A Trump presidency would be better for Bitcoin

in #bitcoin2 months ago

If Trump wins, that will be better for Bitcoin and Crypto

The Biden admin has turned increasing hostile towards bitcoin and crypto throughout his term.

If he were to be replaced in the upcoming election by Trump, that would be good news for bitcoin and crypto.

The main reason would be because he would very likely get Gensler out at the SEC and put in someone that actually follows the laws instead of interpreting them as he sees fit.


(Source: https://twitter.com/BitcoinNewsCom/status/1787909680909418751/photo/1)

For that reason, go Trump!


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Hola jondoe, pensé que estos temas no se trataban por aquí, ciertamente la visión de negocios de Trump es muy certera, productiva y rendidora, sera un gusto ver cuando eso suceda como se desarrollaran los acontecimientos, un gusto leer su perspectiva, éxitos

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