Crypto Bubble 2018? Programmer explains.

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Cryptocurrency bubble is an extemely interesting topic and in this video we talk about previous bubbles in history and try to draw parallells. We also discuss the recent bitcoin pullback and altcoin correction. What do you think about the crypto bubble? Do you agree with my thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


Bubble is such a powerful word cause it somehow states that the whole market is based out of nothing. Corrections are normal in all markets and I think that many alt coins are over valued. With that said, not saying it won't continue going up. I'm bullish on crypto and will continue to hopefully make gains while being cautious not investing too much in coins with non existing fundamentals.

Here's a technical analysis I just posted. An example of a coin that I think will blow up soon:

Library Credits (LBRY) - Analysis

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 16.48.36.png

Holy crap! I'm not surprised that they are doing it, but I am surprised it has came out so soon and they are being investigated so soon. Market manipulation was always going to happen in an unregulated market. manipulation happens on a much larger scale in regulated markets. Silver has been manipulated for years by Deutche Bank amongst others. No one gave a shit when they went to trial for it. They didn't lose any credibility. Just a small fine, and you're good to go. Please stop begging governments to regulate cryptos. We don't need or want regulations. Regulations means that we grant only a select few to be able to manipulate (bankers). Manipulations in a free market is not a problem. Free markets sort things out themselves.

No surprise that it was Government people manipulating. And that's the kind of people you want to regulate cryptos?

People must learn that free markets means you have to do your due diligence and don't be stupid. Like with this FUD the past week..if you had the basic knowledge of markets, news, and fundamentalt of cryptos - and done the math and compared it to the dotcom bubble for instance, you'd KNOW that you should hodl for a LONG time.

In a free market you can't blame anyone but yourself. Sure, some will try to manipulate, but if you've done your research you won't fall for it. That's harder when governments and bankers have the sole rights to manipulate.

Thank you for the insightful talk!

Awesome work! I`ve re-steemed!
Must be supported...
Thank you for your wonderful work 😊😊

thanks :)

Nice video, Ivan! (Привет из Риги)
We think that any new tech or even paradigm tend to skew to overvaluation at first stages. Cryptos are not an exception. But we do believe that we have a substantial room for a growth!
We are trying to compare DotCom bubble event with the current state of the Crypto market in our article here: . Shortly speaking, we do agree that this is a normal, logical stuff that bubbles are formed during the times of technological breakthrough - trains, dotcoms, etc... Risk-taking investors is the driving force of this processes!

Subscribed! real gem in the bunch of useless articles.

Based on your video I should invest more in EOS and Steem. Thanks for showing us the bigger picture. ;)

Sounds like a great plan.

Yes indeed! These are the two projects I can really stick with long term.Hodl hodl. When EOS hits $800 I will be doing pretty darn well. When Steem hits $100 I will be doing just as well.

BTS, Steem, EOS, they are a very solid track record of BM. I agree with you that EOS would be successful. However the way they do EOS ICO is somewhat greedy.

I don't think it is greedy at all. Think of how many ICOs go so fast the average person can't get in on the action. With the EOS token distribution you have a whole year to get in. It is designed to work like mining but without the extreme consumption of electricity.

this is the right time to makeup your steemit a big one ,because steem is came to very dip we can buy & grow our steemit account for future.

Great stuff!

Love EOS & Steem. Thanks for sharing.

Yes - looking at the big picture is important. Understanding the technology is key.

Maybe it's the governments or banks tryin to cause all these crash bloodbaths, lol...
but stopping crypto traders from trading its like:

ha ha ha exactly .. future is blockcain .. and no one can not stop the wave .

I like the bubble gum!

Great video Ivan!

Excellent video, thank you... upvoted

@ivanli the real question is: with all the central banks of the world printing money like crazy, what is not a bubble today?

Lower classes are punished by hyper inflation, potential solution valuable, useful, cryptocurrency..? Bottom line, our governments have proven they can't handle inflation.

Thanks for the info!

I don't know a lot about cryptocurrencies as of yet. I do see it as compared to the stock market. as for bubbles I think I have seen it with some types but its definitely got ability and potential to grow and pop and lose everything just the same. But again I don't know enough about it so...

You know you're a veteran when you welcome "crashes" for consolidation....

well said Bro.
You did a great work there,,, Cheers

Well you have a good way of putting it. I believe in the tech long term so I'm going to keep on collecting coins for the long haul :)

Very thought provoking Ivan. In the UK before the railway bubble was the canal building bubble. Canals were seen as quicker way of transporting raw materials needed for the textile industry. Canals were built all over the country and help develop the infrastructure needed for the textile industry. Then railways came along and made canals redundant, Where I live a canal was built by private subscription. It was never used for commercial traffic as the canal bubble collapsed due to the emrgence of trains.
I fully agree that bubbles have both postive and negative roles.

