The Sky is Falling

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No I am not promoting Tony Robbins book here, but one thing to get from this, is how experts state facts to reflect knowledge. Facts are facts and you can always listen to experts stating historical facts, however, going beyond that is your choice. What you learn from history should dictate what you choose for your future, you do not need Tony or any expert to tell you what to do.

People who made fortunes on investments are not those who followed expert advice, but those who have taken courageous, calculated steps and challenged the status quo. I am not telling you to take unnecessary risks, just do not fall victim to fear.

"Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him."


I am not selling, and I will be buying more. Simple.


Me, too. It's been like shopping at Costco this morning.

The sky only seems to be falling as we as a community have a lot of relatively new members who cannot remember the 50% drops of the past. This has happened many times before and is likely to happen again as crypto slowly gains mainstream adoption. It looks scary but as he says in the video, if you don't sell, you haven't lost anything!

Yes! Even though it looks red on the way down, it was green on the way up at that same price just a short time ago and we were ecstatic. We are still closer to main stream adoption every day.

so true , it was green on the way up :) this is the roller coaster we bought into and now we have to ride it back up or else self destruct.

good information

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All hell will break loose after the German elections.

From my research, a 66% correction is just part of the game looking back from 2009 to today.

Thank you so much for sharing. I feel so much better after watching this.

I think what we see in the media is to entertain as the real issues in front of us. This is the transition from the US dollar as the Global Reserve Currency --- but nobody can cover it ....nobody will be held accountable. So yes....cyrpto's are a very possible solution to this...time will tell :-)

The transition indeed...and I still feel like one event will tip the ballast but you're right. We are watching it happen.

You are right this is history book stuff unfolding right now.

You know....I don't want to be right...I want somebody to show us another way. I really do.

FOMO and FUD can kill you investments. As long as the company, technology, or idea is providing value your money will grow over the long term. Keep calm, do your research, follow your plan.

Sad part is, all the technicals can be spot on... but fear could easily destroy them.

If you come up with a plan though fear doesn't matter (kinda). If you're long term, and fear destroys your buy in price and keeps dropping, once confidence and the buyback start you'll easily hit that price and could even go back to pre drop levels for a profit. If you don't want to be stuck holding the bag you can easily set stop loss's as well so you can try to buy back in at the next support level.

The average buyer doesn't know how to do that and they end up feeding the whales. Which is why I think Hodl is the best strategy for them. We all believe the market will shoot back up when fiat gets blindsided by one thing or another.

Have any of those actual chart fundamentals helped you trade in this market?

Remember, this market has no rules, it has no fundamentals, so why you guys carry over fundamentals from actual markets with real products I'll never know.

A lot of this trading is fear, fear that these two sides at war will seriously fuck Bitcoin up... indefinitely, and there ain't a fucking chart on this planet that's going to alleviate that kind of uncertainty.

Thats why you never try to trade against the trend and catch a falling knife. All charting does is show you where to plan a trade. If charting was a guarantee everyone would use bots to trade.

I like that quote a lot. Catch a falling knife. So true. I love watching the pro's over at Ethtrader...they can do what I could never do. Great gauge for what is to come, though.

May I get your expert opinion on the bitcoin and steem price that is happening today. For me and my readers. Hope to see you in our conversation.

@joseph thanks for sharing this video. This relates to crypto volatility now and fear and emotions everywhere.
Now is the time to take advantage, buy steem and power up ..time to shine will come.

True to the word...taking calculated risk and not giving in to fear makes one successfull

Am i the only one who thinks the # tags at the end of this post is awesome?? :D

Tony Robbins always gives good advice. I've read several of his books and they drastically improved my life.

price of bitcoin is going down in this month so try to buy and store btc after 1 august .if i am right please upvote and reply to this comment thanks

I totally agree. I've moved all mine offline already.

The best possible smart move they can make is to hold until this turbulent wave is over.

It is just something to be improved in bitcoin network and nothing else.
Price will grow up to its original state as soon as 1 august passes.
Check out what happens -

The future belong s to those who are daring.
No pain, No gain. Its about calculated risks, if the mainstream is pushing in a direction then its time to reflect and consider being careful. Opportunities exist and abound when its not visible to all when more get involved the margins are narrowed. Althoggh i still think the purely speculative with out evaluation and consideration would cause a draw down as they either take their profit or cut their loses, resulting in more folks jumping the boat as the prices further sink. But, there would be recovery as adoption and real utilisation increases, value is sort. For the no real use coins out there, it s gonna be complete good bye!

That's a nice set of teeth he's got from the publisher... :) On a more serious note - Where poor see danger and potential loss the rich see opportunity to get richer. "One man's loss is another man's gain" is mostly accurate in financial markets.

