Bitcoin Short/Long Term "Experts!"

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In the wake of Bitcoin’s record-breaking rise in value during the first half of this year, renowned stock picker and founder of Standpoint Research Ronnie Moas has had to re-evaluate his prediction and has raised his target to $7,500 as the likely price for the cryptocurrency to reach by years end. The new target, a 50 percent increase over his previous prediction, came about after Bitcoin hurtled past $4,000 last week.

Goldman Sachs:
Bitcoin Price to Eye $5,000 then Crash, says Sheba Jafari, a chief technical analyst at Goldman Sachs. Jafari does not believe bitcoin will reach $5,000 during its fifth wave. In fact, she expects the bitcoin price to crash by more than 38%

There are of course many analysts we have not much heard of in the crypto world jumping on the bandwagon of being the experts in the field of blockchain technology, and bitcoin's price movements. They do bring attention from institutional investors, but they serve a dangerous role of steering the market one way or another.

Goldman Sachs seems to say to it's investors "Bitcoin should not be ignored", it's also paving the way for them to understand the dangers of Bitcoin volatility. While this is understandable coming from an investment firm , it might create a false indicator. That and the wave of Bitcoin Experts that pop up out of nowhere tells us there is a big competition going on to win clients/investors.

You can not help but notice they intentionally choose to ignore experts in the field like Tone Vays, Max Keiser, Charlie Shrem, Andreas Antonopoulos, Nick Szabo, and a number of others who lived the Bitcoin revolution and experienced it from the beginning. In fact the moving force of the bitcoin market in the last few years is totally ignored.

Do not be surprised to hear more of these so called experts that probably never had a bitcoin wallet and do not know the difference between a private key and a public key. As we progress people will come to bitcoin in droves and these new experts will drive the real experts away, or at least sideline them because they know Bitcoin is big business and big business means money.

Here are some twitter accounts of REAL experts to follow:

There are more real experts out there, this list is only for some of them.

You can also follow me at:

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You are a bitcoin/altcoin expert like me, we belong on a different list of experts. :D


Hello, dear experts ☺ tell me please about bitcoin cash, I bought it yesterday and I am holding, what do you think will it hits 0.2 BTC ?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for those accounts. I'm sick and tired of those "experts" that appear overnight, I'm trying to educate and assess about cryptocurrency and blockchain on my blog and I need good quality information. Thank you for sharing @joseph ^^


Its need skills and proper knowledge to become a expert.



Whats bitcoin?


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It s Digital currency like steemit currency

1000 of them make a prediction. One comes true by coincident and he suddenly is the guru of crypto! Save your precious lifetime and avoid them from the beginning. Do yourself a favour and educate yourself about Bitcoin and its technology instead of listen to predictions. BTW, I never saw Andreas A. making a explicit price-prediction. He has no time for this bullshit

And good you added @rogerver. I am not holding any BCH, It's the opposite. But every newbie should read for himself all opinions from all sides to be able to make a neutral position

About the real experts list; all are well known people from the space because most of them invested earlier and promoted the coin since it's birth.
The real core expert in this list is Andreas Antonopoulos. Not only in-depth technicality but he has in and out understanding of business as well including it's applications. No one can understand and explain blockchain like him.
Thanks for the list though. I have bookmarked it and would be following these all guys closely. Cheers!!!

Nobody knows what will happen. If they did they would buy/ sell all and it would likely become a self fulfilling prophecy! However, as steemit etc is persistent, we can go back and see what 'experts' said prior to events and evaluate predictions. I'm interested to see which predictions will come true!


You're absolutely right !

how about our steem coin

38%....gotta love those investment clowns. Out of the blue, but 38%.

Well, it would mean it could go down to 2700$. So what, we've just been there. Goldman Sachs, you are funky, I would trust you with my life. Not. LOL


hardy har har :-) Thanks I needed a giggle


Her every analysis was correct in past. Go and look back.

I firmly agree - I saw a lot of these guru types when I lived on the West Coast. Sheesh!

Damn know-it-alls that often haven't a clue. These simply profess to, so that they can grab the business/clients!

I wish they'd get off their high horse, and go sit on a Hobby Horse (picture that - Ha ! )

I viewed a video about #BITCOIN which spoke of it crashing down from 2300 (which it did while I was on vacation this summer ) - so his prediction was right, yet it happened SO quickly ... within just 48 hours it was moving back up again, anyway.

And his prediction was to $13,000 next year.

When an 'expert' says that a share of the stock will fall, buy the stock because the opposite will happen.

Great list. I've looking for a list like this. It would be great to have a similar list for Steem. Twitter is a dying beast, their censoring tactics will bring them down.

Over the last six years I'm into Stock Market and since starting this year into Cryptocurrency.

What I've learned is : "If you want to loose your money and dreams, Follow experts".

There's no doubt, while we're talking about the best source of income which must be safe, reliable then long term will come first. However, one thing is sure, Bitcoins is the best investment. Anyone love at the moment while passing the good time of Bitcoin, so stay safe and just invest in buying Bitcoins in the long run.

