What happened to Bitcoin Segwit2x? Programmer explains.

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Bitcoin Segwit2x hard fork was cancelled and today I want to talk to you about my opinions on the whole situation and how we as a Bitcoin community will move forward. What do you think about the future of our community?

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I view it more as a delay than a cancellation. Not unusual in the tech world.

For someone like me with relatively little knowledge of all the hard forks, to me this causes uncertainty in a very uncertain product. To me this should cause a broad based sell off of the currencies until the situation is clarified. How can you just one day flip from Bitcoin to bitcoin cash, to me it is so bad as much as I believe in crypto.

Guys there's something really cool going on RIGHT NOW

It's not a spam, it's a gift and you can thank me later.
Since I wrote it it's another 15% up.

informative video ;)

Thanks for the summary. I think that there is something missing. Projects like this don't just get canceled at the last minute. The explanation in the letter indicates suspended. There is no reference to canceled. I almost feel as if they stumbled upon something better and will surprise us in the upcoming weeks. Battles don't end this easy.

I am glad that Bitcoin did not forked again. Better to unite and solve problems.

Great post

Another great video!

Great explanation. Keep it up!

Good to get some clarity on this thanks!

Agreed not to do Segwit2x hard fork. Well, cool!

thankx for sharing this information.

Great explanation.

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Very nice thanks for sharing... We need more stuff like that :-)

Thanks Ivan, I've enjoyed the video and am looking forward for more posts from you.

Bitcoin cash going up and alts going down : ( thought it would be the opposite

Hello Ivan! I love your videos!
What if Segwit2x people intentionally cancelled so that the B2X coin value drops "which it did" then they buy low.
And then bring the whole Segwit2x thing back in a month or two
I mean is it really over? Segwit2x futures saw some big gains yesterday.
Thank you for your posts!

Some developer called Bitpico is saying that the fork will still happen on the same date and they already have a website https://bitcoin2x.org/

Guys there's something really cool going on RIGHT NOW

It's not a spam, it's a gift and you can thank me later.
Since I wrote it it's another 15% up.

I just got it 2X and two cents. I wrote about it e8 cent :)

great video!

Correct me if I'm wrong here, and I'm completely new Bitcoin and Blockchanin technology so I may be way off track, but doesn't all this debate over the Segwit2x hard fork and which chain will be classed as the legacy chain etc go against the original reasons why Bitcoin was created in the first place?

Cant Segwit2x developers create another alt coin based on the underlying open source blockchain infrastructure or is it a power struggle over which one of the two get to be called "Bitcoin"?

All the talk about company's/exchanges losing customers and profit margins doesn't appear much different to the power struggles I thought people were trying to get away from?

I may be way off track and it's not like that and apologies if it isnt but It's a little confusing to say the least to a newcomer in this space.

It's interesting how advancements take place in this space by branching off, tackling the solution in multiple ways.

Excellent explanation !!! Started following you both on steemit and youtube .

Really great video! Thanks

I really like @ivanli videos ..!! His videos are so informative..His Youtube Channel is great ..!! He explains everything so easily in a simple manner...!! Great work man...!!!!!

Nice synopsis. I will like to emphasize that bitcoin Segwit2x hard fork was not cancelled but suspended. This means that the Segwit2x should be expected in the future.

Great video ! This fork cancellation will give a lot of rooms for BCH to grow

Thanks for this video. Great explanation.