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RE: Half a Million profits in crypto trading

in #bitcoin4 years ago

This is just another shameless, pay me to learn my secrets, bullshit post. You and James Altucher need to get a life. You guys are leeches. If you really wanted to help people you'd post the information not behind a pay wall.

Also, if you're making 500k/yr profits on your trades, you're not going to waste your time sharing your "secrets".

It's the same bullshit - just another day. Please don't fall for this kind of shit.


Ain't no one weird trick secret... It's just trading strategies that I have developed and others may have the same, but I've seen my competitors on Udemy and it just disgusted me that they would sell with such horrible trading results. I had some free time so I put it into making a more informative course.

I agree, if you're only going to share 'strategies', that'll be of no use. We already have so much articles, books, tutorials available online for free you

I second this; if seems like you're just trying to make a quick buck or some "free money" off of trivial "trading strategies." Also, do you have any proof of making $500k in crypto profits?