Why None of the Messengers You Know Is the App of the Future

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Here, at e-Chat, we know what features a messenger for future generations should obtain. Our ideas are based on quite a gloomy prediction of how the majority of well-known messengers function nowadays. Even the fact that each of us is using minimum 5-7 different means is showing that there is not a single one that could serve the needs of all users. We have analyzed the operational facilities of Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Hangouts, Line, and e-Chat.
You would easily find the supporters and haters of each of the mentioned above messenger, but the question on which of the messenger is the best and could serve the needs of future generations is still open.

Recently, we observe extremely high competition among the online communication means. Every smartphone has the Internet and it allows the users of the gadgets activate as many instant messaging apps as they want. Everyday startups come out with new messengers. Some specialize at sending the photo and video content; some are so weird that organize the communication by typing only one word (e.g. Yo app). The abundance of means pushes users to multiple their accounts and update the apps they store.

But there is even a bigger problem: the present situation threatens the basis of communication in the future. Everyone knows that the messengers are run by companies, so to say, this sphere is monopolized. We believe that the existing centralized architecture used as the model for all known instant messaging apps threatens the freedom and safety of modern online communication.

Every messenger that you use is isolated from another. You cannot send a text from Skype to Telegram and organize a video streaming from Facebook messenger to Viber. Moreover, each company-owner is having the fight of their lives to get you as their user. At the rise of the Internet, the situation with the personal communication was absolutely different, because the open standards penetrate all levels of interaction and provide the availability and interoperability of web-browsers, websites, and email clients. With the time the needs of Internet-users were growing and only small companies that are not using open standards managed to meet them. Skype was the first shot.
The popularity of smartphones brought to masses the real obsession with instant messengers. It was as clear as day that there is no need to spend money on texts or calls anymore and people started installing apps like crazy. Legacy mobile operators are trying to prevent the spread of VoIP and other services, but the idea of globalization and in the near distant future the picture having no SIM-cards in your phones is very plausible.

Our developers at e-Chat are positive that quite soon we will witness drastic changes in the sphere of communication. The online instant messaging software is turning into the leading way of interaction between people. And if the centralized infrastructure of the messengers we know doesn’t change, in the end, we receive hundreds of isolated apps on our gadgets that will only keep multiplying.

Let’s see what the weakest sides of modern messengers are. Let’s take Skype as a prototypical messenger, the first one of its class and Telegram because it claims to be the best in terms of safety, encryption, etc.


  1. Skype is unsafe to use
    It opens up your IP-addresses, including the local one. Having these data, everyone could track you and get to know where you are located right now. Skype technical support doesn’t seem like sacrificing everything to fix bugs that the Skype community is bringing to the table. Even now, you can register a Skype account providing your email and there is no confirmation. Moreover, our guys at e-Chat know at least two ways how to block any user by only knowing their Skype logins. Its transport protocol is safe, but the app itself is not.

  2. Skype management policy is unpredictable
    There is the whole story of Skype permissions and rejections. Some years ago, SkypeKit SDK was free for software developers and anyone could integrate Skype support into their products. Even at that time, the process to obtain it and make it work was very bureaucratic. Now, SkypeKit is not available, and all the products based on it, stopped working. If we take other instant messengers into consideration, they provide even less space for any additional development, basically, none.

  3. Telegram has centralized management and architecture
    This messenger needs detailed observation as it claims to be the app of the future. But is it really so, or maybe there are some analogs that could outsmart it. Hint, hint (most likely, e-Chat). Telegram obtains all the information about its users, it decides what topics to discuss, what kind of data to exchange. It means that the management policy of this corporation could be manipulated by states or political organizations and it’s a matter of time when our freedoms could be fringed.

  4. Telegram provides end-to-end encryption
    This is a truly convenient feature. Moreover, we, as users, have the opportunity to put the option of automated chat deletion. The procedure of keys verification is not clear yet and we cannot check it by ourselves. Though Telegram differs from its rivals, it doesn’t have all the features needed to become THE app for the future generations.
    Let’s bring a table with other messengers and discuss their features:


We discussed the existing messengers and are happy to announce that the weak sides of the aforementioned means of online communication could be strengthened and that’s what we actually did by creating e-Chat. It’s the first decentralized messenger. Only by saying that it’s based on the blockchain, IPFS, and P2P should ring the bells to you. Protection, the safety of data storage, built-in wallet, end-to-end encryption – are only some of the features that make e-Chat primus inter pares.


i will surely check on this more...

