the next time someone tells you there are no use cases for bitcoin and crypto, remind them about remittances.

Stay informed my friends.


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