FIAT the endless Money is the real Bubble... And it will pop up not so far from here. I ❤️ Crypto ! Nice Post @ivanli

I agree that the talk about railroads and the internet is pretty similar to the talk about blockchain technology today. I was happy when the extreme valuations dropped these past two days for two reasons: I got out just before and I bought back in at the lows.

Unfortunately, I am not yet convinced that we are back in the territory of the bull run. Hopefully the "prepaid ICOs" deliver on their promises in due time. While I haven't personally participated in an ICO (missed my first one with Civic last year and didn't return to them), I often advise my fellow cryptonians to only invest in ICOs with at least a beta product.

I've been listening to your videos on youtube for a while @ivanli, but I have only just started being active on steem and I'm glad to see you here. Keep up the good work.

Bitcoin is bubble only for the people who are not holding any kind of cryptocurrency.

Great work, I completely agree that there is always an aspect of a bubble when it comes to new, innovative technologies. It is important to look at the big picture.

I love seeing other programmers analysing cryptocurrencies. I work full time in the cryptocurrency industry and I really value your unbiased analyses of different cryptocurrencies based on their underlying technologies. I would love to talk more if you're available on Steemit chat or Discord - my handle is @lukebrn.

I found the history of railways and dot com surges insightful and entertaining. To pinpoint exactly where we are in the evaluation of technology I find complex and I question anyone that says they have it figured out completely. Excitement, publicity, and hype will tend to get us ahead in valuation of the true progress of a technology. I don't completely agree with the article I'll mention here but I think it is good to look at things from all sides, not excluding things because of our core beliefs. Bubble Warning Article:

Very good comment, thank you!

Eos will be huge in 2018. So undervalued considering what it is offering right now! Remember: Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful

When thinking about Bubble, it has to be burst, but when talking about Crypto-bubble, we should be cautious about it...

Always love your videos. Keep up the good work.

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Hi Ivan, When does your course start exactly? Is there a fix schedule or is it at one's own disposal?

I'm intersted in your Academy, but I`m about to finish my dissertation in a completely different field and I have no time left in February and March.

I'm pretty sure it is on-demand ... I've bought it but also have limited time so won't be able to do in Feb probably.

I read earlier today that Bitcoin's had six, 25% or more slides since 2016. So far, we've come back stronger after each. Stay the course crypto investors...

Looking forward to learn something from your course...

Nobody really knows if this is a bubble or not. The problem is the large number of investors who placed their money in this market without knowing anything about cryptocurrencies and who were carried away by advertising and the promises of getting rich overnight. Of course, without these investors, the cryptocurrencies would not have had that huge growth.

But before investing again you have to wait for that feeling of fear to disappear, as fear can blow up a market very quickly. As experts say, a market can fall much faster than it rises because of the fear of losing everything.

I think it’s a partial bubble. Some coins fully deserve a high valuation(like Steem) while others are just vaporware/scams. The bubble popping(s) will be more like what we saw this week where there’s a brief drop in price and toxic coin fully deflates.

Hello Ivan,
Thanks for the great video.
Could you expand a little bit on the last part, please - about what Julian Hosp said ? I found his youtube channel but, unfortunately, I don't understand german (... that's german, right ? :) )
Thanks for your work.

love your videos ivan

This is really good lesson for people who's new to cryptos. Thanks

I do not think crypto is a bubble. The fat money are bubble

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This is an insightful view of the crypto market correction we're seeing. I like that you are looking at bubbles from a place of historical wisdom and seeing them as a natural part of a world-changing technology, as it emerges. And, as well, your view that bubbles have positive aspects, along with their negatives, which help that new technology gain public acceptance, infrastructure, and momentum in the world.

I agree. You can see a bubble from a mile away. Just look at all the crappy projects and their market valuation. And the people that hype them.

I can spot the difference half a year ago and now. Back then people really took their time to analyse everything about the project, not they just go with the hype, supporting projects with where their github has last commit 3 months ago and totalling 3 commits, market valuation 100 millions.

But I think like in every bubble top projects with real world value will survive.

#bitconnect alone could be responsible for most of this BTC wreckage - considering it makes up over 10% of the TOTAL market losses last 48 hours 📉🔥📉

$2.8 billion to $0.

