Which coins do I currently hold??

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I have now been trading for a few months and during this time I have obviously been learning some valuable lessons which I would like to share.

As we are getting closer to the end of 2017, BTC is gaining the momentum that it lost a week or so ago and aiming for a new all time high.

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Widen you portfolio

One of the things that I have learned from more experienced traders is to do your own research, then decide for yourself which coins to buy and widen your portfolio by purchasing a variety of coins in which you believe. I am taking a long term view on the coins that I buy and one of my decision making factors is to judge if I believe the coi will still be there in 3 years from now. In Crypto 3 years is a very long time.

Which coins am I currently holding?

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After some research I have decided to purchase the following coins:

With the massive surges of Bitcoin over the last few weeks, I also hodl some BTC as you never know what it is going to do. As mentioned earlier, BTC is currently very Bullish and in my opinion it will get very close to its all time high before new year.

I thoroughly believe that BCH is one of the coins to watch out for. I am not a believer that a flippening can happen overnight, but the discussions is very interesting. The statements that Roger Ver is making is making a lot of sense if we listen to him carefully. I do however believe that BCH will grow over time in relation to BTC, and in my opinion the coin will still be there in the long term.

With all the ICO's and many other things happening around ETH, it is a no brainer to hodl some ETH. I do believe that more and more competitors will emerge over time. If we look at new platforms like EOS and NEO, which will be very strong competitors to ETH, I am not too sure if ETH will be the number 2 or 3 coin in future but fr the time being I believe it is a safe bet.

In my opinion the SALT team is on to something with their crypto lending platform. We never know this might be a Top 10 coin very soon. The team is strong and up to now they have been keeping to their promises of new releases of the platform.

Neo is a Chinese competitor to ETH, and in my opinion, the Chinese has a very strong focus and influence in Crypto. I always keep some NEO handy, as it is has large moves either up or down.

Getting involved in Steemit and Steem really got me hooked on Crypto. It was and still is a life changing experience. I will always hold some Steem as I believe as we get more and more adoption this can return to the spot where it belong amongst the top 10 Crypto Coins.

I have smaller stakes in many other coins, but at the moment the coins above is what I hodl, but it will most definetly change over the coming weeks and months.

Disclaimer: As usual I want to state that I am not a financial expert by any means so I am not providing financial or trading advice.

Happy Steeming and happy trading!

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good selections


Thanks a lot

Interesting picks and definitely some good ones. Do you also use a certain portfolio approach in terms of relative weights?

I'd like to be inspired by others and tweak my own approach: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@cryptotem/the-70-30-cryptocurrency-investing-portfolio-approach-updated-v1-2

Some good choices there. There's so many great prospects that it's difficult for me trying to decide where to invest my limited cash. I'd like to be able to invest in about (20) different ones, at least!

I liked SALT from the first time that I researched it. I bought in at ~ $3, held it for a couple of months and watched it do almost nothing. Literally, the day after I sold it, it took off! lol I did buy back in at $9.44, and as I'm typing this it's at $12.37, so I'm happy. My point is, if you've researched something, and believe it to be a good investment, go with your research and don't let anxiety get the best of you like I did. Patience is a virtue. I believe many cryptos are gonna be long-term investments, as in years, that will return huge rewards, but I guess that goes without saying.

I've also done extremely well on Monero. The privacy coins are HOT, and Monero is number (10) in market cap on CoinMarketCap.

I got in on Litecoin just after it started it's climb from ~ $55.00. I don't believe you can go wrong with Litecoin, even now at $282.xx. Many people believe it'll be several times higher than that in the near future. Probably most people have heard the rumor that Facebook is going to be accepting Litecoin, and who knows what it'll do if that happens.

I've also done very well with TenX (PAY), Golem (GNT), and even FunFair (FUN), which I figured as kind of a long shot.

My next investments will be Steem (for sure), and probably Cardano (ADA), and Power Ledger (POWR). There's just so many great opportunities, it's really difficult to decide!

Thanks for your post.

Upvoted, and you have a new follower.


