Bitcoin Bubble Popping

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Bitcoin Bubble Popping Time Again Reflecting on 2017 and Prior Years. Know where we coming from to know where we are going.


You just have to love the naysayers of Wall Street (who collapsed Fiat currencies of the world with hedging funds and dodgy money) shout the loudest about Bitcoin not having a tangible value, well what is technology.

OK how do we equate value to an intangible like Bitcoin?

When people went to the moon, other than some awesome photography, what did the tax payers of America actually get. "Well move over rover, technology, me thinks..." Huge moves in technology fields came out and have been used since that first walk on the moon, 48 years ago.

1st Walk on the Moon Inventions:

Dozens of innovations were developed, later improved upon and are still being used today.

For instance, NASA's "cool suit" technology developed for astronauts is used by hazardous-material workers and firefighters.

Medical technology that originated in the Apollo missions was used to create a programmable system where doctors communicate with pacemakers through wireless signals.

Some inventions have become household commodities.

NASA was an early developer of cordless devices, which today are almost taken for granted in electric screwdrivers and drills.

Superior Coin Alt-Currency

Prior the Moon Walk we did not have this technology, why today after Fiat currencies have fallen, are we not changing FinTech? Surely Bitcoin is a valuable new technology (actually it is the blockchain technology that holds the value)

Interesting articles - James Faucette still trying to figure out Bitcoin value:

Know where we coming from with Fiat Currencies, Jim Rickards:

About realistic news about both tangible and intangible assets, one being Marijuana the other is Bitcoin, I love it when someone tries to make sense of a crazy world.

Predictions for 2018: Article in full:

Joan Stewart

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Great article and picture of SuperiorCoin, the bubble pops over and over but Crypto still gaining traction. I have seen 40% drop one day and 30% increase 24 hours later.

Fluctuating prices have been amazing, open discussion on possible alt-currencies is healthy in finding reliable places to invest, is of the utmost importance.

Superior Coin is a private coin based on Monero technology, the commitment and community are where it is superbly open and transparent.

Watching Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is interesting in how development will go forward. It is similar with Ethereum and EOS on the contracts side, bringing something different into the technology.

There is some interesting new thought provoking ideas coming out of blockchain technology, who could be bored with not reading and learning more @mps01k

I am interest in Bitcoin.

Small investments slowly grow, research and ask questions @billionairehein "Times they are a changing."

good piece , upvoted

Thanks for visiting @jkenny have an awesome day.

well put together @joanstewart

Thank you @africanherbman this technology has opened my eyes to so many possibilities, a few steps forward and a few steps back.

When speaking of financial tech...

Our banking industry is old, archaic, slow, obscuring and downright evil.

I mean, with ebay and paypal, we should have already had smart contracts. When the item is delivered (UPS says so) then release the funds that are being held in escrow.

Soon, we will have that with cryptos.
Financial technology will take off. Providing pinpoint accuracy of where everything is within any crypto-contract-transfer.

Ever try to find out where your money is during a wire transfer? I swear, there is like 9 people in the world that know that answer.

So, imho, banks are dead. Not because bitcoin will kill them, but because they are so old and slow, that they will be left so far behind (technologically speaking) that using a bank will be next to useless.

You are so right! When I was first introduced to Bitcoin technology in 2015 I got so exciting thinking about the possibilities this technology can bring to the world.

My financial lizard brain took over and it has never stopped, contracts and ease of use will come, the big corporations are nervous in how much they will loose with their tight grip on peoples throats.

This cannot come soon enough, I really hope the big talk of helping the "un-banked" will come into fruition to make life easier for them to enter the world of finance.

This is a great piece and an eye opener for me as you made me have interest in Bitcoin, UPVOTED.

Glad it helped you consider Bitcoin, thanks for visiting @olayinka02

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Great article and I'm not trying to wind you up here but you have just posted on two topics I plan to post about soon. And I think the opposite.

The moon landing, I'm convinced was a giant con job and never took place. A big source of new inventions was WW2.

Bitcoin - I think crypto currencies are the future and am fully invested. But not in Bitcoin anymore, on that I've made big gains and moved on. I think Bitcoin is now called Bitcoin Cash, while the thing called Bitcoin is now another zionist banker scam like the gold standard.

For some reason many people equate Bitcoin with cryptos, but it's time to move on. These are my opinions and some people disagree :)

Bitcoin Cash is going no where but up, Bitcoin could be innovating much more but it has stagnated. Think AOL and Google. One was first but the other is bigger. Bitcoin has been great but it might be time for a better crypto.

Great to discuss from every angle; discussions help move technology forward.

Whether they landed on the moon or not, technology to get to the moon and back many inventions were revealed over that period of time. Whether triggered by WW2 or a Moon Landing it has made humans think and create different technology.

It will be interesting to read your articles on how Satellite and Satellite Instructional Television Experiments came into being if not from going out into space to realize this.

Bitcoin being the original on the blockchain, many refer to all crypto-currencies as bitcoin out of habit, it may be the Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin Cash. Totally agree there are many new ideas exploding in Ethereum contracts, Monero privacy, actually too many to mention.

How do you select? Only after researching and seeing what they offer to humanity in a positive light will I invest.

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To be honest I select on what I think will go up fastest - going very well on Smartcash this week.

I even have some Ripple but don't trust them an inch. Have done very well though.

If I like the crypto that is a bonus, but I held Bitcoin after the hardfork purely for the ride and couldn't wait to dump them, timing worked well.

You will probably be appalled, but we all play this differently...

We sure do apply ourselves differently and that is what makes this interesting. Some hold, some sell, all in all we are moving the cogs and keeping them oiled till the next big move happens.

The more movement the healthier the system will be, testing from every angle.

Yes crypto enthusiasts are discussing openly, helping others flourish in this new adventure, assisting blockchain technology grow.

looks like its really poping out

Total roller coaster ride at the moment @ohi786

Good work

Thanks for visiting from @kryptonia tasks @ianstevenson "It works when you work it".

Bitcoin is not popping these days, it's Stable nowadays!!

It needed that dive to enable a bit more stability, now to watch the growth. Up's and downs are to be expected everyone is learning from the tech guys all the way down to the enthusiasts that buy and hold bitcoin.