Good post ..
I also post about bitcoin in Indonesian. @joseph

Thanks for the real experts, I wondered who to follow about this

Growth of bitcoin in last 12 months is LOWER that its avarage growth which is +- 1400%/year in last 4 years.

Thanks you information

Bitcoin prices may rise or fall unexpectedly over a short period of time due to its young, new, and sometimes undesirable economies. As a consequence, you are not currently recommended to save in bitcoins. Bitcoin should be viewed as a high-risk asset, and you should not save too much money at risk of being lost with Bitcoin. If you receive a payment with Bitcoin, many service providers allow you to exchange it instantly into your local currency.

so basically Bitcoin should fall back to $2500 - $3000 either from these levels or from $5000 according to Goldman Sachs

aha.. A lot of people could get a chance to enter.


It doesn't matter because it is a speculation at the end. For Bitcoin every day is an opportunity because it will see the high which no one has seen ever (not even gold).
I think people shouldn't wait for some speculation to occur as they may lose an opportunity if it doesn't. So keep investing in small chucks to avoid differential losses. Research is more important than simply a news :). Invest wisely. Cheers mate!!!


Thanks Mate !

Thanks for the share, checking them out right now :D

Hi what are your thoughts about the assumption that by the end of this year bitcoin will reach the value of around 6000 USD? I read about this and I think that will not reach that price, because it is to unstable in past month.


My expectations are 7500 to 10000 , I have a lot of doubt about how big the correction will be, if we do reach those prices then 5000 to 6000 is the more likely correction.
This is not an investment advice.


Maybe in one year or more

There very many predictions as to the price of bitcoins. However, only time will tell what will happen to bitcoin. One thing is for sure,the price will rise. It might pull back little then go back up

just like how share market falls

bitcoin poloniex steem.Bitcoin's price has jumped again, breaking the 3,750 USD mark, with 4k in sight.

I was just reading the article I stumbled upon A Bitcoin Is Worth $4,000--Why You Probably Should Not Own One. And I was amazed what nonsense people are posting...

Bitcoin has always been the couch

Well done. I think that too. It's a shame when "experts" don't know what they're talking about.

It is weird to see people who probably have never used the blockchain in their life make assumptions which are purely an external view. I don't know what they make predictions off but it seems like it is purely to spread FUD.

Most people see the cryptospace as a plan ready to fail despite the fact that it is going to revolutionise the world and it will be widely advocated sooner or later. We may not see it in our generation but definitely the second.

I totally agree with Ronnie Moas and I believe that bitcoin isn't going to face the volatility it did previously and BTC may be able to carry onto $7500

Thanks for sharing the list of real experts who have actually used crypto @joseph

Bitcoin at a technical and social level is huge, it takes time and effort to understand it. There are people who use the word expert in bitcoin very lightly.
Thanks for the @joseph info.

bitcoin best prices

Great Blog Post!

Thank you for this post. When Bitcoin fell just before the fork, steem followed, but now that Bitcoin is sky-rocketing, steem is staying stable, I thought it will also follow Bitcoin, why did this not happen?

Thanks for the quality post and the info it carries with it! :)
And thanks for sharing the list of bitcoin Experts @joseph

Why do BTC is keep on rising but some coin goes down.

Thank you for the article and the list.

Great. thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing
good. .

I just had a look at those accounts. Formidable stuff. Thanks for the word

Excellent comment, I really like your work. I think it is very objective in the analysis and in what you want to convey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Mi voto y te sigo.

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Thank you for the links. I am new to crytocurrency and this will help me listen to the right people instead of all the noise.

Analyst prediction provides a mean of confidence for bitcoin investors. Personally, I do not like the prediction because seldom they proved to be true. I follow price action and keep an eye on the analyst recommendations.


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post is good!

They say it is going to $500,000 per coin!

Good I trust your please @safamostaafa

I think Bitcoin will continue to rise, simply because it's the original crypto currency and in a position where it's used to buy or cash out other it's been on a huge uptrend and nothing can go up forever so I expect some volatility in the next month.long term it will rise.


I think you are right. expect volatility and upward price over the long term. the new reserve currency of the world.

UPVOTED. very good. I would be happy if you like to follow me and give your opinion about my posts. Thanks :D

I'm already a big fan of Andreas Antonopolous - (aantonop) - he's like a bitcoin prophet traveling worldwide - spreading the good news
Thanks for this more complete list - I'll check the unfamiliar ones ...
(and now follow you

Thanks for the post @joseph Completely agree.
Unfortunately, when there is money, pundits appear from all over to catch poor ignorants and squeeze them.
The real experts have something in common.

  1. They started talking about Bitcoin quite a while ago.
  2. They avoid recommending specific wallets or services.
    Beware of the sharks

Very informative, thanks!

Actually an expert can be born any time it doesn't have to be some one who started with bitcoin just with some analysis and hard work you can know 90% of the whole thing at least that my humble opinion 🤓🤓

Thank you! Following.

thank you, for the information. I'm totally new to digital currency and don't know who the "experts" or experts are. I'll click on your links to get more.


Great information

I am investing in OneGram - 100% Gold backed cryptocurrency. That's because I had gained but than lost on Bitcoin.