Thanks a lot for a great comment. I will look into the coins you mentioned and probably pick some up. Followed back 👍🏻



I think Ripple is a great investment! It has so much potential. I would also add Stellar Lumens, its basically a clone of ripple so if Ripple does good Stellar will most likely do good! And for the newbies who are reading this comment please do not buy any coins that John McAfee is promoting he is getting paid for that and it is absolutely a scam! I made that mistake! Invest in the companies that show real potential and do your homework! Do not get fooled by fake news!
Happy steeming everyone!


You are right, I'm also gathering some Ripples and I think it will be a no regret gathering in the future

A few dark horses to keep an eye on. Check out their sites and white papers: vechain, raiblocks, xby and etn. There's an ico coming in jan: coinvest - that looks wicked.


Thanks for the tips @mrechang. I will look into the coins you mention

Why don’t you hold eos If you love steemit and think it could compete with etherium? Seems like a no brainer!

Eos will be my biggest investment soon, I’ve got a bit more litecoin now but all my new earnings are going into eos. Aside from Steem actually, Steem will always be my biggest stake.


I will definetly get meself some EOS 👍🏻

I believe Ltc, eth and ripple will gain more in the next year.

The above mentioned coins all have the potential to pump pump n pump, one coin that will make many people rich is missing from your list, to add to your list, I will add RIPPLE, RIPPLE will be the next bitcoin. Take note


Thanks a lot for the comment and the tip on ripple. I actually have some, just forgot to mention in the post.

Good post bro thank You

As someone relatively new to the crypto scene, posts like these are extremely helpful. You don't need to tell someone what to buy, just tell them what you're holding and why. It helps us noobs make better decisions and start thinking for ourselves. I'm definitely going to add some salt to my plate. Also, nice write up on BCH and ETH, these two seem solid in the short term, and might be ones to hold until EOS starts taking off. When that happens is going to be the big question for me.


Thanks for a great comment.

I have high hopes for Ethereum this year. It was said that an early version of Casper should be out in summer of 2018. This will be huge for Ethereum!

Also look into Stellar (XLM). They are working heavily with IBM and the Blockchain division CTO did an AMA on Reddit where he hinted at a big first half of 2018 :)


Fully agree

btc always will bee the best

I would add ripple in there as well. Looks like a few banks are about to test transfers. If the banks start to jump on board in large numbers because of cost savings it could really launch it.

Many people do not like ripple because it is not fully decentralized but it does many of the things the financial world wants at the speed they need.


Apologies, I should actually edit my post. I actually do hold XRP... To be honest I am expecting a bit of a jump in XRP when the US banks open ;)

What is your opinion about Ripple and Komodo?


Hi @marcel1965, I have not researched Komodo much, but will do and then let you know. From a Ripple perspective I am with @woz.software and his opinion above is poston. In my opinion it is a coin that will make you some money over time.

Very nice even I understand thank you for sharing.


Thanks for the comment 👍🏻

Verge and Ripple are my main two for 1-2 year hodls


Yip, I got. Self some Verge just after I wrote the post

I like it! Subscription to you!


Thanks a lot

Ofcourse i have btc, nxc, clam, doge, burst and eth.
Hopefully 2018 steem and sbd conitnue to rise!

Thanks for the experience shared, I've been thinking about holding ETH, and getting more of it.
Is there any good thing on holding dogecoins?


Dogecoins are actually very interesting. You should follow the trend on the exchanges. It has a very specific trading range and Alltough I do not hold any for the long term I trade with Doge within the ranges when I do day trading.

Nem is my favourite and is Japans answer to ethereum has been a bit dissapointed with NEO to be honest and I'm surprised you haven't got a privacy coin in there

perfect portfolio now just HOLD THEM :D

learnt lot about things that i didn't know before..very informative..thanks alot for sharing this knowledge with us..it is very supportive :)

i think ripple has a future!!

I just started trading, I have 0.5 NEO and 50 Ripple.
I'll exchange some of my eth to salt i think.
Thanks for the advice!


Salt should do well in 2018 if not before the end of 2017. We are waiting for an new software release very soon

Maybe you should do a full review of SALT next? Would like to hear more about it.

We're doing overnite trade recs, here's the one for Dec 28, 2017:
Golem trading around 75-83 cents

Why does everyone say "HODL" now when they mean "hold"? There's a joke there, but can someone explain it to us?

Thanks for sharing ur portfolio, HODL!!!
Cheers @jacor

It is a good idea to diversify, with fundamental and technical analysis. 🚀