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RE: Why None of the Messengers You Know Is the App of the Future

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Hi, I strongly agree with your article. That's why you should look at WIRE a messaging app providing end-to-end security for text, voice/video call and transfer files. Please review it and add it here. It's far better than Telegram has you don't have to enable secret chat in Wire, all is already secret chat by default. It's multi-device and multi-plateform!
I personnaly use it since more than a year and said goodbye to Skype!

By the way, you also have video chat in a browser without registeration. Ideal for a one shot conversation.


Use e-Chat better

Are you serious? E-chat website doesn't even use HTTPS . There is no security.
e-Chat is a chat room, this chat cannot be compared to Wire or Telegram which are instant messaging, not chatrooms.

Are you sure?
Check our website clearer firstly.

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