OneGram ICO is under way, +- 30 days left.

told a friend it would crash a ton like 6 hours ago.. I shouldve sold mine back then.. sadly I didnt

Nice post

Hopefully, BitCoin will rise so high it will endanger the current banking system which is unfair and only serves to enslave people with money.

Thank you for the info. Have a great day. :)


the cast out reel in cycle of credit. down with the fed.


I could not agree with you more. Hopefully, crypto currencies will be the end of this slavery system.



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special thanks for your awesome content. @joseph your are too good dear.

Thanks for the list, def upvote... a lot of names I have seen before, and im def a newbie, so those names are

in my opinion, no person can predict the rate raising of Bitcoins, because of too many people engaging in this kind of cryptocurrency.

well anyway thank you for these information, it can help people to guide them engaging nor investing in this kind of currency. Well done sir.

With world gold reserves in the trillions BTC has a long way to go... 10x is easy. 100x not out of the question. Question is will people stop wanting to hold it if the price doesn't keep increasing?

A key factor IMO will be what happens after the next crash. BTC didn't exist in 2008... Will people sell it to get USD or local fiat just to survive, driving the price down? Or will they rush to move fiat to BTC to preserve value through the crash driving BTC up?

I have no idea, but we live in interesting times for sure!

What moves markets?


And who has the most money?

Tone Vays?


Bitcoin Jesus?

I wish.

It's the banks and brokers, particularly the multi-million dollar hedge fund managers. When they enter the game, the game changes. They become the experts, because they have the dollars to make what they say come true, if not in hand, then in the collective hands of their hundreds of thousands of followers/ listeners.

Money is power and power stays with the wealthy, because the economy is a well-oiled machine, designed to keep pumping all the money back to the top. Well, that, or people just trust that Warren Buffet knows a thing or two about stocks, so they blindly buy whatever shit stock he suggests next...but it works out to the same.

That said, them entering the game doesn't necessarily price us small fries out. One thing that no amount of money or power will ever be able to heal or transcend is human psychology, which, I contend, is relatively predictable.

So, while the game has changed, while the new generals are less enchanted by the product, more "realist" and, most importantly, skillful in their greedy ways, they still follow a model and that model can be dissected by close examination.

Because psychology is a thing built on rituals and habits (habitual thought), which are patterns (thought patterns), that model, based on psychology, also plays out in patterns and these patterns can be identified by careful examination of headlines in the news or in the bars on a candlestick chart.

That's my take.

I just wrote on the subject which I think expands on the idea:

Read this 2 days ago!
And yeah Its very true about Bitcoin!
What is your forecast for 2018?

Thanks. I have a question, i can use obscene language? Does not it affect my post or my account?

As many of us know that Bitcoin is highly volatile in nature but still i believe that its price will cross $7000 by the end of 2017.

Hi @joseph great post ! and interested informations. I like thes. Thank you for sharing.

I NEVER listen to Goldman Sachs when it comes to Bitcoin or other cryptos

inspiring list.

I am holding 0.86 bitcoins. How long should i hold?


Forever my friend :)

If you are a long term holder of Bitcoin, there is no need to sweat at all. Learn to enjoy life to the fullest.

📌What is investment?

⭕️Usain Bolt has won 9 gold medals in last 3 Olympics and he has run less than 2 mins on the track. That's economy of effort.

⭕️Usain Bolt ran for less than 115 secs in total in his 3 Olympics and made $119 million dollars! That's more than $1 million for each second he ran!
But for those 2 mins he trained for 20+ years ! That's investment.

💢Think long term. Patience pays ❗️ THINK BITCOIN

very use full twitter accounnts thanx for that deserv huge vote

some help please vote me and follow me. Thank you! @maulanailham

appreciate your efforts

Thanks for your tips...hope always success forever...i"ll wait

bitcoin cash is best than bitcoin i think ,its price will go at 1500 $ within one month

Thanks for sharing those Twitter link mate !


good article , keep the good work , ofr my self i see bitcoin reaching 5000 USD by the en ddof septembre

Predictions are hard, especially about the future!😉


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I 100% agree with those who say: Hold Bitcoin for as long as possible. for those reasons:

  1. Bitcoin is not yet adopted by the masses (many people even never heard of it...),
  2. The whole crypto world eco system is evolving at exponential pace right now: companies being created every day, every hour.... More and more of actuall businesses are accepting cryptos,
  3. The whole worth of cryptocurrencies in terms of Capital ir growing fast, that shows, that "Fat cats" and "Wall Street Boys" are looking into this promising investment opportunity, and that is great news for every ctypro fan.
  4. Media is showing Bitcoin, and Cryptocoins more often in positive way, not like before: "it was a danger to the whole World's monetary system..."

The rats are getting scared , they have to give false information for their benefit!

Really interesting article @joseph. I think at the end of the day, these experts are no better than any of us really. The real question is does bitcoin provide value compared to what already exists out there and I think the answer is yes. So in the long term, I think you will see rises in the value of bitcoin even at the high values it is currently at. I think it's important to remember bitcoin's value will go down from time to time, sometimes longer than expected, but with time, it will keep going above it's previous highs.