A true businessman is never afraid of the word loss ... remain optimistic about stunami against bitcoin will soon pass.
Stay focused and committed, remember this is just a market trend. Bitcoin is bound to rise again ... I believe that.

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So are you encouraging people to hold, or even buy more without actually saying it here?

Hodl until you have day trading experience, knowledge and equipment. Otherwise, you will end up selling low and buying high: losing money just to get back into the crypto market. How do I know this? Countless attempts to outsmart the market with my "experience" in fiat assets. Crypto is very fast moving and hard to predict.

Exactly right, and it could swing down to almost nothing in a day too, and if anything was ever going to cause it... it's this meddling with the initial coding. Just be careful is all I'm saying. There are a lot of puppeteers in this market, and I just feel for you people.

I feel exactly the same.

The trick is to be diversified. We as people tend to forget that. Do not get all caught up in the sales pitch and put it all in the same pot. With every thing you own in one place when that place burns down all you had burns.

Indeed people who take bold steps, he will be successful from all things .., i @muhammadikbal like your postingan

Good investor knows how to wait and follow their own intuition to execute the game

People panic so easily and seem to have very short memories.

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The sky only seems falling.. thank you for sharing..

Actually, I entered the blockchain market when the bitcoin price was on the highest. I got stressed today. But your posting consoled me.^^

Words of wisdom,he really knows what he is talking about and you should definitely follow his advice.
Great post,well done and i think i'm going to buy his book,he is donating his profits.

Expected fall. People are fearing Aug 1st

I don't know if this is a real quote or just something I thought up as I read/watched this:

"The sky is ALWAYS falling on those with short memories."

Those who prosper in the long term tend to be those who can analyze and think for themselves. And they look at fundamentals, rather than "hot trends."

to me, i believe that the first point of success if the ability to take a risk. people who take risks are people who most times success because one of such risks can open the door. experts tell you what they feel or think but they will never take the blame for the outcome of what you experience in business

Leí poder sin límites, estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo en lo de ''no ser víctima del miedo'' porque sencillamente eso es lo que nos impide a ser exitosos; el miedo. El miedo viene por creer dudar si lo puedes lograr o no, al creer eso le damos fe a que no puede suceder. Nosotros mismos colocamos el ''no va a suceder'' en nuestro camino.

to invest is to think in your future move ..

I like toast 🍞

That's for this, lotta fear out there right now

Hi Joseph, I think, The Sky Is Falling is Sydney Sheldon's book.

The way you differentiate between fact and knowledge is a commonly untouched concept. People often assume the two are interchangeable or at the very least facts lead to knowledge, which is not always the case when many of the world's population choose to stop their analysis with just regurgitation of "facts" without doing the due diligence of synthesizing and applying those facts to the situation at hand. As someone who has become an avid "chart watcher" I have learned that when it comes to Bitcoin, there are far too many factors to take anything at face value. While the blanket concept of buying low and selling high is certainly applicable, without overcoming the fear of the masses in a price drop there is no reward, just consistent disappointment and loss.

Even Tony Robbins is talking about the failure of fiat! Ha!

Investing is not child's play rather it's a very tiresome activity with lots of risk and a lot factors at play. Simply looking at price and forming a conclusion about any investment is childish. It is even less than that of speculation. People who just pump and dump their investment do bear heavy losses in the end. The wise way of investment is to invest after so much reading of fundamental and realising the company's potential. If you;re just investing becasue you have some spare cash then you better go for casino. At least you'll have better chance of winning money there but no in in the investment world.
Thanks for the article @joseph

It is often an unsuccessful speculator becomes an investor)

I agree with not falling victim to fear here. Don't be the person who never makes a decision without first hearing "expert" advice to do so.

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Tony Robins is great. Just don't panic.

Cash is for Clowns Crypto is for Kings... I must write a story on that, would you like?

Courage is a key element of what you say, though only seen from your view. Not all that history is true, if you have to look at it all with some sources that you think are right.
Sometimes what you think is right is not right for others, so only a few people....

Courage is a key element of what you say, though only seen from your view. Not all that history is true, if you have to look at it all with some sources that you think are right.
Sometimes what you think is right is not right for others, so only a few people...

Hold on after crash there is green signal.

All you need is courage, make the step and HODL!!!

Your better off doing your own work and trying to find something that you believe will succeed.
There's no point following aimlessly with other people who might just be trying to pump and dump something or who is just taking a gamble.
The only person you can trust is yourself so make those cal collected investments without anyone else
Thanks for sharing this @joseph
I hope it inspires and motivates people

Great post dude, would love your feedback on my coinclub piece showing our trade action in the last 7 days. Cheers!

I was told to sell a number of times. But I decided to hodl. Today, I thank God I hedl.