I agree that we are in a bubble. A lot of altcoins popping up with different use cases across various industries claiming changes and never done before tech. A familiar reminder of the dot com era. Unlike before, investing is much easier now as all you need is an internet connection as a minimum. The problem however is that there is so much info to learn and filter especially on deciding who the next Amazon, Google, Facebook for the "new economy" will be.

Great insight. UBS Wealth Management and other major financial institutions call bitcoin a "bubble". Their exact words, "The bubble to end all bubbles...". They say this as a negative. But the way you put it (negative and positive aspects) makes sense.

I agree. You can see a bubble from a mile away. Just look at all the crappy projects and their market valuation. And the people that hype them.

I can spot the difference half a year ago and now. Back then people really took their time to analyse everything about the project, not they just go with the hype, supporting projects with where their github has last commit 3 months ago and totalling 3 commits, market valuation 100 millions.

But I think like in every bubble top projects with real world value will survive.

guter Beitrag

Today I just share information about bitcoin The high interest of investors in Bitcoin make the stock of digital currency is increasingly eroded. Based on BitcoinBlockHalf, the site responsible for dividing the acquisition of miner Bitcoin, so far has been more than 16.8 million BTC already mined.

This means, about 80% of total Bitcoin has been circulated. As is known, Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin, it limits only 21 million Bitcoin in the world.

As stated in the first proposal on cryptocurrency, this unidentified figure deliberately limits Bitcoin's stock to create scarcity and reduce inflation.

Quoted from detiki.NET, Thursday (18/1/2018), during this sedekade, the people behind Bitcoin operational managed to secure the rule.

However, some argue, there are a number of ways to manipulate it so that the stock increases, one way that is by utilizing attacks named 51% and Sybil.

The speculation leads to the theory that, Satoshi has completed one of the most complex computer calculations, namely Byzantine Generals Problem.

This issue is a gap in the security system that allows incoming attacks making it difficult for computer protocols to overcome them.

This stock restriction at once distinguishes it from about 1,300 other cryptocurrencies that could have billions of inventories for distribution.
To date, from every block that has been successfully mined, miners will get 12.5 BTC. Then from every 210 thousand blocks, that number will decrease by half, to 6.25 BTC.

Initially, this cryptocurrency enacted 50 BTC policies per block, divided into 25 BTC on 28 November 2012.
Based on the fact that as many as 1,800 Bitcoin are made every day, BitcoinBlockHalf predicts a similar new policy will be re-implemented on June 6, 2020.
With such a division system, it is believed that the remaining 4.19 Million Bitcoin will not be exhausted until 2140.
The news I took from my detiki.NET online news website is my only purpose to provide information to steemit lovers friends

Thank you for the post. I see bitcoin as "Dial up" internet that we had in the very beginning with that awkward noise it made to connect lol
Crypto is here to stay no doubt. It's just a new concept and will take time to prove itself

I agree as well. Both that the price is much higher than the actual usage/understanding/benefit of the technology being offer, AND that this bubble is similar to the .COM and RailWays. One suggestion would be not to use so much paper when making videos. You can as well use a board (will make a better sound and you will be environmental friendly). Cheers!

you Rock I like this great value..

Big announcement coming soon about a cryptocurrency conference happening Sept/Oct 2018 with an all-women lineup. Filling a market void.

very nice video

thank uou Ivan for sharing some breif histroy about econmical bubbles this will help many of my community perspective about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Ivan is really a highlight among the crypto-youtubers. His videos saved me hours of research on the technical side of crypto.

I'm looking forward to the start of his academy in february.

Love your videos, had teaching me a lot!!!! I think may be we are in the crypto bubble (that hasn't explode, the prices are not that low...) but I really feel this is quite positive for two reasons, it is building a "crypto knowledge structure" in the society (from goverments to industry to regular working people and students) and it is showing an interesting kind of market-tech self-regulation, like a survival mechanism.

Dude, maybe consider creating a better tutorial on how to create your own coin, (learncoin). Would be dope.

Excellent work... Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the greatl video. I am getting the knowledge that I need from you!

This is a fantastic video. The examples you've used to demonstrate your points are impeccable. It is really all about a new paradigm and infrastructure. And those who take the time to actually do the research (instead of just hoping and speculating on price and quick profits) will be much wiser and will be standing tall on the other side once the dust settles. I am really amazed at how Ivan is extremely well spoken and wise given his, seemingly, young age. Bravo!

The ups and downs are making me dizzy. Here in Cali I remember the hundreds of dot com companies that fell off. I hope steem is here to stay. Great post! Joy