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RE: Bitcoin Technology Must Move Forward

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Hello @tysler

It is alarming to know that someday a quantum computer will be able to break the security of your wallet and steal all your cryptocurrencies. But I think it's just as real as commercial travel to other inhabitable planets. As I have heard a 2³⁰⁰⁰ Quantum Computers will be able to break ECDSA 256. I guess by then the ECDSA will be 4096. Imagine breaking that encryption (!) :D

Thanks for sharing!


I fully support your comment, technology advances not only to decrypt but also to encrypt better and better.

That's right!

Thanks for your support :D

Hi @jadams2k18, @pedrobrito2004, @forykw, @chireerocks, @machnbirdsparo

Sometimes I'm wondering if Quantum computing wouldn't be simply to expensive to be used as a threat to bitcoin or any other crypto. It's a bit like saying that advanced robots will one day replace work done by cleaners (mostly cheap labor, immigrants etc).

It may simply not be economicaly justified.

Naaa... I think Quantum Computing its like Rocket Industry... you either PAY (invest heavily on it with completely overwhelming justifications) for it's development and get the market that will be created in 10-20 years... or you will just be like all users that bought after the first time bitcoin went above 1k$... and then they ALL sold when it was 300$...

The problems Quantum Computing solve are not as easy to understand as probably many will "think". We are talking about a computing technology that is NEVER "certain". It's all about approximations... and statistical results... or answers... or guesses. Nothing like... how much is 1+1... where a normal computer would be able to answer you with 100% certainty (if no electronic/electrical errors occur in the motherboard/CPU) that its 2.

A Quantum Computer? They would probably give you a "couple" of answers. Not just one, to start with. And then it will be something like... it will be 99% 2, 0.(5)% 0 and 0.020303% something else...

Its Quantum states... so, everything can be approximated by several states at any given time. Yes... time! You have time as part of your results... all the time! But on Quantum computing even more.

If you get to know and scientifically explain me more how this can overtake crypto... let me know. I don't think it will be harmful for crypto, and eventually by the time someone finds a way, crypto has already protected themselves against the solution that cracks it.


I guess like all technologies, over time they drop in price and become commercial, like smartphones and laptops. Also, this technology will also become cheap and in the future (year 3000) you will have your quantum computer in your pocket.

Btw, robots will replace all our jobs! 😜

In my opinion in this world Point Of Justification vanished long time ago. Stay blessed.

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