You are welcome

interesting app

Hope this is legit not like ziber

Be sure, we r absolutely legit.

Let's use Graphene blockchain (Steem) to create the messenger app of the future with an SMT, chatting earns crypto :)

Look, I wish everyone the best of luck developing tech, but the posts and replies below don't seem genuine. Also, if you are going to post in English, you should have someone with a very strong command of the language scrub your posts before you hit submit. I'm not judging, just offering hopefully well-received feedback. Best of luck!

thank you for advice.

I know you are not judging but as i am myself trying to handle many things in the same time, i use some help from bots. My point of view is different and as a result i see a bright idea without funding. Escalating i would say the idea is perfect. Communication has a big hole.. None is offering a stable and secure network. So although his "PR" may be poor at the moment his idea and analysis is brilliant.

thanks for your [email protected]

You are welcome

I'm patiently waiting on @e-chat-ico

I've participated in the ico and also did a YouTube video for this app

We are glad to see active users.

Good luck in the contest!

I learn something from your post.

We are glad, that our post brings you something new.

Great post. Very insightful.

You are welcome and enjoy

I hope they are legit players and with what they promise it seems to be a great proposition.

Sure, we ll do what we promise, be sure.
Thank you for your attention to our project

Yeah will surely check ... 👍

Don't forget about feedback, please.

How are blockchains created in your system?

Clarify your question please.
We ll use blockchain for data storing.

I seriously doubt that e-Chat will be the messenger of the futureTM, but it is a step in the right direction. I believe in open protocols and standards, but as long as big giants like WhatsApp are around it seams super unlikely to me that a new service will take it´s place. My university has its own xmapp Server, which we are encouraged to use, but as long as one student don´t uses it, the whole system is somewhat useless sadly.

But I wish you good luck with your goal.

Thank you,@juliux

Yes, competition is too high in this sphere, but our team is full of motivation to be the best!

According to you which one will. Will definitely check.

Thank you for your attention.
Our app avaailaple on play market and app store

I have shared this post, because it is very interested to learn more. thanks so much

You are welcome and thank you for your attention. We ll bring you the best quality

Get the concept. Not sure how many people will actually try it.
Its already so easy and is good enough for me.

Thank you for feedback.
We are working hard to bring you the best messenger ever!

WIll it support video streaming videos in the group chats or community chat?

We ll post information about it a little bit later!

A p2p network can be used to this

e-Chat is a multitask messenger with the possibility to make P2P (person-toperson)
transfers in cryptocurrency.

I'm not a fan of skype. Future can be such exciting and dangerous at the same time. We'll just have to pray for the best of it.

We are not skype fans too.
You are welcome to try our app

Very informative!

And don't forget to try our app.

I am a gadget app freak and I will definitely test this thing.
Review coming in a moment....

My country is not listed (CRO), verification code is late ( over maximum time) and once entered an app crushes. Will try in future! Good luck!

Hello, It's only beta of our app. We ll fix all the bugs asap. Thank you for rewiev. Wish you good luck too!

Thanks, I will keep it in and follow your progress.

You are welcome!

Nice post

Hi, I strongly agree with your article. That's why you should look at WIRE https://wire.com/ a messaging app providing end-to-end security for text, voice/video call and transfer files. Please review it and add it here. It's far better than Telegram has you don't have to enable secret chat in Wire, all is already secret chat by default. It's multi-device and multi-plateform!
I personnaly use it since more than a year and said goodbye to Skype!

By the way, you also have https://meet.jit.si/ video chat in a browser without registeration. Ideal for a one shot conversation.

Use e-Chat better

Are you serious? E-chat website doesn't even use HTTPS . There is no security.
e-Chat is a chat room, this chat cannot be compared to Wire or Telegram which are instant messaging, not chatrooms.

Are you sure?
Check our website clearer firstly.

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There are so many apps you don't mention. Not one using the SIP protocol, like Linphone, CSipSimple, Ekiga. Not one using the Tox protocol, like Antox, uTox, qTox, Toxygen, Ricin.

The Tox protocol seems to offer what you ask for. https://tox.chat

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